Projected Starters (Updating…)

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Oklahoma is releasing the projected starters for this weeks game so we’ll add them here so that their all in one place and everyone offer their thoughts. So far they’ve released:

Starting RG: Nila Kasitati – Dionte Save and Tony Feo listed as back ups.

Starting FS: Ahmad Thomas – very cool that this guy has earned the starting spot. Cannot tell you how many people we heard say that Thomas was too stiff or too this or too that. We heard so much that we bought into it. But the word out of camp is he looked very comfortable.

Starting WR: Sterling Shepard – no surprise here. They’ve got Smallwood and Cavil listed as his back ups.

Starting WR: Durron Neal – Derrick Woods and Austin Bennett listed as back ups.

Starting Slot WR: KJ Young – Miciah Quick and Austin Bennett listed as back ups. So happy to see KJ Young win this spot. This young man was incredibly dynamic in HS and yet incredibly underrated. OU got involved in his recruitment late and it looks like he’s making them glad he did! If you haven’t seen KJ Young’s old high school film…do yourself a favor and check it out.

Starting Running Back: Keith Ford and Alex Ross – Samaje Perine listed as back up. It seems the starter has been settled. Watching these big boys slamming against defenses is going to be fun!

Starting Tight End: Blake Bell – Taylor McNamara list as back up. Interesting that they only added one back up. Would have expected to see Ijalana as a third.

Left CB: Julian Wilson – Jordan Thomas and Marcus Green listed as back ups. Really hoping Julian does big things this year! A 6’2 CB that can legitimately cover in the Big 12 will get some NFL looks. Interesting to see two true freshman as back ups. Might see OU only take one CB this year (Mbanasor) unless they can flip a high ceiling big CB like Lane because clearly there is some emerging young talent.

Nose Guard: Jordan Phillips – Mathew Romar, Torrea Peterson and Jordan Wade listed as back ups. This is a big surprise. Not sure what to make of this yet. Definitely going to ask around.

Left Tackle: Tyrus Thompson – Josiah St. John and Christian Daimler listed as back ups.

Right Tackle: Daryl Williams – Derek Farniok and Sam Grant listed as back ups.

Left Guard: Adam Shead – Dionte Savage and Tyler Evans listed as back ups. Glad to see Shead is healthy and ready to go!

Center: Ty Darlington – Nila Kasitati and Jonathan Alvarez listed as back ups.

Left ILB: Jordan Evans – Caleb Gastelum listed as back up. No sign of Frank Shannon on the depth chart.

Right ILB: Dom Alexander – Aaron Franklin listed as back up. Again, no sign of Frank Shannon.

Strong Safety: Quentin Hayes – Steven Parker listed as back up. Word is that Parker had a great camp. Expect to see him get some snaps in the Louisiana Tech game.

Right OLB: Geneo Grissom – Obo Okoronkwo and Devante Bond listed as back ups. A lot more beef at the Jack LB position this year. That’s some great pass rush depth on that weak side!

Left OLB: Eric Striker – PL Lindley listed as back up.

Right CB: Zack Sanchez – Dakota Austin and Stanvon Taylor listed as back ups.

we’ll keep updating…

  • bjwalker82

    This is cool

    • Jed

      Better. This is Cool Tuna.

  • caustin

    Awesome way to announce. Is it me or is the football program seriously stepping up it’s social media approach/use?

    • Super K

      Completely agree! Good observation. They’re doing a much better job in terms of their use of social media, branding, marketing, etc.

    • Zack

      Nah it’s just you.

      • Super K

        and me! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Zack

          Lol. The fact that bob stoops has a twitter (ran by some assistant) is proof they want to make an impression on social media.

    • bjwalker82

      Keeping up with the Joneses

    • Jordan Esco

      They hired someone new (thankfully) to run the official account

    • RDK

      Yup. The stuff they put out on the OU_Gridiron accounts is very cool.

    • vargo05

      Hopefully they’re done welcoming recruits, by name, to the program after commitments happen. Still can’t believe that happened.

