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OU vs. TCU | Visitor List (UPDATE Sat., 10:27 am)

With the obvious yet always necessary caveat that plans can (and often do) change, here is a list of recruits expected to be in Norman this weekend. We will, as always, continue to update this as necessary throughout the week.


RB Abdul Adams (Durham, NC) – VIDEOpossible
LB Blake Berryhill (Tuttle, OK) – VIDEO
OL Trystan Castillo (Webb City, MO) – VIDEOMizzou commit
CB Parrish Cobb (Waco, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Mekhi Collins (Sacramento, CA) – VIDEO
DT Chris Daniels (Euless, TX) – VIDEO
DT Jordan Elliott (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
OL Rowdy Frederick (Broken Arrow, OK) – VIDEOTulsa commit
LB Nacho Gallegos (Anadarko, OK) – VIDEO
OL Blake Hickey (Godley, TX) – VIDEOK-State commit
WR Velus Jones (Saraland, AL) – VIDEO
LB Caleb Kelly (Fresno, CA) – VIDEO
QB Austin Kendall (Waxhaw, NC) – VIDEOOU commitADDED
WR Dre Massey (Goodman, MS) – VIDEO
LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse (Ellenwood, GA) – VIDEO
OL Tramonda Moore (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEO
WR Ryan Parker (Tyler, TX) – VIDEOOU commitADDED
OL Ben Powers (El Dorado, KS) – VIDEO
OL E.J. Price (Lawrenceville, GA) – VIDEO
OL Logan Roberson (Harrah, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
DT Marcel Southall (Duncanville, TX) – VIDEO
RB Brandon Stephens (Plano, TX) – VIDEOStanford commit
DB Chanse Sylvie (Shreveport, LA) – VIDEOOU commit
RB Darran Williams (Edmond, OK) – VIDEO


DB Robert Barnes (Southlake, TX) – OU commit
CB Justin Broiles (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEO
CB Tre Brown (Tulsa, OK)
LB Baron Browning (Kennedale, TX) – VIDEOBaylor commit
WR Camron Buckley (Cedar Hill, TX) – VIDEOADDED
DB Evan Fields (Midwest City, OK) – VIDEO
OL Andre Harris (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEO
LB Anthony Hines (Plano, TX) – VIDEO
OL Creed Humphrey (Shawnee, OK) – VIDEO
LB Rico Jeffers (Sachse, TX) – VIDEO
ATH Quindon Lewis (Moore, OK) – VIDEO
DB Derrek Pitts (Charleston, WV) – VIDEO
WR Charleston Rambo (Cedar Hill, TX) – VIDEO
OL Grayson Reed (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
OL Tyrese Robinson (McKinney, TX) – VIDEOpossible
QB Chris Robison (Mesquite, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Tyrell Shavers (Lewisville, TX) – VIDEO
RB Kelon Wilson (Sachse, TX) – VIDEO
OL Adrian Wolford (Meeker, OK) – VIDEO


OL Owen Condon (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEO
WR Drue Jackson (Sachse, TX) – VIDEO
LB Cedric Johnson (Sachse, TX – VIDEO
QB Jalen Mayden (Sachse, TX) – VIDEO
DB Josh Proctor (Owasso, OK) – VIDEO
QB Casey Thompson (Moore, OK) – VIDEO
OL Brey Walker (Moore, OK) – VIDEO

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  • Brian

    First! What about Tramonda Moore?

    • Gary Robbins

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • BoomerDave

      Probably afraid to list him. When they listed him as a visitor for the Iowa State game, he ending up in Stillwater instead.

  • Brian

    Huge having Anthony Hines come visit again! Seems like he’s getting a lot of attention from Kish and the rest of the staff…

    • Exiled In Ohio

      +100 He’s a must get.

  • Soonerfandave84

    Gotta love that defensive talent. Need to go and put a dominant defensive performance on the Toads.

    • Gary Robbins

      Great list so far. Some sure fired stud defensive tackles coming to visit. Also top notch talent for 2017 and 2018.

  • Exiled In Ohio

    I sure hope Juarez didn’t cancel! I know he’s trending UCLA, but he’s gotta be really high on our board.

    • Soonerfandave84

      shows no listed visits, so can’t confirm either way

      • Exiled In Ohio

        That page shows OV on Nov 20

        • Soonerfandave84

          hmm it’s not showing on my screen

          • Exiled In Ohio

            Look at his Timeline

          • Soonerfandave84

            weird OU on the 20th and Ole Miss on the 21st. Doubt any chance here if they can’t keep him for more than a day

    • Scott

      He is very high on OU trust me. Its a OU and UCLA battle , OU is trending Up while UCLA is Trending down. He will take a OV to OU soon just don’t know a date yet

      • Exiled In Ohio

        A gameday OV is so much more powerful.

