Will DGB Stay?

Obviously I can’t answer that question definitively. When DGB originally came to OU, we were told that the staff had discussions with him and his family about staying for two years (if he wasn’t granted eligibility this year) and it sounded like that was the plan.

I’ve been told that lately he has told more than one person that he is definitely considering leaving for the NFL. There are certainly a lot of things that could make the decision go one way or another. But at this point the impression I’ve gotten from people who are close to him is that he’s leaning towards heading to the league.

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  • Soonerfandave84 says:

    I had no doubt he would go.

    • Super K says:

      After what I heard coming from multiple people…if he gets a good draft grade…I think he leaves as well.

      • Soonerfandave84 says:

        I don’t see how you turn down a first round draft grade. I imagine that’s what he’ll get

        • solja4christ says:

          We shall see. Not may kids have integrity anymore? What makes you think a kid with his history will stay credible? I hope his folks get in his ear about OU trying to help him out. Either way, Boomer!

          • hemisooner says:

            Maybe sitting out the year and practicing hard has taught him a lesson.

          • boomersooner says:

            whoa nelly. could you imagine this kid with a shiny new work ethic and all that pent up aggression and competitiveness unleashed against our schedule next yr. hopefully there are enough balls to go around to keep him happy. if him and shep come back….yikes

          • hemisooner says:

            It would open up the running game even more bc you have to bracket DGB and you sure cant cover sterling one on one.

          • K has good sources. I’m just skeptical because I find it hard to believe that a kid, that will be nearly 2 years removed from his last game, will have the best draft grade he could get. I know K has heard the same as me. That OU wash’t going to allow him to come if he wasn’t going to stay. I’ve heard he is undoubtedly staying next year. That his mom is going to make sure he gets a degree first. This could also be a thing of a kid just saying stuff. To sound like coach Stoops: In the end, we’ll see come February when the they have to declare.

            I’m betting he stays. Maybe I’m just that positive and hopeful.

      • hemisooner says:

        Cant turn down money if he gets a high grade. Sooners are just going to have develop the young guys. I still dont know why they burnt mead’s redshirt. Just dont understand it. We are very very thin and inexperienced at that position.

  • Travis Lance says:

    This must have been a recent thing, I talked to him Durron Neal and Sterling and they will tell you he’s coming back. Maybe after this weekend things changed?

    • Travis Lance says:

      Sorry Super K not trying to steal any thunder or take any credibility away, It was a month ago when I talked to them before we had two losses

  • Brent says:

    I thought this was a fill in the blank question. I will go with “Will DGB Stay….out of off-field troubles until next spring?”

  • Brian says:

    Don’t you think that the NFL’s recent character problems would recommend he stay another year?

  • Boom says:

    We took risks with DGB and if he leaves, he will do OU and himself an incredible injustice. Integrity doesn’t grow on trees. OU stuck their neck out for this kid and I am a strong supporter for second chances. If he leaves, he basically played us. If he were to leave for the NFL then I would have to say he didn’t learn anything from his history. In this world you have givers or takers. We will see how this plays out.

    • hOUligan says:

      +1 That’s the way I see it too. No way of ‘knowing’ if there was any ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to stay 2 years even if it meant only playing 1. But if there was some understanding along those lines, he has learned little if he leaves after 1 season and never sees the field in an OU uniform. But it is what it is.

    • SoonerfanTU says:

      We have no way of knowing what the agreement between OU and DGB was. If the staff expected him to stay for a 2nd year if not eligible, sure, it’s pretty crappy of DGB to leave. But that may not have been the agreement they had. If the kid is a 1st round pick, it would be tough to tell him to stay. That isn’t in line with how Bob looks out for his players.

  • SamSooner says:

    I say this: it is what it is. I don’t believe in stressing about things beyond my control. That’s for the staff to worry about. In contrast, I’m anxious to see what Todd, Mead, and Andrews will do.

  • Jed says:

    Caramba folks! You’re talking about an 18-23 year old male. On top of that, he’s a wide receiver. That moves him into the same territory of focus and stability as an Irish Setter. And I love setters, but they can be guarding your house one minute and locked onto a butterfly the next. He’ll stay or he’ll go and probably will change his mind 14 times between then and now.
    He’s here, he’s a sooner and he’s kept his nose clean since he got here. Fair enough. I wish him well whatever he does and hope he stays and provides TK a nifty big ole target.

  • Oscar says:

    Even a year practicing under the tutelage of of Coach Norvell I’m sure has improved his technique.

  • F1at1ined says:

    Well, let’s hope for his sake he gets good advice. For every one youngster who forgoes college to pursue the NFL dream, there are dozens who disappear destined either for practice squads, camp fodder, the arena league, CFL etc.

  • F1at1ined says:

    For what its worth, he has the talent to grade well- I think its the maturity that could impact his draft stock the most. Sometimes it works out (Dez Bryant). Other times it bombs (Maurice Clarett).

  • SoonerfanTU says:

    Watching Zknight throw this year, I’d prob leave too.

  • Indy_sooner says:

    I don’t think he leaves. My comparison is honey badger’s weed issue, which still made him drop like a rock in the draft. DGB has some serious baggage that he needs to fix and this is the perfect environment to do so. He has great parents too which helps

  • rphokc says:

    doesn’t he have a relative fighting ca he wants to help out financially……….

  • alouicious says:

    who will throw it to him? he’ll go nfl and be the next flame out