So….About This Baker Mayfield Report (UPDATE)

I hesitate even addressing this as I do not have the desire to bring attention to this report, which I consider to be premature and inaccurate, but I also don’t want anyone here to think we’re unaware of the talk out there. If you follow TFB or myself on Twitter you know that’s the case, but I’m well aware not everyone is on Twitter.

So let’s clear some things up real quick.

1. At the time of this post, there has yet to be a single confirmation of the initial report.

2. Even though the said report has since been updated from the original version that looked to be very much rushed and minimal (at best) in terms of details with, in my opinion, the primary intention of being first (instead of, you know, being right), there is still no mention of one incredibly important fact…

3. …which is the Big 12 has final say in this matter, not the NCAA. So, yes, as dumb as it sounds even though the NCAA has reportedly (and we don’t know that to be case, rather there is simply one unconfirmed report) approved Mayfield’s appeal, the Big 12 can still supersede that ruling.

4. I’d direct you here to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

So, in short, despite what you may have heard/read Baker Mayfield is not immediately eligible to play for OU. Even if this initial report is accurate, the NCAA does not have the final say in this matter. That lies in the hands of the Big 12 who can deny Mayfield altogether, or they could follow the NCAA’s lead and allow him to both play and not be forced to lose a year of eligibility, or they could even allow him to play but deny him that year (meaning he’d be a junior next year, as is currently the case with the initial denial of his appeal, rather than potentially a redshirt sophomore).

If and/or when anything changes, we’ll be sure to update you. But that’s where things stand at the time of me posting this.



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  • soonerinks says:

    Who decides in the BIG12? Is it the commish, the AD’s, coaches? I can’t see Taco Tech agreeing to him
    playing this year.

    • Lesslie Stanford says:

      Tech already denied him. That is why we had to go to the Big XII and the NCAA. But they did drop the scholarship limitation stuff so they might decide its alright now. Who knows. But they will definitely not want him in the game when we play them that is for sure.

  • Josh says:

    Esco just want to say thanks for being the voice of reason on here and Twitter. I have already blown you up a few times via Twitter and commented on here several times after hearing the initial report. I think all of us that were frustrated during the first half of the game Saturday were just a bit excited that we might get to see this offense operate a little with some of the bubble wrap taken off TK. Yes, the Sooners were able to emerge victorious without the QB running game being an option at all, but eventually that won’t be the case.

  • Jon Nakata says:

    If the Taco Stand has anything to say in the matter, then there is NO WAY they let him play for OU before we play Tech.

    • ND52 says:

      But how great would it be for Kingsbury to have to see his former QB wearing crimson on the opposing sideline come November!

      • Ed Cotter says:

        Even better if he plays against him in the fourth quarter of a blowout OU victory. If Tech doesn’t get it’s run defense figured out with their new DC, whoever it is, they are in some serious trouble in this league.

  • Ed Cotter says:


    • roygbell says:

      No, not unless part of the conference rule is waived. The conference rule on intraconference transfers if the transferring athlete loses a year of eligibility in addition to having to set out a year. So, he doesn’t get a RS year. So, for Mayfield to be able to RS this year the conference will have to waive that part of the rule.

      Tech, holds the hammer as they are the losing school and they can say no, but there is still an appeal for Mayfield and OU.

  • rphokc says:

    …..I think me and another poster heard the original news and posted…………after some time, I was surprised that tfb hadn’t posted anything (I’m not a twitter person) since you guys are pretty quick with news……… understand your caution and I’m not used to this new feature of op’s/rumors……….perhaps deano is 100% correct for once………thxs

  • soonermusic says:

    At this point, I think there’s a 51% chance that the Blevins report is accurate 🙂

  • Drew says:

    Trotter from ESPN just tweeted that (I’m paraphrasing here)”NCAA determines immediate eligibility, Big 12 determines loss of a year”. So, if rumor is true, Mayfield would indeed be able to play immediately. Whether he gets a year back is a completely different, and yet to be determined, issue.

  • Stephen says:

    Another fan tried to explain to me that they (Dean Blevins/News9) wouldn’t post this if it wasn’t true. There wasn’t enough Tylenol.

  • Sooner Ray says:

    True facts or not, I don’t think the Big XII, being a conference possibly on the brink of destruction, wants to butt heads with the illegitimate NCAA. I also don’t think taco tech, given their play and status this year, want’s to butt heads with anyone. Therefore I think whatever the University of Oklahoma want’s, they will likely get.

    • blaster1371 says:

      That what I would think- that gets a little special consideration since they are the on,y thing keeping this conference from being the MAC.

  • lovethemsooners says:

    So it sounds like to me that OU and Mayfield have decisions to make. Play this year and lose a year of eligibility(still having two to play after this one), or sit the rest of this season and keep that 3rd year of eligibility. Any guesses what they do?

    • Ed Cotter says:

      As long as he doesn’t play this could then be considered a red shirt year. Depending on the situation, especially with a very good chance of making the playoff and playing for a national title, I could see Mayfield playing only if there is an injury to TK. Otherwise they go with Thomas in 4th quarter of blow outs or the last drive of two of games where OU has a decent lead. Just my opinion, but it does make sense.

      • lovethemsooners says:

        I think he should immediately become the backup. This would allow Heupel to set TK loose in the zone read making our offense much more dangerous. Can’t/won’t do that now with Thomas as the backup. I believe we could get to the playoffs with either TK or Mayfield, but not with Thomas.

  • Perry Dickey says:

    Whats all the hype about? I spoke with a student who goes to the anal wart in Lubbock, and he said he was friends with ‘some football players’, and they all say their current QB was hands down the better choice!

    • Sooner Ray says:

      Did those same anal wart friends also brag about their recent performance? They have to be proud of that conference rep. 🙂

      • Perry Dickey says:

        This kid had flown into Little Rock from Lubbock for my nephews engagement party. He had just sat down to watch the UTEP game when he was spewing his delusional outlook. I was prescient when I told him at the time, ‘have you seen Arkansas’s offensive line play?” I’m sure after those two games he has changed his tune.

    • Steve says:

      shocking that Tech players would say their current QB is better than the one who didnt want to be with them

    • Jed says:

      I’d be careful hanging around with anal warts for a while. They aren’t going to be very happy with you.

      • Perry Dickey says:

        I left the party just as the UTEP game had started with TT. After UTEP and Arkie whippin on’em, I’m certain he has more worries than bashing Mayfield. Ha!

  • boomer8 says:

    This entire affair is disgusting as Baker was a walk-on at TT. Just outrageous!

  • Zack says:

    You mean Blevins told us that mayfield was eligible without knowing whether it was right?

  • SoonerfanTU says:

    At what point does it make more sense to go ahead and redshirt him this year (if that ends up being an option) and not wasting a year of eligibility? I understand that depending on how the Big 12 rules, that might not be an option.

  • Super K says:

    Has anyone seen a retraction by news 9?

    • Stephen says:

      I was looking for that, too. Haven’t seen anything yet but also have a feeling they aren’t going to say anything about it.

  • Krys Allen says:

    Well, new rumors are out that Baker has been ruled ineligible… sucks a fat one if true.

  • rphokc says:

    ……..if this is correct, the real tragedy is that ‘deano’ was wrong all along apparently………