Bedlam Weekend Visitor List (Updated Fri., 3:53 pm)

As always, we’ll continue to update the list as more information becomes available. If there are any specific names you’re curious about, post them in the comments and we’ll do our best to get you answers. As it stands right now (at the time of first posting), this is a pretty ridiculously loaded list of visitors. Admittedly, OU’s realistic chances with some of the more high profile names (Houston & Teuhema most prominently among them) is up for debate. But you never know what can happen when you get a kid on campus.

LB John Houston
– OL Maea Teuhema
QB Chason Virgil
CB Kareem Orr
– DE Gabriel Campbell
– CB Nate Dalton
LB Arthur McGinnis
CB Ykili Ross
– RB Marquiz Simpkins
OL Bobby Evans (OU commit, POSSIBLE)
– DE Tyrell Jacobs (OU commit)
– OL Cody Ford (OU commit)
(UPDATE Tues., 8:45 pm): CB Colin Samuel confirmed he will make the trip to Norman this weekend along with Marshall and Wicker
(UPDATE Tues., 8:45 pm): DB Iman Marshall
(UPDATE Tues., 8:45 pm): DL Joseph Wicker
(UPDATE Tues., 8:45 pm): DL Du’Vonta Lampkin. Lampkin will make the trip with teammate Nate Dalton according to Dalton
(UPDATE Wed., 7:13 am): K/P Austin Seibert (OU commit)
(UPDATE Wed., 10:31 am): OL Josh Wariboko
(UPDATE Wed., 4:59 pm): WR John Humphrey (OU commit)
(UPDATE Wed., 5:01 pm): OL Dominique Hearne (OU commit)
(UPDATE Thur., 6:21 am): OL Dru Samia (OU commit)
(UPDATE Fri., 3:53 pm): WR Dede Westbrook (OU commit)

– DE Amani Bledsoe
OL Rowdy Frederick
– RB Quan Hogan (possible)
– QB Keaton Torre
– OL J.P. Urquidez
– LB Calvin Bundage
– QB Scotty Gilkey
DE Demerick Gary (possible)
– RB Quan Hogan
– (UPDATE Tues., 8:45 pm): QB Terry Wilson
(UPDATE Tues., 8:45 pm): OL Tyler Banta
(UPDATE Wed., 4:57 pm): CB Max Wariboko

(UPDATE Tues., 9:00 pm): ATH Chaz Ah You
(UPDATE Fri., 7:30 am): OL Will Farrar

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