OU Junior Day | Feb 15th | Visitor List (UPDATED)

This coming weekend OU will hold their first of two currently planned Junior Days. It will be held on Sunday, February 15th. Based on what we have been told it is an invite only junior day, so OU should be able to attract a bunch of big names. Some surprise visitors are always sure to show up for these type of events, but Brandon and Alex will continue to update this list throughout the week (and weekend) as needed.


WR Kareem Adeniyi (Mansfield, TX)
ATH Tyrell Alexander (Lancaster, TX)
OL Tyler Banta (Midwest City, OK)
WR Kofi Boateng (Arlington, TX)
CB Brian Bullock (Round Rock, TX)
S Calvin Bundage (Edmond, OK) – OU offer
CB Ardran Carr (Arlington, TX)
DB Eric Cuffee (Waco, TX) – OU offer
DT Chris Daniels (Euless, TX) – OU offer
OL Kellen Diesch (Trophy Club, TX) – OU offer
CB Obi Eboh (Southlake, TX)
DB Greg Eisworth II (Grand Prarie, TX) – OU offer
WR Zach Farrar (Southlake, TX)
DB Madre Harper (Arlington, TX)
ATH Jordan Humphrey (Southlake, TX)
OL Tope Imade (Arlington, TX)
S Kenan Ivey (Lancaster, TX)
DE Noah Jones (Moore, OK)
RB Jeremy Lewis (Lone Grove, OK)
CB Jared Mayden (Sachse, TX)
LB Houston Miller (Keller, TX)
WR Mark Mims (Lancaster, TX)
WR Obi Obialo (Coppell, TX)
OT Chris Owens (Arlington, TX)
S Austin Quillen (Jenks, OK)
OL Logan Roberson (Harrah, OK)
DB Chanse Sylvie  (Shreveport, LA) – OU offer
DE Douglas Tucker (Dallas, TX)
OT J.P. Urquidez (Copperas Cove, TX) – OU offer
WR T.J. Vasher (Wichita Falls, TX)


ATH Darrion Green (Dallas, TX)
LB Anthony Hines (Plano, TX) – OU offer
WR Omar Manning (Lancaster, TX)
ATH Jeffrey Okudah (Grand Prarie, TX)
WR Cartrell Thomas (Lancaster, TX)


QB Jalen Mayden (Sachse, TX)

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  • Tucker says:

    I like

  • Defend Colfax says:

    You guys rock. Thanks for this.

  • BleedCrimson says:

    Thanks, impressive list

  • Defend Colfax says:

    I really like Bundage. What do you guys think our chances are there?

    • Defend Colfax says:

      Banta has that want to you can tell. Has the frame of a tackle but shorter arms like a guard. If they think he can put on good weight and display some quick feet and decent pad level, I could see him getting an offer.

    • Zack says:

      Josh from SS thinks he will end up at OU

      • Possibly, but I can say that I know Calvin better than anyone that covers recruiting. Its not as cut and dry as that. OU is the front runner, though, no doubt.

        • Zack says:

          Do you think he’s more like a Steven Parker and may decide late in the process or is he looking to decide early?
          Also are we recruiting him as a olb?

  • Tyler Ray Piper says:

    WR Kareem Adeniyi
    (Mansfield, TX)

    Tyler Banta (Midwest City, OK) @big_banta70

    Kofi Boateng (Arlington, TX) @BGKofiBoateng

    Calvin Bundage (Edmond, OK) – OU offer @bundage27

    Eric Cuffee (Waco, TX) – OU offer @JaeRican27

    Kellen Diesch (Trophy Club, TX) – OU offer @_kell89

    CB Obi
    Eboh (Southlake, TX) @Obi_Eboh3

    Greg Eisworth II (Grand Prarie, TX) – OU offer @G_Eisworth11

    Zach Farrar (Southlake, TX) @ZachFarrar3

    Madre Harper (Arlington, TX) @RSMadreHarper

    Jordan Humphrey (Southlake, TX) @LJ_Humphrey23

    Tope Imade (Arlington, TX) @TopeImade

    Jeremy Lewis (Lone Grove, OK) @N0GrindN0Shine

    Houston Miller (Keller, TX) @HoustonMiller88

    Austin Quillen (Jenks, OK) @austin_quillen5

    Logan Roberson (Harrah, OK) @BIGLOGE66

    Chanse Sylvie (Shreveport, LA) – OU offer @Chanseluvgod

    Douglas Tucker (Dallas, TX) @PrinceTuck2

  • Jonathan Taylor says:

    I hope they offer Austin Quillen. Kid don’t quit.

