Daylon Mack Weighs in on TAMU’s Recruiting Momentum

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Last week, many OU fans were somewhat surprised when 2016 OT Greg Little decided to pull the trigger early and commit to TAMU. The decision wasn’t a huge surprise. Most folks figured it would come down to TAMU or OU. I think for many it was the fact he committed so early. Lately, it seems every time TAMU gets a new commit (which has been happening a lot lately) fans ask what is causing this surge of momentum. SEC? Johnny Manziel? Kevin Sumlin? Everyone has a theory.

For the longest time OU fans were used to losing some Texas recruits to UT…which really wasn’t a huge deal because, how many kids could one school take? But what OU fans weren’t used to was losing many recruits to TAMU. In fact Texas has had to accept the idea that at least for the moment they don’t necessarily get first dibs.

I’ll be perfectly clear, I don’t believe that TAMU getting any of the recruits they are getting is going to lead them to a better on-the-field product than OU; at least based on OU’s current trajectory and development, which in my opinion is on the way up…way way up. I also don’t really care if we get the first, second or third player we go after. In the end recruiting serves winning and the process by which that happens is so much bigger and broader than getting the first player you offer.

If I were buying stock in a team right now, OU would be at the top of “buy, buy, buy” list (no NSYNC pun/reference intended). I don’t say that as a fan. I say that because I believe OU is on the brink of a major resurgence and I made that case even after the loss to Baylor. But this is just a fun post to talk about what’s really at the heart of TAMU’s recruiting momentum and whether it will last and less about where I personally see both programs.

Since it does seem that every time TAMU picks up a new recruit people from fan bases across the Big 12 ask why. So I thought, why not ask someone who might have some unique insight into TAMU’s current recruiting momentum. The other night I spent some time talking to TAMU commit, Daylon Mack. For those of you not familiar with Daylon Mack, he’s a very talented defensive lineman out of Gladewater, TX. While I’m sure other people will have different opinions, I thought Daylon’s take on what has played in TAMU’s current momentum was concise and insightful.

I’ve talked on an off to Daylon for a while and anyone who has spoken to him will tell you that the dude is a leader. He was an early commit for TAMU and one of the people pushing for the commitment of the Texas “fab 5”, a group of standout players in TX that talked about playing together. At this point I believe 3 of the 5 are committed to TAMU with Malik Jefferson being the lone uncommitted player and JaMycal Hasty being the other who is currently committed to Baylor. Right from the beginning Daylon Mack set out to win over commits for TAMU. A few quick observations to note about Daylon:

– He’s incredibly mature. When you talk to him you get the sense that you’re talking to an insightful and intelligent dude. Those are two qualities of a leader.

– He has taken true ownership of TAMU’s class. In fact when he talks about TAMU’s recruiting, he says things like “well, we’re after (so and so) and if we’ve got room we’ll probably consider taking (so and so)”. Or he’ll say, “well there’s a few guys that were gonna hold a spot for”. He talks about TAMU as if he is a coach or a recruiter. It’s pretty interesting actually listening to him. Like I said, you get this real sense that he’s taken ownership of this class and decided to lead.

– I actually asked him about his leadership qualities and he said, “growing up my parents impressed that (leadership) on me and from experience I found that when I stepped up and took a leadership role, our team was successful and when I didn’t, we weren’t as successful”

– Daylon was so invested in TAMU’s success that when I asked him if he was concerned about the defense he responded in a very open and honest way. He didn’t try to mask the defensive issues TAMU has. In fact he addressed them head on. But then he talked about some of the reasons he believes they existed and talked about how “we are addressing all the issues.” Again, he takes ownership of the team’s failures and the team’s prospects for success as if it was his own team.

– Simply put, TAMU probably couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador and they brought him into the fold early and he’s been on the recruiting trail for them ever since.

So while Daylon didn’t say it, I’m saying it – I think some of TAMU’s current recruiting success has a lot to do with current class leadership. Daylon is recruiting guys like Kendall Sheffield and Malik Jefferson and he made it clear that Kyler Murrary played a key role in bringing DaMarkus Lodge into the fold.

