Aaron Colvin Suffers A Torn ACL During Senior Bowl Practice

Image via philly.com

I updated the all-star post with this news, but didn’t want to take any chances that it might get missed there.

If by some chance you’ve yet to hear, former Sooners cornerback Aaron Colvin went down midway through Tuesday’s Day Two Senior Bowl practice. It was a non-contact injury that several reported had Colvin grabbing for his knee/lower leg.

And now this potentially gut-punching type news that the initial fear being Colvin may have suffered a torn ACL. Jason Kersey of The Oklahoman also tweeted out that Colvin was getting an MRI, but that a source close to him said that “it’s bad.”

We will continue to update you with anything credible as it becomes available. So often with these type of situations the initial fear, unfortunately, often proves true, but we’re continuing to hold out hope that is not this case here.

(UPDATE 5:01 pm) – Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting confirmation that Colvin did indeed tear his ACL.

(UPDATE 5:12 pm) – Colvin’s agent, Ken Sarnoff, provides further confirmation of the ACL tear.

(UPDATE 7:32 am, Wed.) – Tuesday evening Colvin put out a statement from his Twitter account: