Weekend Open Post | May 3rd – 5th

News From the Portal | TCU DT Damonic Williams = IN at OU
– Charlie S – Posted on: May 2, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen we got him - Imgflip

The Sooners add a massive addition to their roster as former TCU defensive tackle Damonic Williams has announced his intentions to transfer to Oklahoma.

Williams (6’2 320) will arrive at OU as a junior who has 2 years left of eligibility.

Over his first two seasons at TCU Williams was credited with 60 tackles and 4.5 sacks. He is a true disrupter in the middle who has the ability to collapse the pocket and create tackles for loss for him and the rest of the defense.

Williams joins Jermayne Lole (Louisville transfer) as new additions to Todd Bates’ revamped interior defensive line room which suddenly, on paper, appears as though it transformed from an ineperienced high ceiling group to a proven and established group stacked with high ceiling players pretty much overnight.

Not only is this a big addition on the field for the Sooners, but this was a loud shot across the bow of the rest of the college football world perception-wise as it buries the narrative that OU isn’t a big player in the new college football landscape.

OU went head to head with some of the heaviest hitters in the NIL space and walked out as the last man standing.

More to Come After Courtland | Update 9:12 am
– Super K – Posted on: April 30, 2024

As you know, this past weekend, the Sooners landed talented 2025 DB, Courtland Guillory.

Prior to that commitment, I spoke with a source on the OU side. The Sooners are obviously very excited about Guillory. He’s a guy they’ve had pretty high on their list.

But I was told that they are expecting more to come after Guillory.

Official visit for in-state 4-star 2025 DB Trystan Haynes takes place in a little over a month and I’m told the Sooners are feeling good about that one.

They’d like to add at least one more and I am told they feel good about landing one of either Cobey Sellers or Seaonta Stewart.

Both are expected to visit in June and both are eying a summer commitment, as well. So, we’re getting close to that time when a lot of these guys will be taking up visits, wrapping up visits, and announcing a decision.

Update: 9:12 am – Charlie

Sellers just announced he will be making his commitment on May 11th. He will choose from OU, Texas A&M, and Texas.

As I mentioned in chat last week, I was not sure how much longer I would consider OU to be the leader for Sellers as they made a huge move with Haynes and have already landed Guillory while also having Maliek Hawkins in the class.

As K noted above, Seaonta Stewart is also a guy to keep an eye on for OU should they decide to take a third true CB and shift Hawkins into a DB role as we have discussed as being a potential option previously.

If Sellers does indeed choose elsewhere, as I am leaning toward, that could open up a spot for Stewart who does have his OV on the books set to OU in June.

2025 DE Smith Orogbo | Quick Update
– Super K – Posted on: April 30, 2024

The Sooners recently stopped by Alief Hastings (Houston, TX) to visit 4-star DE, Smith Orogbo.

I checked in with a coach I know over at the school and he tells me that Smith does now have an official visit to set to Oklahoma. Sounds like he will be in Norman early June.

Update | ’25 OL Darius Afalava
– Charlie S – Posted on: May 1, 2024

Had to play catch-up for you all on this one a little bit.

Back at the spring game, the Sooners extended an offer to ’25 OL Darius Afalava (6’5 320) out of Lehi, Utah.

Afalava and his mom loved their trip to Norman and they are planning a return trip for an official visit.

The Sooners made a huge impression and set themselves up in or at the top of his list.

Source tells me that Oklahoma hit all the right notes with Afalava from the campus, the coaching staff, the program, the people and the community at large and the trip out to Norman really turned his recruitment on its head.

Afalava also got a chance to re-connect with an elementary school alum in ’25 OL Antoni Ogumoro who also is a priority target for OU. They went to the same elementary school at the same time in Hawaii and their moms figured that out while in Norman.

I know you have seen predictions come in for OU and Afalava, and right now, I agree with them as source indicated that there is a lot of momentum there and Bedenbaugh will be making a trip out to see him again in the very near future.

I know I have talked about him a bit in chat recently, but not everyone in the community goes and re-reads all the chats so I just wanted to be sure to put this one on your radar.

Is OU Ready for the SEC? | Sourced
– Super K – Posted on: May 2, 2024

I know this has been the topic of conversation as of late. And here is what I can tell you…

***Based on my conversations with folks close to the program, OU is asking themselves the same question. That doesn’t mean they don’t think they’re ready but they understand that they have to recognize the upgrade in talent they will be facing.

***And where that typically shows up the most in the SEC is along the fronts.

***I think there is good reason to feel confident about most of the Sooners positions. But to be candid, the reason you saw the addition of the Louisville transfer, the offer to the Grand Valley transfer and the big push for Damonic Williams is because the staff seems to be asking that question (are we ready for the SEC?) about the interior defensive line more than any other position.

***A source I spoke with said they like what they have but specifically noted that the move to the SEC is a factor leading to a bit of an unknown when you don’t have a ton of proven guys at a position. That obviously isn’t an issue at the second and third levels of the defense.

***So, while the question, broadly speaking, may be relevant. Inside the building, the question seems to be focused more along the lines. They will find out shortly about Damonic Williams and base their next move on that.