So I’ll stop here for a moment and say that while Mack and Murray have done a tremendous job for TAMU, I wouldn’t think TAMU is going to get a Daylon Mack type leader every year. So at least in terms of this element that is contributing to their recruiting success, it seems as though it’s probably more isolated. Unless of course, the TAMU coaches are making it a point to find early leaders for their class, in which case perhaps it can carry on for them in the future.

Which brings me to Daylon Mack’s thoughts on what’s driving TAMU’s success despite the fact that there have been a lot of on-the-field struggles that he himself admitted to.

If you thought his answer would be Kevin Sumlin, you’re partly right I suppose. Daylon had an interesting way of describing Sumlin. He said that “everyone wants a players coach…someone who can be laid back…but at the same time understands that he has to have a seriousness about him to make sure the team is ready.” Daylon feels that’s what Kevin Sumlin is and does. He said “Coach Sumlin is like coach Kingsbury (in that he’s cool/smooth) mixed with coach Saban (in that he’s serious about success).”

As a side note, I’m offering Daylon’s points up to y’all without my own thoughts on Sumlin, Saban, Kingsbury, TAMU or much of anything else. What I think doesn’t matter as much as what one of their leading recruits thinks when it comes to their recruiting.

But the primary reason for TAMU’s recruiting success that Daylon cited wasn’t really about coach Sumlin. If you thought the reason, was the move to the SEC then you’re getting warmer.

Daylon told me that he emphasizes to other recruits that, “sure we can have a relationship and go off and find the best opportunity for each of us individually…but why not do it together?”

But, what is “it”?

“It”, in Daylon’s mind, is representing the state of Texas and Texas football to the rest of the country. It’s about pride. So where does the SEC come into all this? I mean, if it’s simply about state pride, why not represent at UT or Texas Tech or TCU? Daylon said that, outside a certain few regions, the best football is played in states like Alabama, Georgia, and other “SEC” states. So to show the country that Texas football is the best football, they have to play the best and in his mind and perhaps the minds of most, the best football is played in the SEC. As such for him and the players around him, they feel their best opportunity to represent the state of Texas on the biggest stage is at TAMU.

What Daylon says makes perfect sense to me and if TAMU goes on to have great success in the SEC this year then perhaps that momentum will continue. But what if it doesn’t? At the end of the day, if TAMU can’t take that next step then the sales pitch gets that much harder. Especially when you have regional teams like Oklahoma playing the best (Alabama) and beating the best. At a certain point the young people recognize that they aren’t in a position to control the outcome of things so the vision they may have is limited by the implementation of people who might not be able to realize that vision. And that’s when substance matters. That’s when winning and success matter. Most young people recognize that the best thing they can do is put themselves in a position to be successful and most of the time that means connecting themselves with proven winners.

Right now, TAMU still has hope to sell. But in my estimation, the clock is ticking and people will come so long as they believe there is something to believe in…some grand achievement to be had. But I suspect that if Oklahoma is in playoffs next year and TAMU is playing in one of the same type bowl games they played in while they were in the Big 12, the optimism within the optimistic Dallas youth, for example, starts to wane and the thought process starts to shift to “I can go 2.5 hours south and play for a team that might do it or I can go 2.5 hours north and play for a teams that’s done it and is doing it”.

Is it football season yet?

  • Super K

    Yikes, sorry this was so long y’all.

    • Boom

      Pride is a big thing and very important to a person/state/whatever. However, to much pride is normally the downfall of a person too. Man’s got to know his limitations.

    • Kody K.

      Thanks for putting in the heavy work, Mr. Super K.

    • EasTex

      It doesn’t seem to be that long.
      An interesting take on the young man’s view.
      His perception could be picked apart, but it wouldn’t matter, often perception is reality.
      For instance, I’m a proud Texan, I love my state, but that has nothing to do with the love I have for OU football and its tradition of excellence. That love for OU football was formed when I was five years old and has been reinforced over time.
      TAMU and some other Texas schools are pushing the idea of staying in state and Strong early on said he wanted to seal the Texas borders for recruiting. I get it that it is a sales tactic and it will work on a percentage of recruits.
      What a young person connects with will vary. In the case of TAMU, they have to sell what they have because they can’t sell a tradition of winning championships. If they could they wouldn’t need to make a splash about their new shoes designed and donated by an ex-con.

