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A couple months ago, K mentioned on TOP that he’d been hearing that Dorial Green-Beckham was leaning towards declaring for the NFL Draft (HERE). And now I’m starting to hear the same.

Our sources always seemed to indicate that it would obviously depend on where he was projected to get drafted. However, this week I’ve been told by a couple sources that DGB may already have an agent and the decision to leave, thus, has clearly been made. I have this from a couple of different people, but K is also working to confirm it from his sources as well. We’ll continue to work on the story and update you as information becomes available.

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  • ccmosaic says:

    This does not shock me but, I imagine it will upset a few coaches who took a chance with the kid. I still hope he stays but it is looking like he is ready to make the money.

  • Jared Tyra says:

    That’s a shame… and not a surprising one either. Without getting on the field to show he’s at least a man of his word, I’d assume he’ll get knocked down a round or two for character concerns; we’ve seen it happen in the draft before.

    • hOUligan says:

      Pretty much my sentiments, assuming there was some ‘agreement’ implied or otherwise that he would play 1 year, even if it meant staying 2 because of eligibility issue. In ‘hOUligan world’, character and integrity mean a lot and nfl teams would push him down the board because of his past and now, not staying to play the year. But we all know, character counts for little in the real nfl if they can keep it in the shadows. Only when it’s front page do they react and become indignant. With his talent, teams will ‘forgive and forget’ in the scramble to sign him. But can’t blame the guy too much when he’s about the money.

      • Jared Tyra says:

        Yeah, the NFL hasn’t paid attention to all the red flags but you can bet that the microscope draftees are under has magnified a thousand fold with all the domestic violence issues popping up in the league. DGB doesn’t exactly pass that test if he goes in this year’s draft class (not saying another year would change that necessarily, just might help).

  • soonerschooner says:

    Was there a promise given by DGB and his parents that he would play one year?

    • Jordan Esco says:

      It was believed at the time when OU accepted him there was an “unspoken” two-year agreement. And that may still be the case as this is no guarantee he’s leaving (which is not in any way to call into question K or Drake’s sources, just stating that right now we don’t know anything definitively), but it’s certainly a scenario that makes sense on a number of levels for him.

      • soonerschooner says:

        I had read that he had made a promise, which also didn’t make sense, because he would more than likely be drafted reasonably high even if he didn’t play this season. If he did make that promise, he should honor it, since he had to have made it knowing there was a chance he could go in first few rounds even when he made it.

        • Jordan Esco says:

          He very well may have. I don’t know. Obviously I wasn’t privy to those conversations. Whether it was a spoken promise or simply implied, that talk has been out there for a while.

          That said, if the OU coaches believe it’s in his best interest to leave then they have a long track record of instructing kids to do so.

  • Brian Beaman says:

    Truly disappointed if DGB doesn’t play next year out of just loyalty and appreciation OU gave him a second chance. I also can’t blame him, the passing offense isn’t lighting it up right now and the qb situation isn’t great right now. Add that to Bob’s direction on Offense appears to be mirroring Mack Brown’s last 4 or 5 years by recruiting for a power running first offense.

  • Doobie74OU says:

    If this is true it makes the DGB decision the “Worst Decision of Last Year” by this coaching staff and OU in general! Teams over achieve or under achieve all the time and while it sucks it comes with the territory a little bit! But to take the PR hit of having this guy on the team without getting 1 down of playing time out of him is just crazy to me! The PR hit could have been much worse except for the Mixon thing pushing it to the background rather quickly. We seem to be chasing star players right now and that is ridiculous for a team with the tradition and history of OU. Time for a influx of more youth in this coaching staff! Great Energy, Great Recruiting Guys. OU is a “LEADER & a DESTINATION” not a “ALSO RAN” and I am ready for us to take back our rightful place in college football! Let us please stop talking about ESPN and the SEC cause our team has nothing to do with them. If a kid wants to sign with SEC team who can blame him, they are the standard bearer right now. They have been involved in the Championship Game and won most of then for the past decade! The Big 12 Champ (or Co-Champ don get me started SMH!) got left out of the Championship. As a conference and a football team we have to step up our game cause this reality won’t change until WE BREAK THE MOLD!!! And as far as ESPN goes, they cover whoever is WINNING, show highlights of whoever is WINNING, and they will put on television whoever is WINNING. For them it is a numbers game and the BIG12 = 10 teams, no real champion, and no real marquee teams with established brands winning the division (our 2 best teams last year TCU played in a subdivision just a few years back and Baylor hadn’t had a winning season in 400 years till a few years back) and all that = getting left out in the cold!

    • boomersooner says:

      You cannot fault OU for wanting to have DGB on campus, hope he gets ok’d to play right away, and then, if not, be a man of his word and stay to help us since we helped him. You put it on him and the NCAA. Sure we didn’t have to get involved, but every single person who hates the idea of him leaving would love every second of it if he in fact stays and goes off next yr(little hypocritical). You talk about chasing star players….um did you watch our wr’s not get open all yr? I did. As soon as Shep went down, how many total passing yds did we have? Couple hundred? Kinda hard to move the ball consistently without some kind of “star” otherwise everybody would do it with ease(feel free to insert a smarmy joke about people moving it on us at will…teehee). And I’ll feel free to talk about ESPN and the SEC whenever because that’s all these kids get these days. You mention about winning, well 90% of the SEC doesn’t win but these kids wanna go there….why? ESPN. Kinda hard to compete with a whole conference of over signers. You get to replace all the dead weight every single year. You’d think kids would quit falling for it but every year 20 some odd kids at every school say it won’t happen to them. The reason most of these kids go to the SEC is to play against the best and the NFL. That’s it. This over signing crap has got to go. You miss on a 5 star guy? Wear it for 4 yrs, just like everybody else. Its just one big cycle. Will it end? Sure but its gonna take awhile

      • Easton says:


        • boomersooner says:

          Thanks brother. I don’t think we did this naively. There was a method to our madness. If it don’t work out it just don’t work out

          • Easton says:

            That’s right. I see benefits of this decision for DGB and the Program that are not about him playing in games for the Sooners. One thing our coaches are: smart people. And, I think, about helping young men, and not just about their own interests.