  • SouthernSooner

    Can’t wait for Ahmad! I see him having a tony jefferson-like opening campaign

  • Jordan Esco
  • bjwalker82

    I think this is the first year in a long time where I am legitimately excited about every position.

  • Jim

    Bell announced at TE. Hope he’s as uncoverable as once said to be during the spring

  • RDK

    Be cool if they had a composite visual depth chard that updated in real time as they announce them. It’s hard to really dig into it this way. I like what they’re doing though.

  • Mike Reed
    • Mike Reed

      Nila Kasitati’s hair is incredible!! If he didn’t have to wear a helmet, just the hair would scare the opposing lineman into submission!!

      • Jed

        Seriously, they ought to send Nila out in nothing but a loin cloth. He’s a savage looking dude.

  • Kody K.

    Congrats to Alex Ross. I really felt Ford was going to separate himself as the decided number one back by the first game. I hope Alex can transfer his improvements to game time. A nice one-two punch. Perine will make his existence known as well. Our backs could get some major talk this year and we don’t even have Mixon.

  • bjwalker82

    Looks like Wade fell down a bit on the depth chart

    • Jed

      That was a jaw dropper for me. Anyone know whether this is due to outstanding play by Romar and Peterson….or some issue with Wade?

      • bjwalker82

        Aslo QR not even on there, ouch.

        • caustin

          I think he only played in 3 games last season. I was very hopeful that he’d be an impact player once he arrived.

  • caustin

    Not unexpected but, I am a little surprised to see Shannon not in the 2 deep.

    • steveinok

      It’s one thing to let him practice. But to list him on the two-deep while this process is undecided would be a bad two-faced move by the university. If he’s deemed able to play, he will start.

  • Soonerfan24

    So will Hatari Byrd be our nickel or Steven Parker? Or Striker? Or Hayes and then Byrd goes in at SS? We have so many options

  • Cincysooner

    I am totally shocked that Wade is fourth team Nose Guard.

    • Zack

      There’s one guy who will be shocked more than anybody. That extra weight wade put on must not have been good weight.

    • Fear The Magic

      Yeah this is the biggest head scratcher of all.

  • Jordan Esco
  • Soonerfan24

    Ross, Neal and Quick listed as KR. Shepard, Quick, Sanchez listed as PR.

    • Super K

      Given some time Quick seems like he could be really dangerous back there.

  • SoonerfanTU

    Cortez Johnson not one of the top 6 CB’s. Wow. There was talk of him backing up at nickle, any truth to that?

    • Hollerback

      i was surprised too. He and Quncy Russell are headed towards bust status if they can’t get on the field.

  • Jordan Esco
    • soonermusic


    • Stats

      I just worry about OL experience next year, especially early in the season. This year 4 of the 5 Guards in the 3 deep are Seniors along with both starting Tackles. I’m not worried about the talent coming up, just the experience, as I’ve seen good programs have down years when replacing significant parts of the OL. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Shifty

        Shouldn’t be as big of an issue if we become run heavy…throw in a mobile qb and the transition shouldn’t be as bad as having a Landry Jones type back there (pocket passer)

        • Stats

          Great points, Shifty, I hadn’t thought about that. And except for Rip & Bell, the rest of the 2-deep offense should return.

  • D’Brickashaw Ferguson

    Where is Quincy Russell?

    • Super K

      Agree with most. Need 2+ true ILBS. And yes, VERY happy for KJ Young! Love to see kids like him succeed.

    • Thin at LB! Very concerned.

      • Cary Newman

        Interesting that Stoops mentioned Favors as a backup to both spots.

    • Boom

      You’re on the money with your thoughts. #3 & #4 are truly bummers. #3 baffles me more than the rest.

    • Shifty

      Look for TEvans and Bolton to improve throughout the season or at least during december bowl prep…JEvans and Dom will be juniors…Wheeler and mystery man needs to be next…hopefully Malik Jefferson…just don’t see us getting Amonte Caban out of alabama

  • Jordan Esco
    • D’Brickashaw Ferguson

      No Blake Bell?

      • steveinok

        My thoughts as well. Won’t read anything into it, but a little surprising.