      • hOUligan

        Agree. There is a lot of info there but it is one person’s perspective, albeit an insightful one. The whole sec thing and the best of tejas beating ‘the best’. But they have to get it done or the logic falls apart. Also, we’ve seen how well recruits can recruit with the Cali Trio and now Mixon. Would love for the Oklahoma kids to commit early and recruit each other and create that bond.
        Love your ‘shoes’ reference. Better aTm than OU. Wouldn’t care if his kid is the top prospect in the country, would NOT want that on the OU sideline now and forever.

        • EasTex

          Nossir, don’t want the shoes or the baggage associated with that one.

      • Davey

        Most of these kids don’t know crap about college football tradition. If it has not happened in the past 4 years, it is before their time. Keep that in mind when trying to “figure it all out”. We should not find it shocking that kids want to play in the SEC. They have been winning titles. When that changes, they will too. Can we get back to OU football now? I want to know what is going on in OUr program. There is no mystery to solve here folks. Kid is from Texas, JF won a Heisman and ATM plays in the SEC. Mystery solved

    • SamSooner

      Super K, I thought the length of the post was fine. It was informative, not repetitive at all. Sometimes great things have length to tell the whole story properly. Sometimes you get “War and Peace,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” and even “Harry Potter”.

    • Boom

      Did Mack say anything positive about OU?

    • Dustin Parish

      Long posts are a positive.

    • paganpink

      No, it was a five minute read that gave us some more insight. It’s important to note some of the things that weren’t important to him- like the facilities or their traditions- and it seems to me that when you boil it all down to its essence it’s always the same thing, They want to go to a school that is a winner! And that will then give them the best opportunity to become a professional. Everything else is window dressing. Manziel is gone now, along with his rare genius to almost single handedly win games at the college level. They won’t be the same after him, and new high level talent will simply slow down their inevitable return to mediocrity. In short, they aren’t OU, and they won’t BE OU!

      • Huh?

        Sounds logical and not motivated at all by what you _want_ to happen….

    • Nothing wrong with a long post unless it has bad content. No issues with this one.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Are you kidding? It’s friggin June and you’re serving up 5 min. reads. What other site is doing this? Let alone for free?!? This is why we come here!

  • thegoodmagneto(CJ)

    Sooo what you are saying here is…..That he is not coming to OU 🙂

  • Don Mitchell

    Nicely done sir, let me add that Champions are acustomed to adversity…such is the case with OU. The landscape has changed as you know, kids say Boomer to me wheter I’m in central park or in an elevator in Atlantic City. People know who Oklahoma is, they dont know much about A$M you can tell by the conversations you have with people. People here call A$M “flash in the pan” I guess that means one night wonders.
    When teams get this unexpected attention like A$M and last years Baylor, the wheels eventualy fall off, why they dont have the champion mentality…. Your talking about a conference that has LSU, Auburn, Bama, SC, Tenn good grief that is one heck of a guantlet.

    • J.K. Abbott

      Yikes that schedule is a pi$$ cutter. Good luck with that w/o Johnny Football.

      • EasTex

        Personally, I think Kenny Hill is their QB of the future and having watched him at Southlake Carroll the kid is not only talented, but a gritty, tough competitor that wins.

        • Boom

          Maybe, but the Murray kid is special and will do well in their offense.

          • EasTex

            Yessir, but not for at least one year, maybe two.

          • Boom

            I’m with you.

  • Jason Vos

    I’d rather not have to read threads like this on an OU site. Don’t care why Texas A & M is having more success, all I care about is who OU is recruiting and what prospects are we in on.
    All this does is promote Texas A & M football on an Oklahoma news site. I would really hope you would avoid posts like this in the future. Makes my skin crawl having to read about Texas A & M in the morning. Not like they don’t already have enough exposure
    You guys are doing a fine job though, and look forward to more threads in the future

    • Boom

      Is that your picture on your post?