  • OceanDescender says:

    Love to see when OU is interested in mansfield kids. As an alum of one of the mansfield high schools, I’ve seen (and played with) some guys that can really make a difference at the big 12 level (I just want some of them to end up with the good guys).

    • Wasn’t Jeremy Beal from Mansfield?

      • AMKing00 says:

        Beal was from Carrollton Creekview.

      • OceanDescender says:

        Adrian Taylor was and that guy was enormous, like standing next to a grizzly bear. Jonathan Nelson played for our rivals over at mansfield summit but I forgave him for it haha. Lots of talent in the 817, for sure.

        • OceanDescender says:

          Also I should add that when mansfield legacy HS was built and they hired chris melson (OU alum I believe) as their HC, they started churning out some D1 talented guys.

  • Sooner Ray says:

    Anyone know anything about Lone Grove? I’ve never heard of Jeremy Lewis.

    • Zack says:

      He looks very quick but I think he’s only like 170 as a running back. Would like to get him and Abdul Adams so we can get some serious speed on the field

  • Let me be the first to say that I love Austin Quillen as a nickel back/OLBOLB(if he can get up to 220) in OU’s scheme. His motor is always running and he physically hurts peoplepeople when he hits them. On top of all of that, he can cover the slot cause he is a good athlete.

  • albsooner says:

    I hope they can get a couple of more D line and LB’s to come to Jr. Day.

  • Will Narramore says:

    How many of these guys are gonna pick up offers at Junior Day? Is it common to hand out a lot of offers on days like this? Any chance of a commit at the first junior day?

  • Brian says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that the other Arlington guys are coming in but Buechele isn’t on the list?

  • McKinzie says:

    Excuse me if someone has asked this earlier but is Eisworth being recruited as a DB? He is labeled an ATH in several recruiting bases. Just didn’t know if he will prefer to be recruited on the offensive side of the ball.

  • Tmac says:

    Looks like Lancaster us bringing a bus full.

  • CJ says:

    What do you guys think of Noah Jones? OU Good?

  • Doobie74OU says:

    Bad time to not have a DL coach with all these great prospects coming in for Junior Day!

  • Jordan Esco says:

    Not a single comment, huh?

    • Double G says:

      I know there were at least 51 comments on this post the other day. Someone had even posted all the twitter handles for the recruits you had listed (which was impressive and maybe a little creepy). Not sure what has been going on with the site the last 24 hrs, but everything finally seems to be working again (at least for me). I can even see the updates to today’s Open Post, which is a HUGE relief because I was going crazy when they wouldn’t load earlier. Your website is my number #1 source for OU football news and you all do a wonderful job keeping us updated!!!

    • Zack says:

      There were comments before. I know I replied to someone over here the other day

    • Sooner Ray says:

      There were several comments in here yesterday.

  • Soonerfandave84 says:


  • Stephen says:

    Weren’t there comments here yesterday?

  • Stephen says:

    Never mind that. Austin Quillen, offer that dude. Calvin Bundage, you are my new Dahu Green.

  • BigCat5507 says:

    Only two LB visitors. Only one for the next class? Well that seems about par for the course.

    • CaptainHook says:

      And that one is the only one we will sign a year from now.

      Bet there are others coming to our second junior day or not coming to a junior day at all, who we will offer and recruit hard and sign. Did this years signees all come to junior days last year?

    • JD says:

      Relax..we lead for Caleb Kelly and he’s suppose to visit for the spring game

      • BigCat5507 says:

        Well we lead for Wheeler and McKee this year at one time. If it was any other position I wouldn’t be worried. But this has a recent history of being a trouble spot in recruiting for us. I have no doubt Stoops will get this handled and its too early to stress about it. If we continue to run the 3-4 as a majority of our scheme, gotta start targeting more LBs.

        • Clint Lenard says:

          Caleb Kelly and Rahshaun Smith both have a connection to OU (Smith is Tapper’s cousin), and both are huge recruits that OU has a lead on.

          Wheeler and McKee weren’t really LB’s OU led for this time last year.

          • BigCat5507 says:

            Getting either or both of those would be big. However, I just don’t see either of them leaving their region. Smith will take the fast track to the NFL and stay in the SEC and Tapper won’t be at OU when Kelly would be there being that he’s a senior next year so that probably won’t factor. Hard to get those recruits from the west coast to say no to Oregon, USC, and UCLA. We’ve had succes in the past, just hope we can in the future. Would be nice to steal a 5 star.