    • MrBigsby says:

      Actually, the “Worst Decision of Last Year” is still the re-kick in Bedlam.

    • kt-raida says:

      Or it could be a great reciting tool showing that Oklahoma understands that no KID is perfect and will make mistakes and are willing to give them a second chance even if it doesn’t benefit them.

      • Easton says:


      • rphokc says:

        …..the guy’s a freak on the field and stoops saw tds, that’s basically why he got the chance……….make it another player with the same allegatiions/history but not a star and he doesn’t get a look……….

      • Jed says:

        And anyone who doesn’t think that precise point is lost on parents and on the kids themselves is not listening to feedback from the recruiting trail. We didn’t suffer at all by offering him a schollie and room and board this past year.

    • Brent says:

      DGB does not owe OU anything.

      • Doobie74OU says:

        Nobody said DGB owed OU something just that it was pretty darn stupid to let a guy hang out for a year that did nothing more than bring bad press. He has been a fine student and citizen this past year for all we know so I have nothing against him and wish him well!

    • paganpink says:

      And if he was supposed to be a great help on the practice field there was no evidence of that in the record we compiled this year. I hope they weren’t just throwing to him, instead of all the young guys we have who can’t catch two balls in a row!

  • Indy_sooner says:

    I am surprised. I guess the Dede signing makes more sense now. Would have like to have him available next year, IMO, but it *is* his life and with all the injury issues, I can see why alot of folks don’t want to risk it.

  • Defend Colfax says:

    No one offers me millions of dollars butt hurt comment

  • Mizuno44 says:

    Who cares, bye bye…

  • Nothing is definitive or set in stone. Until we hear from DGBDGB, or Stoops, it is pointless to get worked up over what I’ve heard. DGB could be a WR for OU next season. Who knows? I trust who I’ve heard this from, but that means nothing until you hear him announce he’s gone

    • Bill Duncan says:

      I’m personally OU biased… but if the kid can get money this year and get drafted, good for him. Just hope he makes the right decisions and doesn’t blow an insane amount of talent.

  • Brent says:

    I wonder what school DGB will rep when giving his NFL introduction

  • Cush Creekmont says:

    Perhaps there is some “goodwill” for future recruiting. His high school coaches or other younger players coming up might give OU an edge for extending help to him. Or if he were to make it big in the NFL, good statements about OU and or Stoops could help.

  • Zack says:

    I think DGB should stick around. He’s not getting a first round grade by some accounts of what I’ve read. He’s not in the top 5 wr according to the major experts. I think part of that is because there is limited film on him and it’s been a year since he’s done anything. I get that an agent is probably trying to get in his ear and tell him it’s even better if he’s a second round pick because then his second contract will come sooner and could mean more money sooner. But I could see him free falling in the draft since teams are very worried about his image.

    • Clint Lenard says:

      I have seen some say even if he does enter the draft he will be a 3rd rounder. I’d have to believe a team would take a chance on him in the second round, but there’s no way he’s getting first round money.

  • RBear says:

    Wasted effort on OU’s part then.

  • Barry Duren says:

    OU obviously thought that the NCAA would declare him eligible. It was a huge risk that turned into a PR nightmare. And for what?

    • Boom says:

      where’s the nightmare? He may help us later down the line. I will wait till I hear it from him on whether he is staying or going. Either way, there was no downside.

  • mgcsooner says:

    Quite a few WR PROMISED 1st round, highly doubtful that many go that early. Most of OU’s chances rely his “actual NFL grades” he gets together with all these supposed first rounder WR this year AND his confidence in OU Scout Team POY, Baker Mayfield.

  • solja4christ says:

    Hopefully the league takes a stance on the domestic violence stuff and has him projected to go later on. If that’s the case, he may stay and show the GM’S he can stay clean and polish his skills. I know this sounds selfish but really would like to see him on Saturdays first before Sundays.

  • SoonerfanTU says:

    Is his not being in Orlando (from reports) a sign that he is likely gone?

    • Sooner Ray says:

      No, NCAA rules prevent him from being a team traveler.

      • SoonerfanTU says:

        Not completely true, right? Mayfield is traveling, just had to pay half his way. I don’t get the feeling DGB’s parents are without money, so it would have been an option if he was sticking around.

        • Sooner Ray says:

          Well, the rumor about Baker having to pay half his travel hasn’t been confirmed as far as I know. The way I understand the rule, Mayfield is eligible to travel with the team because he has completed two semesters since his transfer, DGB on the other hand has only completed one which makes him not eligible to travel with the team. I’m sure either of them could pay their own way to be a spectator if they chose to.

          • JD says:

            That’s how I understand it as well…Baker came in january and DGB didn’t get here until june or july…guess they don’t count summer semesters because he would have to have been going to class to workout with the team

  • alouicious says:

    the nfl loves women beaters moar than OU…..

  • Sooner Ray says:

    And he’s gone….

  • Super K says:

    Nailed this one 🙂