      • The D

        Looks like a pic of sumlin to me…

        • Jason Vos

          Yeah a sarcastic pic of A&M and summlin but I’ll change it if it makes y’all feel better

          • Boom

            Your the one who doesn’t want to hear anything about the other school. Interesting to see your comment but have his picture.

          • Travis Coyle


    • Chase Korenek

      Are you really that obtuse??

    • Chase Korenek

      I’m an OU fan, can’t stand the aggies. But this is something that is happening right now and delves into the whys and hows, nothing more nothing less.

      • Super K

        Chase, I hope you dont mind, I went ahead and moderated your other comment…just want to make sure we stay respectful of everyone’s differences. I personally agree with your comment above however.

        • Chase Korenek

          I completely understand bud, after I wrote it I wondered if was a little much. I just think people need to keep comments like that to themselves, especially when there is no place for it. I really enjoyed this write up because this is exactly what every UT and OU fan is wondering about; “what is the deal with TAMU right now”. Anyway thanks again for the info and all you guys do. I don’t see how yall find time for all this, but know my life would be less without TFB (:

    • Super K

      Appreciate the honesty Jason. It was something I was interested in exploring so I thought some folks my be interested as well.

      • SamSooner

        Super K, dude, you are too cool. I always appreciate your perspective. Allowing others to share their points of view is, in itself, great leadership.

        Jason Vos, while understand your view, I do not agree with you. Any successful person or business, for that matter, must understand know and manage to possible risks. It’s called “risk management.” In other words: what can hurt my business.Then say: let me minimize that risk. I tell my team don’t hide the ugly. Let’s talk about it and fix it.

        That said, Super K, great post. Keep them coming.

        • EasTex

          MBO(managing by objective) advises to “constantly scan the environment for opportunities and threats.”
          The idea came from the WWI flying aces who had to wear a silk scarf so their necks wouldn’t get rubbed raw from their collars.

      • Jason Vos

        plz dont think im coming after you in any way because i’m not. Like I said you guys do a fine job, and im very appreciative. I’m just not a big fan of reading about Texas A & M’s recruiting success when I wake up in the morning. I understand they are doing great in recruiting and we all know that.
        It just gets a little annoying reading with the whole Texas A&M/SEC propaganda. I just want to wake up in the morning and read about Oklahoma football.

        • JY

          Don’t worry, we’ll have stuff for your fix as well. Remember we’re OU junkies too 😉

          • J.K. Abbott

            Keep talking football wether it’s OU or not and I’ll keep reading it.

        • ToatsMcGoats

          I get what you’re saying. I’ve never hated aTm more than I do right now, but I have had the same questions that K had, only he actually has the resources to answer them. I’m glad he gave us the insight, even if it means having to read about how excited kids are about fake “swag”. GAWD, even typing that made me sick! I’m gonna go wash my hands.

        • J.K. Abbott

          I suggest you don’t read it then. This site is more then just OU football but a lot of football in general. I value TBF information on HS kids from OK and other states that are not only non OU offers but not even a blip on OU’s radar. Super K and TBF another job well done. Please continue not only to write about OU and or OU offers and continue doing as you see fit. Who am I to criticize a group of guys who spend their own time and provide it to us football junkies for free.

      • SoonerGray

        Man, I totally disagree. TAMU recruiting is super annoying and I have asked my friends/colleagues several tims, “Why?”. The aggies haven’t finished better than 4th in their league and never played in the championship game, yet they’re cleaning up in Februarly. I just don’t get ‘it’?! So, it’s really cool to see how an impressionable 18 year old thinks and how decisions are being influenced by studs like Mack.

        Keep it up TFB! Best site on the intrawebs!

        • Huh?

          Maybe because recruits see top 5 and top 20 in the nation finishes and don’t hide behind the SEC skirts in some irrational attempt to diminish what A&M has done?

    • SoonerfanTU

      Disagree. While I don’t want to see threads like this all the time, just b/c it isn’t directly about OU, doesn’t mean it’s not about OU. aTm is landing recruits that OU used to land. I’d like to know why. I like hearing why a stud Texas kid wants to go play there, and not in the Big 12. Interesting topic.

