2016 Red/White Game (Apr. 9) | Visitor List (UPDATE Fri., 11:50 am)

With the obvious, yet always necessary, caveat that plans can (and often do) change, here is a list of recruits expected to be in Norman this weekend. We will, as always, continue to update this as necessary.

WR Zach Farrar
LB Mark Jackson
LB Caleb Kelly
OL Erik Swenson


DB Trajan Bandy (Miami, FL) – VIDEOOU commit
DE Robert Barnes (Southlake, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
DB Justin Broiles (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
DB Tre Brown (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
LB Levi Draper (Collinsville, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
DB Darrion Green (Dallas, TX) – VIDEO
LB Anthony Hines (Plano, TX) – VIDEO
WR CeeDee Lamb (Richmond, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Charleston Rambo (Cedar Hill, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Jalen Reagor (Waxahachie, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Nick Robinson (Oklahoma City, OK) – VIDEO
OL Tyrese Robinson (McKinney, TX) – VIDEOOU commitpossible
QB Chris Robison (Mesquite, TX) – VIDEOOU commit
DT Deontre Thomas (Mustang, OK) – VIDEO
DE/LB Isaiah Thomas (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEO


DB Anthony Cook (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
RB Ta’Zhawn Henry (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
DB Isaiah Humphries (Sasche, TX) – VIDEO
DB D’Shawn Jamison (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
DL Josh Landry (Houston, TX) – VIDEO
DB Verone McKinley III (Plano, TX) – VIDEOADDED
WR CJ Moore (Tulsa, OK) – VIDEO
LB Alston Orji (Rockwall, TX) – VIDEO
DB Josh Proctor (Owasso, OK) – VIDEO
OL Darrell Simpson (Fort Worth, TX) – VIDEO
OL Brey Walker (Moore, OK) – VIDEOOU commit
WR Al’vonte Woodard (Houston, TX) – VIDEO

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  • CrimsonNative says:

    I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that many OU commits at the Red/White game.

  • Doobie74OU says:

    Possibly 10 commits on campus to work on recruiting the others. I LOVE IT!

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  • j l says:

    SoonerSquad17 representing!

    Now we need some kids for them to recruit! lol

  • SoonerGray says:

    Strange how many are commits? Seems like this would be a big recruiting weekend for guys we don’t have in the fold just yet?

  • cdzendolet says:

    I love that all the commits are there. I see a lot of people saying Lamb is a soft commit, but being around all of the other commits could reaffirm his choice that OU is the way to go! Also they can get after the uncommitted guys, too!

  • Tony B says:

    Is Stephan Zabie going to make it Saturday?

  • HardTarget says:

    Isaiah Thomas is the 595th ranked player in the nation and he plays for the biggest and most financially successful school in the state and one of the biggest non Texas schools in the nation. Why are we talking to players of this calibur? Why are we not closing on prime blue chip recruits?

    We don’t have a single defensive lineman on that list, and no, 6’4 230 is not a D lineman.

    • Matt says:

      Your comment seems a bit misplaced given that this class will probably end up being the highest rated class during Stoops’ tenure.

    • Malicong says:

      I don’t think Thomas has been properly evaluated. He has a number of impressive offers including Tennessee, aTm, Nebraska, and Baylor. Ranking means little, especially in the spring. His frame is capable of holding more weight and he may end up at OLB anyway.

      • HardTarget says:

        Baylor is the 19th ranked recruiting class with 5 commits. TAMU has 4 and is at 26th. Tennessee is at 48th. Nebraska did not make the top 50.

        You just made my point for me.

        • Malicong says:

          I don’t see how anything I said and the current recruiting rankings of those schools have anything to do with one another. Just because they don’t have 20 5*’s already signed doesn’t mean they are desperate 10 months ahead of NSD. By that logic, guys Tate Martell, Hezekiah Jones, and Kedrick James aren’t worth looking at unless you are in the CUSA.

    • JR says:

      Can you explain how Tulsa Memorial is one of the biggest and most financially successful schools in the state and one of biggest non Texas schools in the nation?

      • HardTarget says:

        Sure, it’s this little thing called google.

        • JR says:

          Ok, so a school population of 1077 is by your count massive?

          • HardTarget says:

            Thought he played for Union. Oh well, he’s still a nobody and he doesn’t belong next to the others. Where is Browning? Where are the other big time recruits at linebacker?

            Thinking you can develop crappy players is how we ended up with Ty Darlington and Nila Kasiati.