    • paganpink

      Oh yeah. The best kicker in College football and the best long snapper as well! Sweeet!

    • Dude You Didn’t

      Blake Bell isn’t a team captain?

      • Jordan Esco

        That surprised me very much.

  • Cory Reedy

    Wow. I look at this roster…and am blown away at people saying we’re un-proven. Let’s play some football!

    • Jed

      I am coming to the conclusion that John Hoover is an idiot.

      • In reading his article, it seemed lazily done and entirely based upon what happened last season. He claims we’re too undersized in the front 7 on our defense based upon last season which isn’t the front 7 this season. This defense is not undersized in the front 7.

        • Jed

          What you say is true, but what I found odd was that there was no real analysis. Guys were ‘too big’ or ‘too small’ or if they had experience, they hadn’t shown anything, if they’d had great freshman campaigns, they were untried and prone to inconsistency.
          It was as though the man had not watched a single game and was just writing some random crap in response to reading a team roster.

  • Hollerback

    Looks like 3-4 is the default defense again. Though i am partial to the 3-3-5. They have pro-set formation on the offense with 12 or 13 starters, that will be unstoppable if they don’t get flagged for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • rphdenton
  • Gary Robbins

    I have a sinking feeling that Frank Shannon news is not good. I’m sure the coaches know something.

    • paganpink

      I would guess that they are just opting to not play him until the final decision is made.

    • EasTex

      I don’t think Coach Stoops wants to show Boren up with the appeal going on.

      • soonerinks

        Agree. I was thinking the same thing.

  • Waldo

    Here’s hoping Caleb Gastelum has a Gayron-Allen-like impact this season. Aaron Franklin has paid his dues as well. I’ll be pulling for those guys.

  • Jared Tyra

    2nd team QBs of teams that we blow out this season will be wondering why our starters are still in when Obo and Bond start blowing them up… And I’m taking that one to the bank haha

  • bjwalker82

    Good to know that Rashod Favors will get reps at ILB

  • Isn’t Caleb Gastelum the kid who recovered the kick to end the Sugar Bowl? I remember when that happened thinking “I don’t know who that kid is but at this moment he just became a legend”

    • CcrBoomer

      Redemption for bedlam maybe!

  • lucretius

    I don’t understand what the surprise is at noseguard. Am I missing something?

    • Eric Hoffpauir

      That Wade isn’t the clear backup.

    • bjwalker82

      Wade’s fall, Romar’s assent.

  • Steven

    Wow, I was really expecting Byrd would be one of our starting safeties this year. I’m excited for Thomas! And to hopefully get to see some depth play against LTU.

  • EasTex

    I like this line up, though I know it will change some once the pads start popping.
    As for Romar, I was duly impressed with his quickness, speed and strength in the spring game. I could see them using him to stunt the gaps rather than control the gaps like Phillips.

    • Gary Robbins

      Romar would be my 3rd pick this year with J. Evans as my 4th. Oh wait it’s not time for that yet.

  • Gary Robbins

    On the depth chart dated 8-25-14 from Sooner Sports they had Striker as 6-2/199. I thought he was more around 6-0/220. Perhaps he has grown 2 inches and dropped 20 pounds.

  • pitbull17

    It’s game week! It’s finally here! that is all.

  • soonerthunder

    The positions I worry about injuries at the most b/c at these positions I see the biggest drop off are: possibly QB (but we just don’t know here as much, IMO–but that is the most important position and is the biggest concern; if we get Mayfield, I will not have this worry), but the positions that concern me with a noticable dropoff other than QB if the starters go down in the order of my “worries”:
    1. ILB (both positions),
    2. OT (both tackles) (I might switch this, or put them both under #1)
    3. and possibly if Shepherd or Neal goes down. I’m not sure we drop off too much, the way you guys talk, if Young goes down. But I’m not sure, it sounds like there could be a marked difference between Shep and Neal and the backups. I’m I wrong? Everywhere else on the team looks to me like there is not that much of a dropoff between the 1st and 2nd string players the way you and the coaches seem to be talking.