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OU vs. Ohio State | Visitor List (UPDATE Fri., 5:33 pm)

With the obvious, yet always necessary, caveat that plans can (and often do) change, here is a list of recruits expected to be in Norman this weekend. We will, as always, continue to update the list as necessary.


DB Robert Barnes (South Lake, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
DB Kobe Boyce (Lake Dallas, TX) – VIDEO – Texas commit
DB Justin Broiles (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
DB Tre Brown (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
DE/OLB K’Lavon Chaisson (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
DE/OLB K’Jakyre Daley (Riveria Beach, FL) – VIDEO
LB Levi Draper (Collinsville, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
OL Adrian Ealy (Gonzales, LA) – VIDEO
LB Anthony Hines (Plano, TX) – VIDEO
OL Creed Humphrey (Shawnee, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
ATH Devodrick Johnson (Dallas, TX) – VIDEO
WR Cedarian Lamb (Richmond, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
LB Kenneth Murray (Missouri City, TX) – VIDEO – OU commit
DE Dayo Odeyingbo (Irving, TX) – VIDEO – Vanderbilt commit
DB Jeffrey Okudah (Grand Prairie ,TX) – VIDEO
WR Charleston Rambo (Cedar Hill, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Jalen Reagor (Waxahachie, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
OL Tyrese Robinson (McKinney, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
QB Chris Robison (Mesquite, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
DT Greg Rogers (Las Vegas, NV) – VIDEO
RB Trey Sermon (Marietta, GA) – VIDEOOU commit
LB Tyler Taylor (Sugar Hill, GA) – VIDEO
DE/OLB Isaiah Thomas (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
DT Marvin Wilson (Bellaire, TX) – VIDEO


DB Jordon Austin (Lancaster, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
DL Calvin Avery (Dallas, TX) – VIDEO
DT Keondre Coburn (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
OL Owen Condon (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEO
DB Patrick Fields (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEO
DB Isaiah Humphrey (Sachse, TX) – VIDEOADDED
DB Wayne Jones (Owasso, OK) – VIDEO
DB Verone McKinley (Carrollton, TX) – VIDEO
WR CJ Moore (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEO
ATH Jordan Moore (Yoakum, TX) – VIDEO
WR Joshua Moore (Yoakum, TX) – VIDEO
TE Reese Moore (Seminole, TX) – VIDEO
TE Mustapha Muhammad (Missouri City, TX) – VIDEO
TE James Palmer (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEOADDED
DB Josh Proctor (Owasso, OK) – VIDEO
DE/OLB Jalen Redmond (Midwest City, OK) – VIDEO
WR Sean Shaw (Jones, OK) – VIDEO
OL Darrell Simpson (Fort Worth, TX) – VIDEO
QB Casey Thompson (Moore, OK) – VIDEO
WR Jaylen Waddle (Bellaire, TX) – VIDEO
OL Brey Walker (Moore, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
LB Edward Warinner (Powell, OH) – VIDEO (son of Ohio State’s OC)


DE/TE Grayson Boomer (Collinsville, OK) – VIDEO
DB Jonathan McGill (Coppell, TX) – VIDEO


2018 4* SG Quentin Grimes (The Woodlands, TX)
2017 3* PF Brady Manek (Harrah, OK) – OU commit
2017 5* PG Trae Young (Norman, OK)

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  • SoonerMagic76

    That’s a very large visitor list

  • Jordan

    Is there really any doubt Grayson Boomer will be at OU? What a name

    • Coach_AElliott

      He needs to get a lot better to be able to play at OU. I watched an entire game of his recently and his effort did not match his potential in my opinion. Definitely a part of the All Name Team though.

  • CPSooner

    Tyrese Robinson?

  • Vegas_Sooner21

    That list of un committed players for the 17 class is straight stacked. I want all of them, now, please 🙂

  • Soonerfandave84

    Wow that is an amazing list. Can all those guys get time with Bob?

  • SoonerfanTU

    A kid with the last name Boomer? We shouldn’t even have to make an effort to land that kid. lol

  • Lincoln Hawk


    • Boom

      Haven’t posted much lately but where has TRob gone?

