The Football Brainiacs: All-Stoops Team Results

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Earlier this week, we set up a voting post to find out who fans think are the best players of the Bob Stoops era, found here: TFB: All-Stoops Team VotingThe Stoops era at OU spanned almost decades and had some superstars, so there were plenty of options to choose from.

We have compiled the results and created two depth charts. Those with the most votes will be on the first team, with those behind them making up a second squad.

Note: I realize the offense isn’t an 11 man team, but I wanted to create more opportunities to see each position.

Note: No current players were included in this voting. If we were to vote in a couple years after they graduate, they would be included. However, it seems unjust to vote in a player before their career is over, as our perception of them may rise or fall. 

All-Stoops Team: First Team



Quarterback: Sam Bradford

Running Back: Adrian Peterson

Running Back: Demarco Murray

Full Back: Trey Millard

Receiver: Sterling Shepard

Receiver: Mark Clayton

Tight End: Jermaine Gresham

Offensive Tackle: Trent Williams

Offensive Guard: Davin Joseph

Center: Vince Carter

Offensive Guard: Duke Robinson

Offensive Tackle: Jammal Brown


Defensive End: Dan Cody

Defensive Tackle: Tommie Harris

Defensive Tackle: Gerald McCoy

Defensive End: Jeremy Beal

Outside Linebacker: Rocky Calmus

Inside Linebacker: Curtis Lofton

Outside Linebacker: Teddy Lehman

Cornerback: Aaron Colvin

Free Safety: Tony Jefferson

Strong Safety: Roy Williams

Cornerback: Derrick Strait

Special Teams

Kicker: Garrett Hartley

Punter: Tress Way

Returner: Antonio Perkins


All-Stoops Team: Second Team



Quarterback: Jason White

Running Back: Samaje Perine

Running Back: Joe Mixon

Full Back: J.D. Runnels

Receiver: Ryan Broyles

Receiver: Dede Westbrook

Tight End: Trent Smith

Offensive Tackle: Phil Loadholt

Offensive Guard: Chris Chester

Center: Gabe Ikard

Offensive Guard: Wes Sims

Offensive Tackle: Lane Johnson


Defensive End: Jimmy Wilkerson

Defensive Tackle: Dusty Dvoracek

Defensive Tackle: Stacy McGee

Defensive End: Charles Tapper

Outside Linebacker: Rufus Alexander

Inside Linebacker: Torrance Marshall

Outside Linebacker: Eric Striker

Cornerback: Andre Woolfolk

Free Safety: Brandon Everage

Strong Safety: Donte Nicholson

Cornerback: Antonio Perkins

Special Teams

Kicker: Tim Duncan

Punter: Jeff Fergurson 

Returner: JT Thatcher



These are obviously some incredibly talented teams. It’s amazing to look back at the stars that Stoops fielded. Below are a few final thoughts.

Most talented position: They’re all amazing positions, so this is really a matter of opinion. If I have to choose, I’ll go with the first team defensive line. That front is just spectacular.

Biggest surprise inclusion: I don’t know if this counts as a “surprise,” but I didn’t expect to see Jason White get the nod over Josh Heupel. White was obviously a phenomenal quarterback, but Josh gets a lot of love for the national championship win (and deservedly so).

Biggest snub: Quentin Griffin. My heart hurts to not see him on this list. To me, he is one of the players to define the early career of Bob Stoops.

Funniest responses: As there was an option to input your own answer, I expected to see a few… interesting answers, and there were certainly a few.

– For running back, Baker Mayfield got a vote. This breaks the “no current player” stipulation and… well… he’s not a running back.

– Also for running back, Billy Vessels got a vote. Whoever did this, please go see your doctor and have him or her tell you what year it is.

– Under punter, someone input the answer “honestly can’t name a punter.” I guess honesty was the policy there.

– For returner, there was one vote for “nobody.” If this is a reference to the often seen “nobody return it, just sit back and fair catch it” policy we’ve seen over the past few years, then this is quite funny.


That’s it! Thanks to all who voted. What stuck out to you?