Jordan Esco

2015 OU Targets & Their Decision Dates

We’ve mentioned on the site now several times that early January is shaping up to be a pivotal time in this 2015 class for the Sooners. So with that in mind, I thought it made sense to post a list of OU’s top remaining uncommitted targets and their expected decision dates. Thought it might be helpful.

If you see any players not included below, or you’ve heard a different date than the one listed, or really anything else you’d like addressed that you don’t see listed, just post in the comments and we’ll do our best to get to them all.

OU currently has 17 commitments, and I’m expecting this class could finish around 25-27. Now I know the numbers, as they stand today, don’t really work for that large of a class, but there are still any number of things to shake out before things are finalized. So maybe after all the dust is settled this class finishes at something like 23, at this point things are pretty fluid. Regardless, it’s just something to keep in mind big picture wise.

But for now, here’s our list. We’ll continue to update it as needed.

OL Pat Allen – TBD
DE Gabriel Campbell
CB Nate Dalton – TBD
DE Neville Gallimore
– Jan 3, U.S. Army All-America Game
LB Arthur McGinnis – TBD
LB Anthony McKee – TBD
CB Kareem Orr – TBD
CB Darreyl Patterson – TBD
S Justin Reid – TBD
CB Ykili Ross
– Jan 3, U.S. Army All-America Game
LB Justin Smith – TBD
OL Josh Wariboko – TBD
LB Anthony Wheeler – Jan 2, Under Armour All-America Game

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  • Gary Robbins

    Jordan, thanks for the 2 reports. January 3rd is my birthday ( 68 ). If OU was to get commits from Gallimore, Wheeler, and Wariboko I will be drinking rattlesnake shots and smoking cigars or if OU strikes out it will be Pepto Bismo for my ulcers.
    My thoughts on commits for OU.
    G. Campbell ( #18 )
    N. Gallimore (#19 )
    A. McGinnis or A. McKee ( #20 )
    K. Orr or N. Dalton ( #21 )
    Wariboko ( #22 )
    Wheeler ( #23 )
    Barnett (# 24 ) Still don’t know what he is waiting on.
    P.S. I don’t smoke or drink liquor- now beer that’s a different story.

    • hOUligan

      I’m with ya on the recruits and not far behind on Bday count. I figure might as well enjoy some nice single malt scotch and a cigar now and then before it’s too late. 8 – )

    • red clay

      Happy birthday, and healthy new year to you, fellow Sooner.
      Your comment reminds me of Winston Churchill’s quip, something on the lines of – I’ve taken more from brandy and cigars than brandy and cigars have taken from me.

  • Swanny

    Realistically, Gallimore, Wariboko, Wheeler and all others are bonuses, right?

    • Jordan Esco

      Campbell, Dalton & Reid are also realistic, IMO.

      • Brian

        Campbell is almost a Sooner lock

  • D’Brickashaw Ferguson

    Really hope we have a chance with McGinnis.

    • hOUligan

      Gotta get this guy in for a visit next month. He’s at the top of my LB ‘wish list’ along with Josh Smith.

  • Greg sparks

    So no QB this yr?

    • Jordan Esco

      Not looking like it.

    • No QB for 2015. I’ll say that OU might try and get 2 for 2016. On a national scale its a great class. On an instate scale its exceptionally deep and talented. Most talented QB class this state has produced in recent memory….. If ever.

    • blaster1371

      I think adding Mayfield makes that the situation.

  • Brian

    Ross shouldn’t even be listed. No visit…no chance.

    • Ed Cotter

      Yup, USC….or maybe Notre Dame, but USC looks really good here. Too bad. Kid is dynamic and would have helped on either side of the ball.

    • Doobie74OU

      I think your right but can’t believe we don’t have a chance after watching the USC secondary the other night and our secondary last night. We got spots open right now and USC is packed!

  • sooner44

    Darrion Daniels?

  • eastoksooner


    • Overton has,been committed for months.

      • eastoksooner

        Somehow I missed it. Sorry and thanks

  • hOUligan

    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! TFB comes through, again. Been asking and hoping to get a list going for OUr last minute, one stop recruiting shopping. Next Friday and Saturday are BIG. Won’t necessarily ‘break’ the season but will go a long way to ‘making’ this class very strong, no matter where the pundits end up ranking it. Gallimore and Wheeler are sounding like very real possibilites. Maybe get Wariboko.

  • Mr. Jones

    Has OU completely backed off of Barnett?

    Also, you forgot the date for the potential surprise commit. 😉

  • Jeff

    If OU gets 4 of them then I would be happy

    • Tim A

      who is the girl in your picture?

      • Jeff

        Not sure

  • Indy_sooner

    Honesty, I’d be happy with any of those guys and the ones already in the fold. We typically close really strong, so I am sure we are in for a couple of surprises.

    • Stephen Glover

      Well we ended the season horribly.defense needs major overhaul.Trevor has not been the same since that baylor game..If we dont change the attitude and personslities of the whole program in all we will be no better than this year.We need a lot of good recruits to come play at ou.But is not going to happen if we play like we have.

  • L’Carpetron Dookmarriot

    Fine. We’ll take all of them.

  • Mark slavin

    What about John houston?

  • Cush Creekmont

    Did any of them watch the bad dream from Orlando? We can only hope they see early playing time as a top reason to pick a school.

  • Jordan Esco

    Flipped Wariboko to TBD as it’s my understanding he will no longer announce this weekend

    • Scott

      i heard he’s waiting to see if OU offers his brother

      • Jordan Esco

        That’s not the reason for the delay as I understand it. He wanted to make his announcement during the game, on tv, and ESPN wouldn’t work it into the broadcast. So he decided to wait. Expected to announce on NSD now I believe.

  • RBear

    Folks saying Wheeler to be a whorn

  • Jeremy Phillips

    McGinnis is trending to A&M and Josh Smith cancelled his visit to Norman… tripping to Vandy instead and maybe no-one else… 247(I think?) was reporting yesterday that A&M is close to offering Dwaine Thomas as well? we may completely strike out on all remaining current LB’er targets…