  • Sooner Ray

    Some other schools are hot right now, we just need to hope they have a sub par year and this recruiting trend will swing our way.

    • EasTex

      At some point these young recruits need to understand Sumlin is an offense guy and has always been good at it. Defense just isn’t his area of expertise or focus and I think that is reflected in the performance of his UH and TAMU defenses.

      • Huh?

        Yeah, because Head coaches only ever worry about one side of the ball…

        • EasTex

          Worrying is one thing, doing something about it is another,

  • BigJoeBrown

    Great Post. You guys continue to amaze me. It shows how you have built up relationship’s throughout the country and don’t ignore anyone.

    Pretty much confirms a lot of what those who follow OU recruit think, I imagine. It may not be a good analogy but in business, if you have clients going elsewhere, you have to ask why and then adapt. If you ignore concerns, then odds are you’ll never make in the long run.

  • JY

    Kind of like talking to the hot chick in the room. You can’t be afraid of her. You just walk up to her and start talkin. She may send you on your way, but she might not either. One thing is guaranteed, if you don’t talk to her then you wont have success. So a lot of the things we do on the site and plan to do in the future have to do with us asking ourselves the question why not us?

    • EasTex

      Getting your face slapped is its own reward.

      • JY

        You see it time and time and time again, a complete smokeshow is with a guy who completely outkicked his coverage. When you ask the lady why she’s with him, you’d be shocked at how many reply that no one would talk to them, and they thought something was wrong with them.
        So when you take the approach that I might as well give it a shot, you end up coming out on the better end of most things if you get past the fear of rejection and just let it all hang out.

        • EasTex

          I take it I’m not the only who got his face slapped.
          Can’t score without the ball.

          • JY

            No sir. All about the delivery. Up an in isn’t always the best pitch. You hit em with an off speed once in a while, and you’ll stop em dead in their tracks 😉

          • EasTex

            If you know they are looking for a curve, a heater over the heart of the plate will make their knees wobble.

          • JY

            Just like ND said. Keep em guessin.

          • ND52

            Keep em confused/keep em guessing @JYBrainiac:disqus

          • You’re not alone. I’m surprised I still have a face.

          • Gary Robbins

            Oh yeah, ask and you shall receive.

        • ND52

          FWIW, I find it much easier to socialize with girls in the 8 and above range than girls in the 4-7 spectrum. “Fives who think they’re tens” are becoming more and more prevalent.

          • Travis Coyle

            Your not kidding about the 5’s thinking they are 10’s. Lol

          • JY


  • Really appreciate the insight from a recruit’s perspective; not something most fans have access to. Also, I think it’s very pertinent information since they are right now (IMO) our biggest competitor in recruiting.

  • CS

    I would guess beating the S E C in playoffs will be a better proposition but for TAMU getting to the playoffs will be a stretch so I understand that their only hope lies in facing the S E C in the regular season, that too the MSST, Vanderbilts of the SEC!

  • Sooner 4Ever

    Mack is the opposite end of the spectrum from my frustration with several big time state of Oklahoma recruits in the last two cycles.

    By all accounts, Steven Parker a very personable, leader-type player. He was a high 4 star recruit being courted by the best teams in the country. He considered A&M and Bama, among other, but was thought to be a strong lean to eventually sign with OU… which he eventually did. But, he drug the process out until near the very end of the recruiting cycle and was not a factor in recruiting to OU at all.

    This year, Jalin Barnett is the number one ranked player at his position, is a strong 5 star prospect and ranked in the top15-20 recruits in the entire country. He is thought to be a strong Sooner lean. But, we are now into the summer of his senior year and despite the fact that several recruiting gurus have been saying since February that he could, is likely to, probably will commit to OU any day now… he is still playing the recruiting game.

    Now, I get that making your college choice is a big decision. But, if you are pretty certain where you’re going to want to end up eventually, it just makes sense to me to do like Mack… make your decision, commit… and then go to work on helping build the strongest incoming class you can.

    It seems to me to be very short-sighted of players like Parker and Barnett (if he really is a Sooner fan and strong Sooner lean that eventually signs here) to play the recruiting game. I would look at it like this if I were in that situation – why spend an extra 6-7 months soaking up the adulation of coaches trying to woo you and recruiting sites trying to learn where you’re leaning… when you can spend that 6-7 months trying to network with other top recruits so that you can better your chances of being able to soak up the adulation of being a part of teams ranked in the top 10 the next 4 -5 YEARS.

    I know that there is only so much impact a recruit can have, but a highly rated 4/5 star player, that is going to be in one of the all-star games CAN have some impact on the quality of the class he comes in with… just like Mack is trying to do at A&M. Like Brennan Clay did with the Cali trio. And in this day and age of early “committing” that leads to later decommitting… maybe having a guy that steps up pulls the class together and starts instilling the notion of “we’re coming together, we’re staying together, and when we get on campus, we’re winning together” can help avoid some of the later defections.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me that a kid from Oklahoma (or even the surrounding states like TX, Ark, Kan) that is long time Sooner fan and who knows that he’s 85-90% likely to end up at OU in the end, plays the recruiting game when he would be much better served playing the “class builder” recruiting game.

    • Doobie74OU

      Agree makes you wonder if Barnett was in the fold with Evans and they were talking to recruits about bringing in the best OLine class in history maybe kids Like Weathersby, Lanfear and Sutherland, and Wariboko would be committed already especially since Wariboko and Weathersby were considered big OU leans for a while!

    • OUZach

      I am never going to question a kid who wants to enjoy the recruiting process. If he wants to take his visits to see places he is never going to see then good for him. If he were to commit early to OU, take visits then most fans would be mad at him saying he shouldn’t commit unless he is 100% done with the process.

      With that said, I would love for kids to commit early and help recruit others in their class.

    • Travis Coyle

      I agree with your point of view. It definitely fits with this topic. Good stuff.

  • Zack

    Great write up not too long. I will say I didn’t click on the post as soon as I saw the title this was one I had a debate in my head whether I would read. I think the info was right on and we can go back to blaming texas for tamu success in recruiting and the sec continuing to take over espn. I will say that if tamu does not win the sec soon then the shine will wear off. I hope we get some more sound bites from bob this year about the sec being weak and maybe he can take a jab at tamu and bring up the 77 points we put on them.

    • Doobie74OU

      Bob probably doesn’t want to talk to much about TAM since the last time we met the outcome was pretty terrible! He will probably stick to the Alabama and what should be a big win against Tennesse this year! Comments like the last two times we played the SEC we showed that all the best teams are not in the SEC!

      • Zack

        Good point I removed that loss from my memory it was a bad one.

        • Doobie74OU


  • soonerinks

    I loved the article. I am interested in all things Oklahoma and A&M’s recruiting success affects OU. A&M had a lot of things that lined up correctly (Coach Sumlin, Johnny Football, Sec, beating Alabama, handing it to OU in the bowl, etc). Will they be able to maintain the momentum? I doubt it, I do not see them consistently beating Alabama, LSU, Auburn, etc and they will gravitate to the middle of the pack in the SEC. When that happens, some of the luster will fall off. I am truly excited about the direction of OUr football team. I can feel a difference in this team, they seem to be very hungry again. As I said yesterday, we are witnessing a resurgence in the OU football program and it is fun to watch. I really believe that Mike’s return has reinvigorated Bob and we saw that with the release of the 3 assistants and the hiring of Montgomery and Bedebaugh. These guys are tireless recruiters and they can dang sure coach’em up. Something special is happening at OU right now and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

    • Huh?

      Can A&M consistently beat teams who have won National Championships in the last 10 years? Maybe, maybe not…

      Can OU beat Baylor…?

  • Roger Nixon

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu
    I really enjoyed this post. We don’t often get a fair perspective of our rivals. Just as UT is our main rival on the field, aTm is currently one of our main recruiting rivals. This article gives good insight as to why and why the trend may not continue.

    Daylon Mack is an impressive young man.

    • JY

      Sun Tzu is that you? Haha. Great perspective sir!

