Jordan Esco

So….About This Baker Mayfield Report (UPDATE)

I hesitate even addressing this as I do not have the desire to bring attention to this report, which I consider to be premature and inaccurate, but I also don’t want anyone here to think we’re unaware of the talk out there. If you follow TFB or myself on Twitter you know that’s the case, but I’m well aware not everyone is on Twitter.

So let’s clear some things up real quick.

1. At the time of this post, there has yet to be a single confirmation of the initial report.

2. Even though the said report has since been updated from the original version that looked to be very much rushed and minimal (at best) in terms of details with, in my opinion, the primary intention of being first (instead of, you know, being right), there is still no mention of one incredibly important fact…

3. …which is the Big 12 has final say in this matter, not the NCAA. So, yes, as dumb as it sounds even though the NCAA has reportedly (and we don’t know that to be case, rather there is simply one unconfirmed report) approved Mayfield’s appeal, the Big 12 can still supersede that ruling.

4. I’d direct you here to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

So, in short, despite what you may have heard/read Baker Mayfield is not immediately eligible to play for OU. Even if this initial report is accurate, the NCAA does not have the final say in this matter. That lies in the hands of the Big 12 who can deny Mayfield altogether, or they could follow the NCAA’s lead and allow him to both play and not be forced to lose a year of eligibility, or they could even allow him to play but deny him that year (meaning he’d be a junior next year, as is currently the case with the initial denial of his appeal, rather than potentially a redshirt sophomore).

If and/or when anything changes, we’ll be sure to update you. But that’s where things stand at the time of me posting this.



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