Open Post | Wed. May 14th (UPDATE 12:21 pm)

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– This past weekend Oklahoma lost one of their top CB targets when Jaylon Lane unexpectedly committed to Oklahoma State. But that doesn’t mean that OU is letting up. In fact, Mike Stoops went down to Nacogdoches yesterday to meet with Jaylon, in part to clear up that miscommunication we told you about previously, and it sounds as though the visit went very well.

– The other major CB target in Texas is PJ Mbanasor, and Oklahoma is clearly intent on not losing him. Coach Wright will be at Hendrickson, HS in Pflugerville today visiting Mbanasor. And he also tweeted out this morning that he’ll be announcing his top schools about two weeks:

– Per multiple reports, Oklahoma has extended another RB offer. This time it is to Cedar Hill, HS RB Aca’Cedric Ware (VIDEO). Ware hails from a school where OU has had some recent success pulling recruits, namely Marcus Green from the 2014 class. Earlier this week, we posted the first of a few posts on Oklahoma’s recruiting issues. One of the things that seems a little alarming, for lack of a better word, about this years recruiting is that OU is having trouble bringing in players at skill positions. Normally, OU fans are used to having a WR or RB or QB commit by now, but that it isn’t the case this year. Perhaps Ware will be a target that OU can grab and gain some momentum.

– 2015 Offensive tackle target Andre James tweeted out his Top Six schools last night. Those schools were (in no order): Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, USC and Utah. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise. James has always spoken highly of Oklahoma, and told us that he plans on taking an official visit to OU.

– A 2015 TE/DE to keep an eye on is Josh Moore (VIDEO) out of Olathe, KS. Moore’s offer list continues to grow and now includes schools like Florida St, Auburn and Ohio State among others. However, he still hasn’t received an offer from the Sooners. But he has told us that OU is in touch with him, and we expect an offer to come shortly. I like Moore’s film and a little surprised the offer hasn’t already been extended given his proximity to Norman. Moore is being recruited by Coach Boulware and Heupel so, it would seem they want him as a TE.

– It will probably come as no surprise, but from everything we’ve been able to gather it seems as though Oklahoma is no longer recruiting Tim Settle. However, we did some checking and his recent ordered Top 15 list, where he put OU dead last, might have had something to do with the fact the OU coaches quit recruiting him after his fairly recent visits to Norman. We’re not going to get into the specifics since the information is second-hand at the moment, but barring a significant change in things it would appear this ship has sailed.

– Last week OU CB target committed to Baylor. Oklahoma had only recently offered but the word we got was that OU was very interested in Tolbert. We know that Tolbert was interested in Baylor but the sudden commitment took us a little off guard. We have come to find out that Tolbert actually tore his ACL in practice a day or two prior to his commitment. Again, he seemed to be a Baylor lean anyway but it’s hard not to think that the sudden commitment was in some way tied to the injury.

– UPDATE (12:21 pm): OU appears to have offered 2016 WR Dionte Mullins out of Miami, FL.


  • Brian

    Backing off of Settle may hurt us with Ricky Deberry…I’d like to know what happened for us to back off a 5-star recruit that had all but promised an official visit.

    • Super K

      In my opinion it will take whatever chance we had at getting Deberry and pretty much end it. Deberry and Settle are tight.

      • SoonerBredCD

        Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee, but I’m having trouble deciphering what you are saying here, K.

        • Super K

          Deberry and Settle are good friends. So with the recruitment of Settle appearing to be over (at least for now) then I think our chances with Deberry are now slim to none.

          • OUZach

            When can you share the info. on Settle? Curious as to why we stopped recruiting him.

          • Gary Robbins

            Could Settle and DeBerry be a story like Wariboko and his younger brother? Settle says something like I’m a 5* stud and I’ll bring DeBerry along with me , but I need a guaranteed starting spot or something like that. A 2 for 1 story. I could see Bob Stoops agreeing to that just not in my lifetime. The real reason will eventually come out.

