Cody Ford Commits to Oklahoma (UPDATED 1:27 pm)

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Well it may not have been the best weekend of the Sooners but the week starts off right. Cody Ford confirms that he has committed to the University of Oklahoma! The news was first reported by Bret H. McCormick of We confirmed the commitment with Cody.

He told us a little while back that he was planning on committing to Oklahoma but had not decided on a date yet. When we asked him about his commitment he said, “OU is a great program and I like all the coaches. My parents like the place as much as me.” He also said of coach Bedenbaugh that he is “a great guy and a great coach and he produces NFL prospects”.

When we asked Cody if he is now done with recruiting he replied, “yes sir!”

For those of you curious about what position Ford will play. We’ve asked around and it sounds like Ford is being recruited to play either OG or RT. We’ve been told he can play either so where he ends up will likely depend on need, depth and development. Also, in case you missed it. Here is a link to JY’s thoughts on Ford (here).


UPDATE (1:27): We mistakenly credited Bob Przybylo for breaking the Cody Ford commitment however that was NOT accurate. The report first came from Bret H. McCormick of as mentioned above. Our apologies for the error.

  • Mike Reed

    Welcome aboard Mr. Ford!!! BOOMER!!

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  • soonersd

    Great news. Welcome Cody.

  • Hustle Town USA 713

    Built Ford Tough.. Welcome Aboard #BOOM

    • hOUligan

      Boom!!! Ford clearing the way for Ford!!

      • Katyboomer

        They can be like that new Ford TV AD one could be the Truck and the other a Mustang.

      • ToatsMcGoats

        F-350 Super Duty!!!!

    • Doobie74OU

      I added some artwork to support your thought up above!

  • Another domino in place! Boomer!

  • bill w

    Awesome news on the OLine front. Welcome Cody, I hope you are a RT, because you look like a mauler. One last observation about the class of this site. They were clear to point out who noted it first. All these sites have to be the best/first/etc. to justify to readers. But this site is all about being right and doing it the right way!!! Love this place and the news it brings.

    • Super K

      Thanks Bill! Unfortunately, we mistakenly attributed the news to because Przybylo was the first tweet we saw. But as noted above the story was first reported by Bret McCormick

    • Doobie74OU

      To go along and add to Bill’s comment! Such a refreshing thought to give credit to were credit is due! Nobody can scoop every story and it shouldn’t be about that. I don’t care if TFB is the 1st ,5th, or 376586th to report a story, because when they report it you can bet there is a 99.99999% chance it is correct, accurate, and giving credit to who did break the story! I read TFB for OU and RECRUITS information I read all other sites for LAUGHS!!

  • Zack

    All of a sudden this Monday ain’t so bad.

    • Gary Robbins

      3 excellent off. lineman at present. Maybe Barnett will be next and Samia. That would only leave the rest of summer to get 1 more off. lineman.

      • Zack

        Exactly and like I said the other day it’s not full but these spots could fill up quicker than we expected. That samia kid wants to commit to a school soon (I believe tfb said earlier that they feel we lead based on the convo, I’m too lazy to look for the exact quote) but he could look up and see we’ve got 2 tackles and were taking 3. Or maybe Danley looks at it and says “I’m not losing my spot” since he stated ou led.

  • Gary Robbins

    Welcome Mr. Ford. Hopefully you can help OU in their drive to get more Louisiana players like yourself.

    • Stephen

      Someone like Justin Reid would be a start.

      • Nab Reid and Bo Wallace and I’d call that a pretty successful year in Louisiana.

  • Ed Cotter

    Welcome to Sooner Nation Cody! Now let’s get Barnett and Samia to join you!

  • Boom

    AKA or Ford. I would like to have both but if I had one choice, it would be built Ford tough. Congrats and welcome to the OU family.

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  • j l

    Awesome news on a monday morning, welcome cody!

  • TimA

    Welcome Cody!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Boomer! That’s a great way to start off the week!

  • EasTex

    Welcome to OU, Cody.
    Hope you have a great Senior year on and off the field. Can’t wait to see you slapping the sign.

  • Sooner Ray

    A BOOM on Monday is always a good thing.

  • DrZemus

    He’ll like Norman a lot more than Pineville. I sure did.

  • Christopher Coffman

    It definitely started slow but I have a feeling this recruiting class is going to end up being stellar.

  • soonerbred4ever

    Could any or all of the OU games be watched on-line?

    • Sooner Ray

      I’ve never seen that option, likely due to the TV contracts.

    • OUdominate

      Youtube has most of them

      • Sooner Ray

        I thought he meant LIVE games, but maybe it was replays.

        • soonerbred4ever

          I think the person asking me meant live games.

    • soonerbred4ever

      Ok, thanks guys! Someone asked me and I didn’t know.

    • What I’ve never understood is why the TV stations don’t broadcast them on line. They could still have the commercials which pay for broadcast.

    • Nick

      Hi guys, first time poster here. I just quickly want to say
      that I absolutely love this site too! But to answer your question: there are
      some live streaming sites that you can use such as (not sure
      if it is actually legal though). I live in the Caribbean and use it all the
      time, including OU games!!

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  • PLAW0720

    Is the door starting to close on Wariboko?

    • Zack

      Not yet but they will hold a spot for Barnett so if they get Danley and samia. And then wariboko tries to commit they will probably have a decision to make as to see where they stand with Barnett. I don’t think there is any way they take 7 on the oline but they could if something unexpected happens with the oline depth.

  • Danny Webb

    Saw something about his committing to the Sooners on another site earlier this afternoon. Wouldn’t believe it believe it until I was able to confirm here on TFB!