          • JR says:

            Well since it is Monday and I am sure the list is not done yet but either way, good on you for the incorrect school and statement on financially successful school (umm how does a public school become financially successful?).

            I for one want the number of uncommitted players for 2017 to be around 12-15 up from the 3 currently on the list. I am sure that number will grow but I would point out that having Hines come in is a big deal.

            Thomas on the other hand is a player who right now is rated a 3 star so if you were to go by that alone you would eliminate him except the fact that he has 10 offers all from either the Big XII, SEC, Big 10 or Pac XII so that is something. Additionally, thinking Darlington is a crappy player who OU brought in as a development project is pretty outright well to put it nicely wrong. He was rated the top (#1) center in the country as a 4 star and the number 199 player in the country. He must have been thought of highly to have received offers from Auburn, Clemson, Florida, FSU, LSU, Michigan, among many others but obviously since you cannot get Thomas’ high school correct then I wouldn’t expect you to research your statements before spewing them out there for everyone.

          • HardTarget says:

            Ty Darlington wasn’t even invited to the combine and he was blown off the line of scrimmage everytime the ball was snapped.

            I don’t care what he was rated, he and Kasiati together were physically manhandled by Texas, Tennessee, and Clemson. He didn’t not show up against a single physical team the past two years we’ve played.

            I think Darlington was crap because of how he played, you’re the one saying rankings don’t matter but apparently with Darlington they do? Ok lol.

          • JR says:

            Nope, didn’t say rankings don’t matter. I said that offers mean a lot more. But if a top 200 player who is a 4 star and #1 player at their position coming out of HS commits are you saying that you would not want him?

            In speaking about Thomas, who knows where this kid will end up. Could stay a 3, could improve to a 4. What I do know and what carries more merit than rankings or stars is offers. Right now, the offers he has is pretty nice.

          • HardTarget says:

            Where did I say that? And the highest rated school to offer him is 4 commit Baylor at like 19 so no, he isn’t cleaning house.

            I didn’t say I wouldn’t take Darlington, I’m saying I would aim way higher than a fringe 500 player because Darlington is a prime example of how small and lowly rated players are gambles. Darlington was the number one center but he barely cracked the top 300. Id would have rather had an actual lineman who could make the switch to center

          • JR says:

            Well you did say that thinking you can develop players is how OU ended up with crappy Darlington and Nila.

          • HardTarget says:

            They are crappy and they didn’t develop. I weigh 217 pounds and I could outbench Kasiati right now. 11 reps at 225 is absolutely pathetic.

          • JR says:

            Agreed the reps for Nila was pathetic. But the rest of your conversation has done nothing to prove otherwise that you are anything but someone who wants to make claims without any facts.

          • Drew says:

            Ty and Nila were both excellent Sooners and human beings, and I’m glad they wore the Crimson and Cream. They may not have been the best players, but they were in no way “crappy.” Now, you may not have meant it this way, but the lack of respect you are showing the two of them is making you come off as kind of an asshole. And considering how recruits do visit this site on occasion, I doubt I’m the only one here who would rather we refrain from bashing past/current/potential players.

          • HardTarget says:

            No they weren’t. Be quiet. They only shined against inferior defensive line schemes and talent. As long as they’re not embarrassing the program I don’t care what kind of people they are. Do your job, and win your position when it matters. Neither one of them could do that. End of discussion.

          • Lincoln Hawk says:

            You are embarrassing yourself and the program right now, just an FYI.

          • HardTarget says:

            I’m not apart of the program, and you aren’t either. You people cry when we get embarrassed on national television but then you defend piss poor recruiting choices. You can’t have it both ways.

          • Lincoln Hawk says:

            I can tell you aren’t part of the program by the way you talk about it. I hope you find whatever it is in this world that makes you happy, being a downer all of the time has got to suck.

          • Drew says:

            You really should tone yourself down. If you only want to care about wins/losses, then follow Bama or an NFL team. But for someone who’s been here less than a week, you really seem eager to tell others what to do.

          • HardTarget says:

            I’ve been here for two years posting on various accounts. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Take your whiny ass back to the kiddie table cuck.

          • Drew says:

            Prince, is that you?

          • Malicong says:

            I think we have a winner.

          • Lincoln Hawk says:

            Agreed, I got to hear Ty speak at a church event here in Tulsa last fall, very well spoken and a terrific ambassador for the program. The work Nila did at the Children’s Hospital was awesome, to see the children’s smiling faces and relationships built were things that make our program and student athletes great.