          • dahldennsull

            Much different situation as we can very easily over recruit little Wariboko and it would feel like a wasted scholarship. DeBerry would be by no means a wasted scholarship, as he is a fine player on his own right

          • Gary Robbins

            DeBerry is an excellent player and I hope he chooses OU because of his own feelings. Wariboko (older brother) is an excellent player and I hope he ends up signing with OU because of his own convictions. Maybe the younger Wariboko improves enough to warrant an OU offer. My intended point was that Stoops does not let a recruit dictate his (Stoops) recruiting policies. Settle has his own reasons for his obvious diss of OU. Come February OU will be fine.

          • SoonerBredCD

            That’s just great! Settle and DeBerry live in the same area? I thought they were from Illinois and Virginia?

            Edit: Nevermind

    • Ed Cotter

      Not sure if K posted on this before, but it could be about academics. Could have been his grades weren’t up to snuff to get in and OU backed off. OU usually works with a kid and stays with him until the very end, but who knows. Just my opinion though.

  • Eric Hoffpauir

    So OSU is losing a day of practice every week. Wonder if their targets are going to start reconsidering.

    • Gary Robbins

      Oh wow, APR sanctions are for real. Do you know what the guidelines are for APR and where OU might stand? I guess OSU would pick Friday (walkthrough). Still 4 hours of lost practice time can hurt.

      • j l

        OU is at a 964, way above the minimum, 2nd in the conference to KSU.

    • Zack

      I thought the same thing but it’s only for one year. So it doesn’t look like it would affect this class.

    • Gary Robbins

      Thanks for the link I assumed they would lose 4 hours.

  • William Ryan

    It seems Oklahoma has no recent success recuiting Millwood kids period.

  • Ed Cotter

    K, what have you heard about Ykili’s transfer from Riverside Poly to Corona Centennial? If he had transferred to a school in the city he would have had to sit out some games, but I don’t think that is the case if you go to another city and league. Just wondering what you know.

    • Not K, but he should have no issues (at all) with the transfer.

      • Ed Cotter

        We will see if he is actually transferring. He has a good buddy that is a DB on the Centennial team, and they have played together in some passing leagues. Just not sure if the transfer is a rumor or what. Bummer to see because he has helped Poly have one of their best seasons in awhile and his QB this coming year is pretty good. Playing at Centennial he will get more exposure, but he’s already got that in spades, so we’ll see how this all plays out.

  • hOUligan

    I like that the staff isn’t afraid to chase any recruit, but a top DT from the east coast…never really thought OU was going to get him but that he has relatives in OK and spent so much time visiting, gave some hope. I think the ‘slight’ most feel is he ranked OU behind lil brother. Maybe it’s just as simple as OUs’ depth chart and Big O already committed. My hope is McKenzie is OUr guy.

    • Zack

      I don’t think Mckenzie is going to favor ou but I do think ou is still in his current top 3. But next time he announces a list I think ou will be low if it’s in order. I think he would like Tennessee and if settle goes there I think that would interest Khalil even more.

    • thegoodmagneto(CJ)

      Doesn’t look good for Mckenzie from his interview today at 247…Tennessee and Zona are 2 he is focused on the most 🙁

  • Sooner Ray

    I like that RB we offered. plenty of speed on the outside, explosion through the middle seam, and doesn’t shy from contact. Would like to see if he can pass protect. Hope we get him.

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    There are other players out there than Wariboko, Settle, McKenzie, and DeBerry. This happens every year. It will be ok.

  • Stephen

    Does the offer to Aca’Cedric Ware have anything to do with Soso, or do we usually have 2 to 4 offers per class?

    • Sooner Ray

      I hope it has nothing to do with Soso, I want them both. It’s not unusual for us to have a big stable of running backs.

      • Zack

        Yeah I think we should get 2 good running backs this year. I think Anderson is a lean toward ou since he decommitted from a&m

  • SoonerfanTU

    Sounds like maybe Settle did something, said something, or acted in a way, during his visit, that turned OU coaches off? Wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.

  • hushnpa

    “One of the things that seems a little alarming, for lack of a better
    word, about this years recruiting is that OU is having trouble bringing
    in players at skill positions”

    this should not be the least bit of concern Ou is so deep at these positions they can well afford to take their time and be very very choosy .
    always have room for a jarret Stidham , a Sotonye Jamabo , Tyreik Gray WR
    off course but there’s no need for alarm .

    besides there’s more room find another underrated , overachieving , tale buster ..
    Love to root for those guys