Aaron Colvin Suffers A Torn ACL During Senior Bowl Practice

Image via philly.com

I updated the all-star post with this news, but didn’t want to take any chances that it might get missed there.

If by some chance you’ve yet to hear, former Sooners cornerback Aaron Colvin went down midway through Tuesday’s Day Two Senior Bowl practice. It was a non-contact injury that several reported had Colvin grabbing for his knee/lower leg.

And now this potentially gut-punching type news that the initial fear being Colvin may have suffered a torn ACL. Jason Kersey of The Oklahoman also tweeted out that Colvin was getting an MRI, but that a source close to him said that “it’s bad.”

We will continue to update you with anything credible as it becomes available. So often with these type of situations the initial fear, unfortunately, often proves true, but we’re continuing to hold out hope that is not this case here.

(UPDATE 5:01 pm) – Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting confirmation that Colvin did indeed tear his ACL.

(UPDATE 5:12 pm) – Colvin’s agent, Ken Sarnoff, provides further confirmation of the ACL tear.

(UPDATE 7:32 am, Wed.) – Tuesday evening Colvin put out a statement from his Twitter account:



  • Jordan Esco

    So freaking unfair. DAMN IT!!!!!!

    • leatherneck1061

      Exactly. Makes me sick.

    • SoonerGoneEast

      Of all the people this could have happened to, it had to be him. Unfair indeed.

  • I like Boomer Sooner

    Gut wrenchingly sad.

    Seriously, I want to try to say something optimistic but I can’t even bring myself to it.

    • Cary Newman

      Ditto. My prayers go out to Aaron for a speedy recovery.

  • connie usa

    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.
    He will recover, and be a force. Just delayed by a year.

    • Sooner Ray

      He has fought through pain all year, he will recover and be stronger!

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    smh, sigh…

  • Jared Tyra


  • Adrian

    Whether he is drafted or signed he will get on a team and be great. Minor setback for a major comeback!

  • Jeff Poole

    Another snake-bit sooner… injuries seem to absolutely haunt our nfl talent.

  • Martin

    I hope he will end up in New England/Denver/Seattle and have a long NFL career. He is too good not to make it.

  • pitbull17

    This is awful, I know the kid will catch on somewhere, too talented not to, but this will most likely cost him big $$ upfront. Hopefully he can stay healthy and make it up on his second nfl contract.

    • SoonerGoneEast

      I’m sure he will get picked up by someone, but it will be under entirely different circumstances, and that does matter. Hopefully he still gets the opportunity and regains the ability (neither of which are forgone conclusions), to show the world what makes him so special.

      I feel so bad for him. This is just terrible, terrible, terrible.

      • pitbull17

        Yeah, He’ll have a much better chance than a marginal player in the draft, but he’s still going to have to work his way back in.

  • Sonny Schovanec

    Smh. One of my Fav Sooners. What a warrior. Hopefully he had an insurance policy. AC is the type of kid that will overcome this road block. Hopefully id didn’t get too much Meniscus when he did it.

  • leatherneck1061

    Words simply cannot express how bad this sucks. Simply unbelievable.

  • Rees Bear

    Turf? grass?

  • Sooner Ray

    This really sucks. Kid grew up playing down the road and I loved watching him. The good news is he has established a reputation and many have overcome this injury in the past. Someone will have him on their must have list and give him a chance. God bless his recovery and his future!

  • ToatsMcGoats

    Tyler Evans, The Ryan Broyles, Trey Millard, now Colvin…IS there a problem w/our strength and conditioning? Is this problem as prevalent with other programs, or is our program just more prone to this type of injury?

    • Sooner Ray

      There were many before the one’s you’ve mentioned and I’ve wondered for years what was going on. My theory has been that we were building bulk and strength faster than the supporting structures could grow but Bob himself has said these things happen in every program. Maybe we only here about our guys?

      • ToatsMcGoats

        Yeah, that’s very likely. I don’t follow any other program nearly as close, but it just seems like our big name guys have been getting their share.

        • Sooner Ray

          Did you see that Thompson is leaving as soon as he graduates?

          • ToatsMcGoats

            Yeah…that’s too bad, but that kid has a lot of talent. He would be in good shape anywhere but OU. I’m pulling for him!

  • ohiosoonerdevildog

    Wish him the best. Guy played his heart out this year, and through a ton of pain. Hopefully this is only a mino setback in what becomes a long nfl career.

    • red clay

      ditto that . . . here’s to 100% recovery

  • akbuc

    Amazing that he went through his entire OU career without this happening, but then gets a terrible injury on a non-contact play in a practice for an exhibition game. Crazy. It explains why so many kids don’t go to the senior bowl if they don’t have to though. It’s probably cost him a lot of money. He’ll still be picked up as an UFA, and put on a practice squad somewhere. Hopefully two years from now we see him suit up for some team. Just horrible timing though.