Open Post | Monday, June 12

Image of Tommy Bush via 247

– Dillon Faamatau: First things first this morning – the visit of 2017 DL commit (yes he is in the 2017 class) Dillon Faamatau to Louisville this past weekend. The biggest thing about it is that it caught everyone off guard, including the Sooner staff. Faamatau tweeted a now deleted picture of him in a Cardinals jersey on his visit; when I spoke to a source on the OU side of things, I was told they were not informed of the visit. The thing is, it was down to OU and Louisville leading up to the Faamatau visit to Norman a couple of weeks ago and, when he committed to the Sooners, the thought was that his visits were all but over (TFB Commitment: Dillon Faamatau).

Very late last night, I was able to speak with the star JUCO DL and Faamatau informed me that he spoke with both Lincoln Riley and defensive line coach Calvin Thibodeaux after the tweet was posted. Faamatau said, “That conversation made me feel so much more comfortable about things with Oklahoma.” To me, that says a lot; he committed just days before Bob Stoops announced his retirement and Louisville, obviously, played that to their advantage to get Faamatau on campus.

Lastly, the best news for Sooners fans is that, when I asked Faamatau if he was solid to Oklahoma, Faamatau told me, “Yes sir.” He went on to speak very highly of Riley saying, “I really like Coach Riley. He’s a true offensive guru. Will make my job at DT much more comfortable and easier knowing he’ll have the offense scoring touchdowns.”

This came as a surprise for everyone, including the staff. You could definitely tell though, when talking to Faamatau, that he just wanted to make sure he was set on OU. Riley and Thibodeaux did a great job stemming the tide here. After Faamatau finishes up two classes, he will be in Norman ready to compete for playing time. And that is something Sooners fans, rightly so, are excited about. – (Brandon)

– Boom coming: So, this week should be a good one for Oklahoma, as we alluded to a bit last week (TFB Open Post – Thursday (June 8)). I can’t say much more other than I expect the Boom to be happening fairly soon. That said, you all need to understand that this is a delicate situation and things in recruiting change very quickly. All I can go off of is the numerous sources confirming that a commit should happen soon. When it does, you will all be very, very excited. – (Brandon)

– Tommy Bush: In case you missed it, Oklahoma will host 2018 elite wide receiver, Tommy Bush, today. TFB mentioned this visit would happen this past weekend (TFB Open Post – Weekend (June 9-11)). Bush confirmed with TFB that he indeed will spend the day in Norman. Bush has been very high on Oklahoma for some time, so we will be watching to see what happens here, or shortly after the visit. – (Brandon)

Ronnie Perkins and Trevor Trout: You Sooners fans love some good defensive line news, and TFB was told by both Perkins and Trout that they will be traveling down to Norman and visiting from June 16 -18 this coming weekend. This a big deal for OU and Sooners defensive line coach Calvin Thibodeaux. Perkins has been very high on Oklahoma for some time and has not ruled out pulling the trigger this summer. He will definitely be one to watch after his visit to Norman. – (Brandon)

– TJ Pledger: Many people have been worried what effect the coaching change would have on recruits, and it is certainly something worth thinking about. With 2018 RB TJ Pledger, however, those concerns appear to be unwarranted. I spoke with Pledger recently. He told me, “I am 100% solid to OU.” Additionally, he told a fellow commit, “As long as Riley is there, I’m there.”

We have also heard news that Nebraska is pushing Pledger, but he has not indicated anything that to make us believe that he is looking around. OU appears to have Pledger focused on being a Sooner. – (Brandon)