  • Doobie74OU

    I love this article and others like it!!! I can see why some don’t think is a article about OU recruiting but I respectfully DISAGREE! This article is all about OU recruiting. We are talking about a intelegent 5* recruit that chose TAM over OU. It is invaluble to examine the reasons why that happened. The problem with OU recruiting that we have expressed over the last few years is we keep losing top recruits to programs that don’t have the OU Legacy! Whether in business, dating, everyday life, or ESPECIALLY COLLEGE RECRUITING if you don’t figure out why your compitition is having sucess and you are not your business will be bankrupt, your life will be unsatisfying, you will continue to loose recruits to inferier programs, and as JY so eliquantly puts it below YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THE PARTY WITH THE HOTEST GIRL THERE! BOOMER SOONER! Keep it up Super K!

    • Gary Robbins

      Good article just wish OU had a ambassador or recruiter Like D. Mack. Barnett and Sunderland would not be slow playing us. Where is OU’s Mixon for 2015? I know February is a long way off but has OU changed their thinking. They have 32 offers out for 2016 and 5 for 2017. Is this an early bird gets the worm type of deal?

      • Zack

        I agree pj mbanasor is working recruits I think. If we see a few kids commit over the next month then I think we will see a group of ambassadors. It is too bad wariboko is currently weighing his options and so are the other in state kids like Barnett and Sunderland. There’s some big recruits out there on twitter but a lot of the conversations with working the recruits is still via text and now skype. But this is a year we need to be oklahoma strong and keep all our top talent in state including dahu and whitfield.

  • Dana Rogers

    Dang Super K – what a great read! You thoughts concerning “on-the-field product” really nailed it. Put another way; I’m just not that concerned about a player rating of 89.732 vs 89.214 or a #2 vs #4 in the state. With the proper coaching and conditioning, we’ve all seen to many “under the radar” players excel to quibble over a couple of decimal points or position rankings. Thanks again to you and the fellas.

  • Jim

    Super K, did you happen to ask him about his feelings if A&M is again only marginally successful following the previous 2 years of highly-rated recruiting classes that included some highly-rated defenders??
    I totally understand and respect his motivation for wanting to go to A&M, but what if “the state’s best program for representing college football –> b/c it plays the ‘best’ competition in the SEC” does not possess the coaching staff to make it successful?? Does he have any anxiety about regretting this decision down the road b/c taking the risk of going to play for someone who does not know how to field a solid defense?
    If you did not ask him those questions, I would LOVE a follow up.

  • J.K. Abbott

    Super K can you point me in the right direction to your post on JC’s McKinley and Retnolds?? I’ve went back through the posts and can’t find it. I would like to watch their film. Also where does OU stand on those kids. If I remember McKinley was an animal

    • Boom

      Posted May 23rd.

  • Ed Cotter

    Great read Super K, thanks for posting. While I am not a fan of TAMU it was nice to get the thoughts of a recruit, and why TAMU has been doing so well as of late on the recruiting trail.

  • kt-raida

    What are the Yost and Ace’s role with the brainiacs?

    • Zack
      • kt-raida

        Yeah this has always been there I know they use to write articles from time to time I was wondering if that’s changed. But thanks for the link.

        • Travis Coyle

          I have also wondered the same thing.

  • I’m going to sound really negative here, but the reasoning that they think the best football is played in SEC states and they want to represent the state of Texas to those states kinda smacks of idiocy to me. aTm is just selling SEC-SEC-SEC and these kids are lapping it up in lieu of aTm’s terrible legacy.

    • Huh?

      It was 11-2, although I can see why a Sooner would want to forget that 11th win…

  • BigJoeBrown

    Don’t know if you guy’s saw this, but OU Insider has a pretty good freebie article with Ryan Newsome on specifically, why he picked his top 5 schools. He is looking at what system fits him best and what the university can do for him. It’s pretty good. Sounds like he really respects Stoops.

    • Now that’s a smart kid who’s evaluating where he’ll play ball the right way and not some dufus who wants to “reperzent!” his state turf to a bunch of gomers in the state of Alabama or Georgia in a turf off.

    • Gary Robbins

      Good read. Sounds like he is not only looking at the next 4 years or more but life after football. Has he signed up for OU yet?
      Hope we get him.

      • Zack

        I think it will come down to ou and oregon. He speaks highly of both. We need to find a comparison for him like what Oregon does with deantony Thomas. We already are using Saunders and Humphrey comparison.

        • Boom

          Not hard. Broyles, Saunders, and now Shepherd. He would be used as a slot/WR & pitch man on the edge or reverse. Put the ball in your playmakers hands. Good track record at OU.

  • Rene Goupillaud

    Sounds like a fine young man. I think the atmosphere ( team culture ) has a lot to do with it. A&M under Sumlin has a laid back culture. Kevin tolerated a lot from Johnny. But that approach can lack the discipline to win championships. It isn’t clear that Sumlin and his staff have the Saban like commitment that drives champions.

    OU’s culture is more reserved. Religion is a big part of the culture. Character (not that they won’t make a typical youthful indiscretion) that emphasizes team over individual, work over entitlement, and desire to belong to a tradition of championships. I believe Bob’s coaching style is like that of a father to his child, demanding, supporting, forgiving and caring. I don’t see that in Saban or Sumlin.

    We’ve had several early recruits who helped land others. Brennan Clay for starters.

    OU can’t get them all, but we will get recruits who will continue our great tradition.

  • Gary Robbins

    I guess this would be related to recruiting. I’m sure this is just a start of things to come.
    Oklahoma announced a $370 million renovation of Owen Field at its Board of Regents meeting Wednesday. And also included in that meeting was a rendering of the new Owen Field west side.

    Here’s a look at what the west side will look like.

    • Gary Robbins

      Here is the picture !

  • Gary Robbins

    This shows a pic of the whole stadium and a long article on the upgrades.

    • hOUligan

      Thanks for the leg work and link. My first read earlier didn’t sound as though the south EZ was going to get bowled. This rendering looks great. Was something mentioned previously about reno of the locker room? Will be ‘buying my brick’ to help out.

  • rphdenton
    • SoonerPhins

      Bowl! Looks nice

  • ND52

    Let’s see how much the recruits like it when A&M goes back to bowling in places like Shreveport every year. No defense + No JF = No luck for A&M

    • J J


      • Huh?

        Sumlin has had a top 5 offense every year he’s been a head coach accept one, when his top two QB’s went down, and he ended up top 11.

        I’m sure this year, when he has more talent on offense then he has ever had it will be different, though….

  • Sooner Ray

    Love the pics of the new stadium design, and the new weight room looks awesome, will be big for future recruits.

  • rphdenton

    re players recruiting players………..this would have been the perfect yr with ok producing 2 outstanding olinemen, woriboko and barnett, both ou leans to some degree………instead, 1 came with a string attached and the other wants to look around….if those 2 would have been excited and committed that probably would have us in better shape…go figure

  • Boom

    JY, read on one of those other sites that Cody Ford is leaning OU’s way. Have you seen any film on him. Thanks

  • KellyB

    Here’s a nice slideshow of the renovation renderings

    • EasTex

      Very nice, thanks.

  • SoonerGoneEast

    Super K, I don’t get around to commenting very often, but wanted to login and let you know that this is an outstanding article. Love that you went somewhat outside the scope of what TFB’s do, to bring us some insight from a different perspective. Very nice.

    Also, since this is lost on so many people, it just can’t be said enough… “I also don’t really care if we get the first, second or third player we go after. In the end recruiting serves winning and the process by which that happens is so much bigger and broader than getting the first player you offer.” Very well put.

  • Eric Hoffpauir

    A little bit OT, but SB Nation’s Bud Elliott has some good thoughts on early recruiting rankings

    Basically, he points out that these rankings fluctuate wildly, and are often inflated this time of year just because some schools have more commits, even if they are “just” three star commits.

  • Very good article. I agree.

    There could be lot more to that. Not sure if A&M is paying few people to obtain recruiting information about their competitors! This dude is super weird Aggie! He spends his most time on OU Recruiting topics! . I wonder sometime if he is paid by A&M to do this work!

  • Michael Darling

    Great article with unbiased points. I look forward to the next aTm vs. OU matchup. Boomer Sooner.