OU vs. Texas Visitor List (Updated 10/10, 10:26 am)

We’re going to continue updating this as we hear about new players that plan on attending. And obviously, some of the players listed below could cancel but these are the players that have indicated they plan on coming:


– LB Anthony Wheeler
– ATH DeAndre McNeal
– LB Malik Jefferson
– OG Josh Wariboko
– OL and OU commit, Dominique Hearne
– CB and OU commit, PJ Mbanasor
– S and OU commit, Will Sunderland
UPDATE (10/2 11:59 am): DE and OU commit Kenneth Mann
– UPDATE (10/7 11:25 am): LB Michael Scott
– UPDATE (10/10 10:26 am): S Justin Reid


– DE Andrew Fitzgerald
– DT Darius Anderson
– DT Michael Williams
UPDATE (10/2 2:10 pm): OLB/DE Mark Jackson (this is a big one; Jackson already has offers from OU and Texas)
UPDATE (10/2 2:36 pm): RB Bryson Denley (Denley doesn’t have an OU offer but does have early offers from Texas Tech and Baylor)
UPDATE (10/3 7:32 am): DL McTelvin Agim
UPDATE (10/3 7:34 am): OLB Erick Fowler
– UPDATE (10/6 2:54 pm): OT Jean Delance
– UPDATE (10/7 7:14 am): OG Rowdy Frederick
– UPDATE (10/7 7:15 am): WR Quan Hogan
– UPDATE (10/7 7:16 am): CB Madre Harper
– UPDATE (10/7 8:33 am): DE Demerick Gary
– UPDATE (10/8 8:30 am): CB Jared Mayden
– UPDATE (10/8 2:01 pm):┬áS Greg Eisworth
– UPDATE (10/9 8:28 am): RB Aubrey White
– UPDATE (10/10 10:22 am): QB Shane Buechele


UPDATE (10/2 1:47 pm): ATH/SS Jeffrey Okudah (this kid is going to be an absolute beast!)

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  • Brian says:

    Would love to see all 3 of those 2016 kids get offers soon…Watched film on Andrew Fitzgerald and saw Matt Dimon’s skill and technique with better size.

    • Super K says:

      He is a very long kid. Like what I saw as well but still want to see him a little more. I think Alex is going to go out and watch him.

      • Boom says:

        Is the red phone ringing from Stoops to Jefferson’s mom? I would like to see Jefferson’s at the game or any of our games. Maybe just wishful thinking but hope he hasn’t crossed us off the list.

  • cpearc00 says:

    Based on his twitter account, it seems to me like McNeal is a heavy UT and/or A&M lean, which I guess is no real surprise. Would be a nice get, but I’m thinking it’s a long shot for both him and Jefferson.

    • Zack says:

      You’re definitely right about tamu but they just offered so I wonder if things change the farther into the recruiting process. I haven’t seen much myself about texas but I haven’t been around twitter as much lately to really dig into these kids timelines. I do know when we originally offered he said he wants to go to a school that will play him on offense. I think ou and tamu would probably be the best fit for him. Texas not so much and I still haven’t figured out who’s trying to recruit him as a linebacker.

  • Soonerfandave84 says:

    Need to seal the deal with Wheeler. He, Townsend, and Peat would be nice class with a possible KLS and less likely Ricky DeBerry

    • SoonerfanTU says:

      I thought DeBerry (and his fam) was high on us, no? Or do I have him confused with somebody else?

      • Soonerfandave84 says:

        Just from I’ve read on other places, not likely to get him away from the East Coast.

        • Zack says:

          You may be right but I think the 2 schools with an equal or better shot of landing him are Tennessee and tosu. But I don’t count ou out at all from what I’ve seen his dad is high on ou. I just hope he and KLS built a good friendship while here because they could take over the jack and Sam positions in a couple years and probably help each other out.

  • Zack says:

    I hope to see humphreys name come up we need our commits there to help recruit. Also I’m sure newsome will be there and we should get an idea of which he prefers.

  • Swanny says:

    Just shows how this matchup has changed in recent years. This used to be filled with the who’s who of Texas football. Now, just a handful of great kids. We need to start a neutral site game with A&M if Texas doesn’t get their crap together. We need to find a stadium with a strip club close so Sumlin would party all night with Rick Ross the night before the game ;D

    • vargo05 says:

      Recruiting has also changed. Go look at how many of the top kids in Texas are already committed. Just two years ago it wasn’t close to the same. Plus, OU feels pretty good where they are at for the rest of the 2015 class, so they are starting to already focus more on the 2016 class.

  • Brian says:

    I think Malik Jefferson will be at the RRS as well joining McNeal. They seem like a package deal to me. Does OU find a way to bring in McNeal and Wood? Wood could be more of a TE and McNeal is H-back all the way.

    • Zack says:

      I think they may be a package deal and I’ve wondered if they already decided where they are going since they announced their commitment date on dec 19 & 20th I believe. I think ou definitely has a shot and some believe the shannon deal may have less impact on jefferson than what was believed because while they are cousins, they didn’t know it until jefferson made his unofficial in early august.

      If tamu wins the sec west watch out, they will end up there.

  • Ed Cotter says:

    Shaping up to be a nice 2016 list. Nothing like trying to get the next batch excited about OU football. Can’t wait to see film on these guys and breakdowns by the TFB crew in the future. Bar none, the best OU site on the web. Kudos and BOOMER SOONER!!

  • mgcsooner says:

    #1 2016 OT Greg Little from Allen Tx will be at the game Saturday.

  • Zack says:

    Is quan being recruited as a wr. I thought he was a rb?

    • vargo05 says:

      I thought he was a RB too. All the services seem to have him listed and rated as a RB, but we know they aren’t always right on things.

      • Zack says:

        Yep, they have dalton wood as a qb but we know he’s moving to hback or linebacker when he gets here.

  • Zack says:

    I think Reid being there is a very good sign for ou. He’s already taken an official and now he’s checking out a big rivalry game. So if ou wins big I think this kid might pull the trigger sooner than expected.

    • hOUligan says:

      Great to see he is back. Think he is OUrs as long as he doesn’t get an LSU offer. Not feeling great about Haughton so Reid very important. Glad to see Wariboko still visiting OU every chance he gets.

      • Zack says:

        True wariboko still has a chance to end up here. I’ve said before I would take him and Barnett and that may cause one of the committed guys to go elsewhere but I don’t think there’s any excuse to miss out on top in state talent.

  • Lesslie Stanford says:

    Reid being there is huge!

  • ToatsMcGoats says:

    Welcome, Mr. Scott.