    • Sooner Man says:

      My question is if he does commit does he play linebacker or defensive end

      • HardTarget says:

        Well at 230 he’s not big enough to be a DE. He could do the whole hybrid thing but honestly I prefer them to still be bigger. A hybrid player should be big and fast, not small and strong.

        Striker will never play at the next level, he is simply too small. Clay Matthews is probably the best hybrid DE that I can think of and he is 255.

        • Malicong says:

          Do you not think that a 17 year old could gain 30-40 lbs on a 6’4″ frame in 2-3 years? He could be 250-260 by his redshirt sophomore year.

          • HardTarget says:

            Yeah but then is he going to be fast enough to play OLB? You see the problem yes?

            And OLB is a special position because you have to be big enough to put a full back on his ass or blow up a hole created by a 300-320 pound lineman, but you still have to be fast enough to cover someone out the backfield or blitz from the end.

            250-260 is probably too heavy to play that position. You want players that can naturally hit those marks and not be “too heavy”.

          • Malicong says:

            Was Matthews to heavy? You make an argument that he should be bigger then say that the target weight you think is good is to big. What exactly are you looking for? It is possible for him to put on weight and maintain his athletic ability. He will keep his weight around 230-240 if he is going to play OLB to maintain his speed or get up to 260-270 to improve his base and strength if he is going to play DE. He isn’t a tweener, he just needs to figure out where is he is going to play.

        • Sooner Man says:

          Well he could still play a NB or Safety you never know

    • soonerborn says:

      Do you happen to know if Thomas has been to any of the big camps? OR is his ranking due to stats and offers alone? Some of these kids don’t have the money to travel to the camps to get evaluated.

    • Stephen says:

      We’ve had 3 d-line coaches in 3 years. That kind of turnover doesn’t help recruiting unless you make a splash hire. Thibodaux probably won’t have his recruiting going for another month or so. That and it’s a limited contact period.

  • Lane Gilstrap says:

    This list is very unimpressive if you just look at the guys that aren’t already committed to play here.

    • Jordan Esco says:

      It’s also Monday 🙂

    • Tony B says:

      In the past OU hasn’t had this many 4 star players on campus for the Spring Game committed or uncommitted so I’d say it’s great to see what talent that’s coming and to show others how committed they are. I’m sure by the time Saturday rolls around there will be many more uncommitted players on the sidelines too. These commits are working on a lot of others. I think it’s a solid list for a spring game. That being said I’d like to see some more beef added to this list on both sides of the ball.

  • Scott says:

    Hopefully Baron Browning can make the spring game.

  • Sooner Man says:

    I hope we consider looking at Nick Robinson out of Putnam City, Oklahoma he looks like he could be a solid WR/TE

    • turn2 says:

      Because I am a Putnam City West Alum, I have to be that guy…sorry. Nick Robison is a Patriot from Putman City West, located in Bethany Oklahoma….

  • Jordan Esco says:

    updates added

  • Cincysooner says:

    I am very excited that Trajan Bandy will be making it in. This will hopefully solidify his commitment to OU and spread the gospel to all the other southern Florida recruits!

  • Mizuno45 says:

    Also glad to see Lamb on the list

  • Sooner Ray says:

    Glad to see Proctor making it. I would love to get him committed and start recruiting some ’18 players for us.

  • Shelby is a Patriot says:

    Having so many commits there can only help.

  • metzker says:

    Somebody drive down and pick up Hines!

    • Dave Wilkins says:

      looks like there are gonna be plenty of options if he wants to ride with another player.

  • Brian says:

    2017 OT Stephan Zabie hopes to make it in this weekend.

  • Jordan Esco says:

    update added

  • Doobie74OU says:

    Did somebody in Houston rent a bus? Alot of 2018 kids coming this weekend from down there!

  • Doobie74OU says:

    Up to 11 possible commits at OU this weekend plus 4 that are already signed! We will call them the Recruiting A Team I hope after this weekend!

  • soonerborn says:

    Wished there were more to the 17 list that are uncommitted. Kids like Grayson Reeed, Walker Little, Stephan Zabie, Marvin Wilson, Deiontae Watts, Levi Jones, and of course Jeffery Okudah

  • DCinAZ says:

    Don’t see him listed above but it looks like Jordon Austin (Dakota’s little brother) is on campus this weekend. He tweeted out a bit ago that OU just offered him and he has pictures taken on site on his twitter page.