Open Post | Monday, Feb. 2nd (UPDATE 5:03 am)

Wide Receiver Coaching Position: Last week we reported that OU had interviewed Washington State wide receivers coach, Dennis Simmons. And now there seems to be some more smoke surrounding things. We’ve spoken to a source connected to the Wazzu program, who confirmed that Simmons is definitely a candidate for the OU job. Our source said that the move looks like it could happen, but it is “not confirmed” as of right now. This person also said the WSU staff has already identified a new wide receivers coach in preparation for the possibility of Simmons leaving.

Dahu Green: In talking to Dahu and folks around him, we continue to get the sense that OU’s chances here are not as good many would have expected. As noted yesterday, OU isn’t necessarily out yet. But we get the sense that Green is interested in going to school out of state.

Josh Wariboko: We continue to be encouraged as to where OU stands with Wariboko. It’s no surprise to our guy Brandon, who has believed for a while that Josh would end up at OU. But, again, it’s a surprise to me (K). It’s kind of amazing how quickly it turned, but there is of course always the chance Josh could still end up at UCLA. But OU fans can at least go into this final day or two prior to NSD feeling like they have a really good shot at landing the OK Preps big man.

Traveling: Just wanted to give y’all a heads up that I (K) will be traveling out of the country on business for the next couple weeks. I’ll be heading over to Europe and then to Asia starting tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I’ll try to continue to check the site but Alex, Brandon & Jordan will be helping with all the recruiting information and, of course, National Signing Day coverage. Needless to say tt should be an interesting next couple of weeks NSD and the OU coaching changes.

– UPDATE (11:52 am): It would appear 2015 LB Arthur McGinnis plans to make his decision tonight, although the tweet clearly doesn’t give a clear indication if he’ll be announcing said decision tonight.

– UPDATE (1:01 pm): 2016 CB Eric Cuffee (Waco, TX) is saying OU has offered.

UPDATE (1:04 pm): Brandon had a chance to speak to wide receiver’s coach, Dennis Simmons from Washington State. Brandon asked Simmons if he expects to be the next wide receivers coach at Oklahoma. Simmons responded by saying, “I have no comment.”

– UPDATE (1:49 pm): Okay, so 2015 DB & UNC commit Prentice McKinney (Dallas, TX) has done an interview with Rivals in which he acknowledges taking a visit to OU. And while most, if not all, of you were already aware of this as it got out over the weekend, now that McKinney has come out with it we simply want to disclose what you probably knew already. McKinney was, in fact, the ‘secret’ visitor we had told you about. Again, we don’t expect this to come as a surprise to anyone at this point. But simply want to clear up whatever remaining question there may have been. Feel free to carry on about your day 🙂

– UPDATE (9:04 pm): Dahu Green has committed to the University of Oklahoma.


– UPDATE (5:03 am): I’m not sure how and/or why this didn’t go up last night, nor do I suspect many of you care given the nature of the news. But I wasn’t going to deprive you of a well deserved double-boom. So here ya go.