          • JD says:

            Lets just give up then…why bother

          • BigCat5507 says:

            I don’t know that I said that at all. I want them going after the best talent available. Losing Monty is going to hurt at first with recruiting. Like I said before you threw out the over exaggerated response, I believe in Stoops and know he has a plan. We’ll be fine. Just have to get more Lbs. can’t just go after the 2 best in the country and be shocked when they don’t come and then you’re behind the 8 ball again and have to press hard at the end of the recruiting cycle like this year. I’m not in any kind of panic mode about it.

          • Clint Lenard says:

            You seem confused. Smith is Tapper’s cousin and has taken multiple trips to OU over the past few seasons, with his family. He has no affinity for the SEC. He’s from Maryland, but transferred to IMG.

            Kelly has a big connection to Viney, who will most likely get a bump in position at OU with the current changes. Kelly also knows a few current players as well. He’s from Northern California, so those schools you mentioned aren’t big up there to them. You’re thinking of LA, OC, IE kids.

            Your thoughts on those kids aren’t really close to reality. Also, I’m from Cali (right down the street from both major LA schools), and I can assure you that SoCal teams aren’t pulling NorCal kids the way you think.

          • JD says:

            Kelly and Quick are tight….depending on what coach we add (I assume a DL coach) Viney will likely stay a GA

          • Clint Lenard says:

            Didn’t Walker leave for the NFL too? I believe there’s a Quality Control spot open. Kelly and Byrd are also friends, and I believe there’s a connection with Jalen Saunders as well.

          • JD says:

            I’m not sure about Walker leaving..as for Byrd and Saunders..Byrd is from Fresno (Saunders went to college there..not sure about his connection other than that) Byrd and Quick both would have grown up in the system in Fresno…Quick is younger and therefore closer to Kelly’s age and why they are closer…They all will help (and to add a name), Perry is a hs coach that no doubt will help as well

          • BigCat5507 says:

            My fault I got the names mixed up on the Tapper comment. However I never said we don’t have a shot with smith. Just said that the tapper connection might not be as big of a factor due to him graduating next year. But I could be wrong. I would love to get both of them to OU and have nothing but 5 star recruits at every position. But I know that’s not possible. Youre right about my knowledge of California kids. Due to the fact that I don’t live there, I don’t have a real big grasp on the NoCal Vs SoCal players thoughts. But I also stated that we’ve have success in the past out there and hope to in the future and that I trust Stoops and am sure he has a plan. But it’s really no secret that it’s hard to pull the big time west coast recruits away from the west coast regardless of what school we are talking about. My whole point is that we need to target more than just 2 Lbs. After next season, we will only have 6 or so lbs on the roster. Scary think about that while running a 3-4 scheme.

          • Clint Lenard says:

            They’re targeting other LB’s, but right now they know they have a very real shot at landing both of those kids. They have a few more kids in the top 50 that they have a legit shot at. I can’t recall the last time they had this much pull with such high quality kids. Of course, that could change… but with Kelly and Smith it’s very legitimate right now. Things can happen (ie, coaching changes, terrible season and outlook, etc.), but right now I feel pretty good about this class.

          • BigCat5507 says:

            Thanks for helping me understand where we are at with those two. I apologize if I came off rude, wasn’t trying to. I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets a little frustrated about the LB position at OU. I love the 2 players we got this year. Hope we can continue to bring the high caliber players in.

        • JD says:

          and Wheeler was told we were taking two and we took two…both higher up the board than Wheeler

    • AMKing00 says:

      March 7 will be the JR day you will want to watch for LBs. Already confirmed a couple of talented kids will be in attendance.

  • Jeremy Phillips says:

    Will Bundage grow into a LB? He seems awful big for a DB..

  • CJ says:

    Has to be the site Jordan. I asked what people thought about Noah Jones on this page yesterday..With that being said…Do you think he gets an offer this weekend?

  • solja4him says:

    Thank you guys for all your hard work developing & maintaining the junior day attendee list.

  • Stephen woods says:

    Thank you for the hard work in providing us with this great information!

  • Randy says:

    Yeah, there were comments here. But I am sure it will fill up again quickly.

  • BleedCrimson says:

    List is looking good. Lots of talent on campus

  • soonerjunky says:

    Still ZERO QB’s attending Junior Day. Where is Shea Patterson, Jarrett Guarantano, Shane Buechele? Or better yet have a back up plan and bring an Oklahoma kid in. 3 Star 6’4″ Chandler Garrett from Mustang would be great to have as a back up plan. 3 Star Keaton Torre Edmond, 3 Star Scott Gilkey Broken Arrow. Just my two cents

    • Ed Cotter says:

      I would have to believe they are going to get some for the March Junior Day, or bringing them in individually on weekend visits for more one on one time. Not taking a QB in the 2015 class means that OU will be going after a few studs in this class in hopes of getting one.

