2015 Red/White Game | Visitor List (UPDATE Fri., 9:57 am)

Alright, we know you’ve been asking for this visitor list and while things are far from finalized we figured there was no point in making you wait any longer. Keep checking back for updates as we Alex, Brandon & K continue to work on things leading up to Saturday’s scrimmage. But for now here is our list of those who are expected to attend.

There will also be a number of OU’s 2015 signees in Norman this weekend.

DB Jordan Artis (Desoto, TX) – (UPDATE Fri., 9:57 am)
OL Tyler Banta (Midwest City, OK)
LB Calvin Bundage (Edmond, OK) – OU offer
LB Jordan Carmouche (Manvel, TX) – OU offerpossible
OL Kellen Diesch (Trophy Club, TX) – OU offer
OL Matt Farniok (Sioux Falls, SD) – (UPDATE Fri., 8:38 am)
OL Rowdy Frederick (Broken Arrow, OK) – possible – (UPDATE Fri., 7:05 am)
LB Pernell Jefferson (New Orleans, LA) – OU offerpossible
DE Noah Jones (Moore, OK)
LB Caleb Kelly (Fresno, CA) – OU offer
RB Jeremy Lewis (Lone Grove, OK)
ATH Delwin Richard Jr. (Edmond, OK)
TE Bryce Roberts (Mustang, OK)
LB David Tate (Fresno, CA)
DL Leevel Tatum (Fresno, CA)
ATH Jon-Michael Terry (Tulsa, OK) – OU commit
LB Marvin Terry (Dallas, TX) – OU offer
CB Max Wariboko (Oklahoma City, OK)
RB Devwah Whaley (Beaumont, TX) – OU offerpossible

LB Levi Draper (Collinsville, OK)
S Evan Fields (Midwest City, OK)
LB Anthony Hines (Plano, TX) – OU offer
CB Quindon Lewis (Moore, OK)
LB Loren Mondy (Mansfield, TX) – Arizona St. commit

OL Brey Walker (Moore, OK) – OU offer

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  • Jordan Esco says:

    Just to answer the question before it’s asked – No, there is virtually zero chance Caleb Kelly commits this weekend.

  • Cole says:

    What signees will be attending?

    • Super K says:

      A bunch. Guys like Arthur McGinnis, PJ Mbanasor, etc. Don’t have a full list though.

    • Jordan Esco says:

      List of guys not already in Norman and not attending this weekend w/b shorter than those who are. Throw some names out and we can give you answers, but just know that most of them have plans (as of today) to be there.

  • steve says:

    i want bundage

  • Jordan Esco says:

    update added – just a ‘possible’ right now, but a BIG name

    • Stephen says:

      If he does make it to the game, do you think there’s a good chance he could commit?

      • Jordan Esco says:

        Not sure I’d go so far as to say “good chance” but it seems possible, sure.

  • hOUligan says:

    Man o man OU is in on a bunch of outstanding LB prospects for next year. Try to pick just 3 that you want most. Nice list. Thanks!!

  • Jordan Esco says:

    update added

  • Stephen says:

    I think it would be helpful to get a list of readers/posters who will be attending the game.

  • RBear says:

    Since Mixon isn’t playing, think he’ll be escorting the Cali boys around or will he stick to the sidelines with his head in the game?

  • Jordan Esco says:

    update added

  • Brent says:

    I’m not one to burn bridges but not that excited to see Max Wariboko making it this weekend.

    • Jordan Esco says:

      w/ as small a secondary class as OU is expected to take, I’m pretty sure you won’t have anything to worry about

  • Jordan Esco says:

    update added

  • KJ1123 says:

    VERY nice to see Kelly coming out from Cali. I hope he just gets blown away with OU.

    • Jordan Esco says:

      Already very fond of OU, would expect this trip to only further cement things

  • OceanDescender says:

    I know by OU’s highest standards it’s likely not happening, but man it would be the utmost irony of all ironies if max wariboko attended OU hahaha.

  • Mr. Jones says:

    Are there any d-line offers potentially coming to the game?

  • j l says:

    Why is the younger wariboko coming? Wouldnt want anything to do with him after the crap his bro pulled.

    • OUZach says:

      What did his brother pull? He made a signing day decision like hundreds of other kids. It’s not like he committed then flipped on NSD.

      • j l says:

        He didnt make a signing day decision. He knew where he was going before that, yet put out some very misleading tweets. Especially the one that mimic’d bedenbaugh’s.

        Wasnt him committing somewhere else that was frustrating, just how he handled the situation.

        He wanted signing day drama at our expense.

        • soonerborn says:

          And wasn’t Wariboko committed along with the DT from Houston??
          thought they had planned to be roommates at one time.

          • j l says:

            yes josh was committed at one time. I believe the DT you are talking about is lampkin, who was also committed at one point. Hadnt heard the part about them wanting to room together, but its certainly possible.

        • OUZach says:

          He decommitted months before NSD. Just because he didn’t choose OU doesn’t mean he was drama. It would be one thing if he told the coaches he was coming here and we missed out on another player because of it, but he didn’t decide where he was going til the very end.

          • j l says:

            You arent telling me anything i dont already know.

            Maybe you should go read his twitter timeline if you dont know what im talking about.

            When you are on OUR campus, and put out a tweet that says “know where im going”, what exactly do you think fans will make of that? Sounds like its going in our favor, right? wrong.

            Funny how he puts out a tweet about “home is where the heart is”, which bedenbaugh mirrors the next day. You know bedenbaugh, josh’s primary recruiter, right? Another misleading tweet, which to me sounds like he told coaches he was coming, and then didnt.

            The kid wanted drama, quite a few on here agree. Dont really care if you do or not, but its pretty obvious he wanted signing day drama.

            Dont care that he went to UCLA, we will be fine without him. Dont put out misleading tweets for the sake of drama, at the expense of the fans.

      • William Ryan says:

        He did commit and decomit and flip to ucla

    • SoonerfanTU says:

      Agreed. Thought he wasn’t good enough to get an OU offer, which was one of the reasons we didn’t get older brother. Seems odd that he’d be visiting.

    • Indy_sooner says:

      I’m as salty as the next on Wariboko’s stunts, but Stoops and co. does not shut out kids. Integrity is not something that has every been in question. He wants to come, let him.

  • Exiled In Ohio says:

    Got our offensive centerpiece; now we need our defensive centerpiece. Kelly has got to be our #1 target.

  • Jeremy Phillips says:

    Let’s get some LB’s committed.. Pernel, Marvin & Levi can get that ’17 class going…

  • Sooner Ray says:

    I think it’s obvious Levi wants an offer….let’s just pull that trigger! I could even go put an OU sign in his yard.

  • F1at1ined says:

    It’s a shame our new marquee commit Austin Kendall can’t be here. Seems like a perfect weekend for him to get to work on some of these potential future teammates.

  • Mr. Jones says:

    Think Farniok gets an offer on this trip?