OU Elite Prospect Camp | Jun. 10 | Visitor List (UPDATE Wed., 8:55 am)

As we mentioned in Monday’s Open Post, OU is hosting another camp on Wednesday after hosting two other such events this past weekend. We’re expecting this camp to be attended by prospects the OU staff would like to take a closer look at in-person, primarily to determine whether or not they would like to actually extend an offer.

As always, we will continue to work on tracking down more names of those expected to attend. But, for now, here is a working list of those we have been able to confirm who are expecting to be in Norman.


OL Sheldon Barnes (6’5″ 310 – Jenks, OK) VIDEO
WR Jordan Brown (6’2″ 198 – Stillwater, OK) VIDEO
CB Tre Brown (5’11” 165 – Tulsa, OK) VIDEO
S Dreyvon Christon (5’11” 181 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
LB Michael Coats (6’2″ 205 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
OL Jacob Goss (6’4″ 310 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
OL Luther Harris (6’6″ 361 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
RB Jeremy Lewis (6’1″ 192 – Lone Grove, OK) VIDEO
CB Kyle Mayberry (5’11” 166 – Tulsa, OK) VIDEO
QB Patrick McKaufman (6’5″ 187 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
WR Kameron McQueen (6’0″ 180 – Tulsa, OK) VIDEOADDED
RB Jerry Minnifield (5’8″ 170 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
ATH Shane Moore (5’11” 210 – Eufaula, OK) VIDEO
OL Tramonda Moore (6’6″ 330 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
CB Walter Neil (5’10” 165 – Lawton, OK) VIDEO
WR Mitchell Perkinson (6’0″ 177 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
CB Jordan Prince (5’7″ 157 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
TE Bryce Roberts (6’6″ 235 – Mustang, OK) VIDEO
TE/DE Sam Ruhl (6’6″ 225 – Ardmore, OK) VIDEO
OL Jace Webb (6’5″ 295 – Hollis, OK) VIDEO
OL Wyatt Whitmarsh (6’7″ 275 – Moore, OK) VIDEO
RB Dae Williams (6’2″ 227 – Sapulpa, OK) VIDEO
RB Darran Williams (6’0″ 185 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO


S Sterling Alford (6’0″ 168 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO – ADDED
S/WR Brock Appiah (5’11” 146 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
ATH Justin Broiles (6’0″ 175 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
LB Hunter Davenport (6’0″ 240 – Lamar, AR) VIDEO
DE A.J. Epenesa (6’5″ 233 – Edwardsville, IL) VIDEO
DL Brendon Evers (6’3″ 285 – Bixby, OK) VIDEO
S Evan Fields (6’1″ 181 – Midwest City, OK) VIDEO
QB Brandon George (6’1″ 192 – Jones, OK) VIDEOADDED
WR Rubell Goe (6’2″ 185 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
OL/DL Andre Harris Jr. (6’3″ 255 – Oklahoma City, OK) VIDEO
OL Grant Hill (6’3″ 265 – Edmond, OK) VIDEO
OL Creed Humphrey (6’4″ 305 – Shawnee, OK) VIDEO
CB Quindon Lewis (6’2″ 165 – Moore, OK) VIDEO
TE/LB Logan Long (6’4″ 230 – Woodward, OK) VIDEO
RB Reed Martin (6’0″ 200 – Tulsa, OK) VIDEO
TE Baron Odom (6’4″ 210 – Wynnewood, OK) VIDEO
ATH Gervarrius Owens (6’0″ 175 – Moore, OK) VIDEO
CB Isaiah Pryor (6’2″ 195 – Lawrenceville, GA) VIDEO
ATH Jamyest Williams (5’9″ 180 – Lawrenceville, GA) VIDEO
LB/RB Raphiel Williams (6’1″ 201 – Tulsa, OK) VIDEOADDED


OL Bryce Bray (6’5″ 275 – Bixby, OK) VIDEO
QB Casey Thompson (6’1″ 175 – Moore, OK) VIDEO
OL Adrian Wolford (6’3″ 240 – Meeker, OK) VIDEO

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  • Soonerfandave84 says:

    I’d like OU to get another great TE from Ardmore

  • kokevo says:

    Is it just me or have all the camps ou has held this year been lacking in the big name department? This camp has a couple but far from what I would consider being a “elite camp” bash me if you disagree and kindly explain to me how all these kids are studs that nobody has ever heard of because I know some homer on here will.

    • ccmosaic says:

      I am with you on this. I love seeing all the Oklahoma kids but, where the heck are all the Texas kids? Do we not recruit Texas anymore? We should have at least 5 or more Texas kids on that list I would think.

    • Jordan Esco says:

      100% agree

    • Randy says:

      I am hoping it’s more of a attempt at identifying in state talent. It seem like there are a lot more in ’16 than in previous yes with offers so maybe they are really digging in this year to evaluate ? Example if they would have done this last year maybe Draper has a offer already ??

      • kokevo says:

        Maybe so. I just want ou to win that’s all I get really worked up about things football, hunting, golf, and girls (my wife) im just real competitive and want to win like most on here im sure.

        • Randy says:

          Understand.. We all want OU to be that program that starts arguments within over fan bases. Lol. This offense, getting Frank Shannon back, and more experience in the secondary is a good start to a run at the Playoff.

  • Jonathan Taylor says:

    Why isn’t Draper coming?

    • Zack says:

      Probably because he’s annoyed that doesn’t have an offer

    • Because there isn’t a rapport with him and OU at the moment. KU makes sure they keep him in communication with them. As does Stanford, Clemson, OSU, TCU and Bama. They are making Levi a priority. If they haven’t offered, yet, they will. At least, from.what I’m told.

  • Cole says:

    I saw today rivals confirmed that Aj Epensea kid. 2017 class.

    • kokevo says:

      Damn you beaty!

    • ccmosaic says:

      This is starting to look like the kid is passed at OU for not showing enough love. I wonder if there is some bitterness? And if there is will OU be able to overcome it?
      I personally do not understand why we have not offered the kid.

  • Randy says:

    Romeo McKnight, Teton Saltes, Deontre Hardwick attending ?

  • Look out for Shane Moore kid is way underrated

  • OceanDescender says:

    Whoa look at all that Oklahoma talent! I’m sure most of them would love to play for the good guys.

  • hemisooner says:

    What do you guys think about Bryce Roberts. I used to play basketball with his dad for years

  • Brent says:

    This looks like OU’s Plan B camp.

  • Daryl says:

    One thing that will be interesting is to see if we get back to what we used to do. Finding kids that were not as highly rated that could just straight play and developing them. It is what Baylor, TCU, and even osu is doing. (Especially Baylor) with Riley and Bendenbough they seem like guys that just find talent and get them ready play no matter stars oh and Gundy.

  • Randy says:

    Tre Brown a ’16 kid ?

  • Birddawg says:

    That Rubell Goe reminds of young Kenny Stills. For just a sophomore, he looks like an intriguing prospect for 2017 that we should keep our eye on.