    • AMKing00 says:

      I caught up with 2017 Denton Guyer QB, Shawn Robinson who holds an OU offer and he was trying to make it Sunday but can’t. May be in attendance in March however.

    • Jared William Reininger says:

      I believe they mentioned in one of the posts that one or two of the QBs was coming down for a more personal visit before hitting a junior day.

  • soonerjunky says:

    Austin Quillen has a nice HUDL video. I would offer yesterday. A little undersized for LB, but if he can run he could play Safety. Sign him up

  • Jesse Wall says:

    #waitonit R.I.P

  • OceanDescender says:

    Haha since it’s gone now, I will reiterate that I’m glad OU is going back into the talent in Mansfield, TX. I’ve seen (and played with) some really awesome football players down here (and around here in Burleson and Arlington).

  • Jeff says:

    Over and under on how many commit 2.5 I say under

  • Blake Lee says:

    real em in kish.

  • Malicong says:

    This may be a silly question but is it out of the question to expect possible commits on junior days?
    This is really only my 3rd recruiting cycle that I paid attention to anything before NSD (thanks again TFB) and I don’t remember what happened last year.

    • Thomas Lenard says:

      Usually the only commits you get on Jr days are the kids that grew up Sooner fans and know that no matter what they want to be a Sooner and they get their offer on that jr day. Some of these kids coming in do not have an offer yet, but may pick one up before they leave.

  • SoonerFan11 says:

    This is an impressive list. Great job Guys. wish there were more lb recruits coming.

  • Shelby is a Patriot says:

    Nice list but it would be nice to see at least one QB on it.

  • SoonerFan16 says:

    Braxton Pickard from Edmond Memorial will be in attendance I believe. Kicker and Kohl’s camp participant.

  • Skip Sanders says:

    Great work. I’m curious how many 4 stars this includes?

  • AMKing00 says:

    Having issues with the site updating fellas but 2016 Arlington Lamar OT, Chris Owens should be showing on the list as well. Can also tell you that the list for the March JR day looks to be a pretty impressive list based off who Brandon & I have heard will be there so far.

    • AMKing00 says:

      Also Jared Mayden, who was discussed in the OP yesterday tweeted out last night that he will in fact be there Sunday with his brother 2018 QB, Jalen Mayden.

  • Chas Taylor says:

    What goes on at the OU Juinor Day?

    • Ed Cotter says:

      Players and parents meet the coaches, take campus tours, put on some OU gear, and talk football. I think that there might also be some actual player evaluation, like a mini camp, but not too sure. TFB could probably speak more to this aspect.

  • Bill Duncan says:

    Getting down to the granular level with recruiting like you guys do is impressive. Thanks for putting this list together. It is greatly appreciated.

    • AMKing00 says:

      Not a problem. Thanks for reading the site.

      • Zack says:

        Alex, will any of tfb be at the junior days and be able to talk to or with recruits? They work out too don’t they?

        • AMKing00 says:

          No we will not be in attendance. But we will be catching up with them shortly after they are heading back home. No workouts are done, just face time with coaches, tours, etc.

  • Ed Cotter says:

    Man, that looks like a great list. Hopefully the coaches can make some good connections with many of these young men.

  • BigJoeBrown says:

    Really a great list, looks like a lot of hard work went together getting it together.

  • Brian says:

    Heard that Jean Delance and Greg Little might be there…That would be amazing if we could have those two as our bookends.

    • Zack says:

      Delance is a good one. Little is obviously a good one too but if we get the sense early on that he wants to play with Kyler then we need to work some other targets. With the work BB has done the last 2 years he can be very selective this year.

  • Daddy R says:

    Man, this is a lot of kids!! Good Deal!

  • EasTex says:

    Looks like the weather on Saturday will be excellent, gets cold that night and for Sunday.

  • Ed Cotter says:

    Wow, this list is getting long. Love it. In previous years Bob seemed to cap the number of attendees to around 25. Gonna be good to see what these young guys think of OU after checking out the Football Facilities and Headington Hall.

  • Stephen says:

    This list is getting insane!! Props for keeping up with this! Quick question, is Bundage being recruited as a LB or S? I’ve seen both liste.

  • Jeff says:

    Geez too many DB’s!

  • madbrad says:

    Really like that lone Grove kid