  • Sooner Ray

    Nice list so far, we seem overdue for a Boom.

  • Jordan Esco

    several new names added

  • Brian

    Are all the 2016 guys taking officials?

    • Jordan Esco

      most, not all

  • Bryan

    Rivals still has Mique Juarez as being in Norman this weekend. Is this old info?

    • Jordan Esco

      Based on his most recent interviews, yes. Expected to be at Ole Miss game last I’d heard.

      • Mark slavin

        Rivals shows him coming on Friday and then ole miss Sat 247 shows same I hope he makes it even though it’s a long shot

      • Zack

        Sounds like he cooled on ou then. Can’t imagine ole miss is that great of a visit these days.

  • Boom

    Dre Massey is really really fast. Can’t ever have to much speed.

    • hOUligan

      Massey was recruited/committed to ECU but ended up in JC. LR still after him so he has to be pretty good and a good fit.

  • CcrBoomer

    Any word on the OSU verbal ( Levi )

  • Soonerfan405

    That Harris kid is really good, surprised stoops hasn’t offered him yet. Wouldn’t be surprised if it came in the spring or his senior year

  • Lincoln Hawk

    I saw where Austin Kendall is planning to be here too. Good to have him to help recruit some other guys.

  • Jordan Esco

    new names added

  • Mr. Jones

    Hearing Charleston Rambo is coming as well.

  • KatyOUdad

    Ryan Bartow on 247 just tweeted that Juarez is not visiting olé miss this weekend and his coach said he will make visits after his season is done.

  • Boomer4life

    Looks like the majority of the big uglies are home grown. That is good stuff!

  • Stephen


    • soonerjunky

      Nacho first choice

  • Brian

    Loving all the unofficial visits!

  • Zack

    I’ve got to expect Reynolds to land one of these DT’s this week. Can’t imagine his top 3 targets on campus all together and none commit. Also anyone know where we stand with Bledsoe. Been kinda quiet.

  • Mr. Jones

    Any chance Jared makes the trip with his brother Jalen?

    • Jordan Esco

      don’t believe so at this time

  • bommer85

    Any news on Mique Juarez or Lamar Jackson? Wold be awesome to have them on campus with Caleb Kelly and the other talent this weekend.

    • Jordan Esco

      neither expected

    • Scott

      Playoffs for Jackson

  • Brent

    looks like we’re chartering a bus from Sachse this weekend

  • Glocal Sooner

    Is this the largest visitor weekend we’ve ever had? This is a huge group.

  • Jordan Esco


  • Brian

    Brandon Stephens is a 2016 guy…

  • CoachTalk

    Prediction on any committs???

  • Doobie74OU

    Over 40 amazing players on hand for this game. WOW!

  • Soonerfandave84

    Freakin’ huge list. Reel ’em in coaches!

  • Ed Cotter

    Right on! This is turning out to be a great list. Would be nice to get a BOOM or two by Sunday. BOOMER!

  • Malicong

    Going to go out on a limb and say at least two commits from this weekend.

  • Brent

    do we have enough coeds for this weekend?

  • Doobie74OU

    This list is just plumb crazy! It is hard to wrap my mind around all this talent! Looks like half the damn Sachse, Tx football team will be in Norman this weekend!

    • Cush Creekmont

      Yep. Norman is Sachse north this weekend.

  • BorderOkie

    Love the TFB! 1st time poster. Awesome list of recruits. Can’t wait for tonight’s playoff game, Victory Christian (Jon-Michael Terry) vs. Roland (Manuel Bunch, Tulsa commit). I just noticed he’s not on the list.

    • BorderOkie


  • SoonerfanTU

    Nice recruiting list. Big game. I sure hope we can replicate something close to the 2008 TT game, both in terms of team performance and crowd energy. Be a nice way to jump start recruiting heading down the stretch.

  • Cush Creekmont

    Thanks TFB for this list and all the great stuff. Hyped for the game. Hyped for great visitor list. Hyped for BOOMS. I guess I’m just hyped.

  • Dallas Johnson

    Wow.. that Price kid is NASTY.. In a good way!!

  • metzker

    I will have 2 flips to us and 2 commits for a total of 4 booms

  • ALar03

    Just a quick question.. I saw on Ej Price’s twitter that he retweeted something about Eno Benjamin was considering coming this weekend with him.. anyone know if he has decided to visit or not?

  • RBear

    I think Carol Stoops has some baking to do.

  • Wishbone4Life

    What is the story on Rowdy Frederick? How likely are we to offer?