      • ALar03

        He was on the sooners in the NFL post

  • metzker


  • ALar03

    Hoping the strategy that Texsa had with their commits at the official visit to Arky will get shut down by #SoonerSquad17! Okudah, Rogers and Big Marv are priorities to show them what were all about! Hope to see the D line dominate a solid buckeyes team that would be huge for the big men!

    • Dante Clark

      What are you referring to?

      • ALar03

        recruiting other players to texas while on an official visit at Arkansas..

  • Scott

    Tyrese tweeted out that he is officially visiting for the Ohio St game.

  • End You

    I hope we’ll get a few of these guys, I just wonder which ones will simply be in attendance because it’ll be the place to be

    • Lincoln Hawk

      I think all of the 2017 guys are legitimately considering OU.

  • Zach Evans

    Hope Justin Broiles makes it! He’s our best recruiter!!

    • Lincoln Hawk

      I won’t let Coach Gundy know you said that 😉

    • He is coming.

  • Chris White

    Makes me giddy seeing this list! Huge recruiting weekend

  • bommer85

    huge game on many levels for OU. Really hope the team comes out ready to play and gets the W. would go a long way in recruiting but would also propel this team upward for the rest of this season

  • Farmer Glickstein

    Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin’ there in your ghost manger, if you could just let the Sooners win this one, I will quit harping on that world peace thing.

    • Drew


  • Dante Clark

    I just saw where Hines is going to Penn State this weekend. Can anyone confirm?

    • Jesse

      Hines RT it on Twitter.

    • He is. OU feels really good about Phillips.

  • bommer85
    • Dante Clark

      Almost seems as though we are continually slipping with Hines. I hope we don’t miss on another guy of this caliber like it seems we did with Jefferson a couple years back

    • Lincoln Hawk

      Re-post from Daily News: So you are telling me Phillips silent committed to us this weekend and we don’t have a spot for Hines now? There is no other reasonable explanation.

      • Jesse

        While it’d be cool to get the guy with an offer from pretty much every school in the country, Phillips is a baller, imo better than Hines. Phillips is a win on the recruiting trail 100%

        • Steve

          seems as if Hines’ stock is dropping very quickly. thinking we feel good about phillips right now

    • Brent

      could be a blessing in disguise. if he comes on another weekend OU can roll out the red carpet for him a lot easier than would be this weekend.

      • bommer85

        or as Hawk said below, maybe phillips is a silent sooner? that would be better

        • Brent

          you’re right…i am now in the silent sooner camp.

  • Jordan Esco

    update added

  • Zach Evans

    Saw where BR had an article with Tyler Taylor and if I read it correctly, I think he said he’d visit OU this weekend

  • Jesse

    Just wondering if y’all know about any ‘secret’ visitors maybe making the trip up? (Obviously if you do I know you won’t give out names) Seems like we get a couple of those a year and this is such a huge game.

  • Randy

    Safe to say we are done recruiting RBs and WRs for ’17 ?

    • Scott

      OU is recruiting 5 star WR Joesph Lewis from Cali. He’s taking his Official visit for the OU/BU game.

      • Randy

        Yeah, but seems more like feels we are not really in the mix with him or Manning. I could be wrong and hope I am really would like another RB as well.

        • Scott

          Watch out for Joesph Lewis , OU is in his top 3.

  • Soonerfandave84

    Why would the son of OSU’s OC be on the OU sideline? Wont he be there to recruit Okudah?

    • LandThieve3

      Yeah I don’t like that

    • Jordan

      No, OU is recruiting him as a LB. Go back and look at the Daily News either yesterday or Monday, and there is a story about it. tOSU OC actually likes OU and says they have been recruiting him a lot as of late.

  • Birddawg

    TFB, how does the staff handle this many kids coming into this huge game?

    • JR

      Bob said the other day he would most likely hire some staff from the admissions office and other departments from the University to assist with answering questions. Also mentioned that they have a schedule and they use the entire staff to attend to the recruits and their families.

      • Birddawg

        whoa, big team effort.

      • Brent

        with phones calls to the alpha chi omega, gamma phi beta, tri-delt and chi omega houses.