Weekend Open Post | June 28th – 30th

Post Visit Update | Sourced | Lamont Rogers
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 21, 2024

As you know, Sooners OL target Lamont Rogers took a midweek visit to Norman.

Rogers is currently in Tallahassee, but OU is not far from his mind as he finished up a text exchange with me that we started yesterday by telling me that his OU visit was a ’10 out of 10′ and ‘Everything was great’.

Yesterday during our communication, Rogers let me know that he does not have a commitment date set yet, but he plans on announcing before the season.

Source I spoke with said the Sooners continue to set the bar as far as mom goes which I noted was the case as far back as February on the OL Big Board.

So, the Sooners appear to have done what they needed to do and put their best foot forward.

If all things are equal, I still like OU’s chances here. Obviously, when it comes to the term equal, things can get a bit muddled with the NIL situation but source said OU is offering a very nice NIL vision to Rogers and right now, they believe OU is in a very strong position.

You never know who will try to upset the apple cart with an NIL proposal that is out of line, but again, it is my understanding that OU is absolutely playing in the big yard at this point with NIL and OU and Bedenbaugh cannot control the rogue offer from someone like Missouri or Aggie.

We will have more following his visit to Tallahassee this weekend, but right now, OU is in a very good spot with Lamont Rogers…same as they were back in February.

Smith Orogbo | Timeline
– Super K – Posted on: June 24, 2024

As you know, this past weekend, the Sooners hosted 2024 DE Smith Orogbo (Houston, TX) for his official visit.

I checked with Smith and he said he’s set to make his announcement on July 1st.

I’m still digging here. Going into the visit, we sort of assumed this one would be a OU vs. Texas battle – despite the Texas Tech buzz.

But, I did speak to a source who told me that this one may be between OU and Texas Tech.

I’m treading lightly here because I’m still gathering information. But, again, Sooners will know their fate in short order.

2025 DL Brandon Brown | Sourced
– Super K – Posted on: June 24, 2024

This past weekend, the Sooners hosted 2025 Texas DL commit, Brandon Brown (Melbourne, FL).

Just have a simple note to pass along here.

It sounds like there is some concern on the Texas side that Brown may open things up. I’m told he’s been a bit antsy since Bo left and the staff seems to be feeling that energy from him.

If that were to happen, I don’t know if it would favor OU or LSU.

LB Mark Iheanachor | Trending
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 24, 2024

The Sooners entered the picture late in ’25 LB Mark Iheanachor’s (6’2 215) recruitment, but they have made a push and have found themselves in his top 2.

Iheanachor will be announcing his commitment to the school of his choosing on July 1st.

It will be a battle between OU and SMU. SMU has put in a lot of work on Iheanachor and they have been the perceived leader for quite some time. His interest in the Ponies is legit.

Iheanachor visited Norman earlier this month and following his visit (HERE) I noted:

“***On Mark Iheanachor, source was pretty blunt and said “If OU pushes, he will land at OU”. Was told the Sooners really impressed him and they check off all the boxes. I asked source if this was tied to Melendez still and source said “OU really, really wants Melendez”…so I took that as they are still in a bit of a holding pattern with Iheanachor, but we will check on that in the coming days.”

Here we are eight days later or so and Melendez has reaffirmed his pledge to Miami and the Sooners have remained in pursuit of Iheanachor.

Earlier today I spoke to the same source I quoted and they said “They (OU) are pushing and he is all ears. I think they get him (Iheanachor)”.

So with that, I’m going to go ahead and trend Iheanachor to the Sooners with a number. We will call it 54.15.

SMU is a real threat for legitimate reasons, but I believe that OU has the horses to overcome the head start that SMU had raced out to.

Oh…and his high school teammate Jaden O’Neal just committed to OU…that doesn’t hurt.

Lamont Rogers | Timeline
– Super K – Posted on: June 25, 2024

Sooners are still looking to land another big time OT to go along with Ryan Fodje. Lamont Rogers is one of their primary targets (Mesquite, TX).

***Rogers has wrapped up his visits and based on what I’ve heard teams to watch in this one are TAMU, OU and FSU. Was a bit surprised to hear FSU but that’s what folks around the program are saying.

***It’s perhaps not as surprising given Lamont, like Ty Haywood, is originally from the southeast (Mississippi).

***I get the sense that Lamont is looking at relationships on and off the field as the primary factor in his decision making. And, I gather his relationship with coach Bedenbaugh and coach Venables is very good. However, I’d like to see some support staff step up in this one.

***Also, per Rogers, he plans on announcing his commitment mid to late July. He does not seem to have a decision made but is going through the pros and cons with family.

***Can’t trend this one yet. Just don’t think Lamont is fully decided, himself.

What Happened With Granville
– Super K – Posted on: June 25, 2024

***Back on May 14th, I wrote the following (HERE) regarding 2025 DE, Max Granville…

“But I spoke to someone close to him who confirmed that the Sooners have lost a step in this one. As to the reason, source indicated that Granville isn’t the sole person making the decision and it appears folks around him who were initially fine with OU are less so now.

Things could change on the OV but for now I do have to rescind my Sooners trending on this one.”

***Fast forward to yesterday and Granville selected Penn State. Max was one of the early DEs the Sooners went after and for good reason. He projects as a tremendous pass rusher but also has the OU/Brent Venables persona – excellent young man, religious and hard working.

***Prior to the decision, yesterday, I checked with the same source who confirmed that the family felt Penn State was the best decision. Keep in mind that Max has siblings who are collegiate athletes and his father (originally from the east coast) was an NFL player. So, they know how to go through the process and they know what they’re looking for.

***I want to point you to another article I posted back in the spring. It was titled, “Chavis May Decide the Fate of the Defense” (HERE).

***My guess here is that this is going to be a big year for Chavis both in terms of what kind of impact his room has on this team’s defense. But it’ll also be huge in Chavis’ ability to maintain his high status in recruiting. So far, he’s been able to land some fantastic talent. Folks see that…

***But the Sooners need some of what they got with Jamar Cain who you will recall had an immediate impact on the DE room – especially with Isaiah and Nic. Parents need to see elite athletes like PJ and Danny, especially, show off that tremendous potential with real gains on the field. This would go a long way in solidifying OU’s DE position and their development of the position but also, hopefully, allow OU to not have to go into the portal for a DE every year.

***The Sooners are definitely in striking position for Smith Orogbo and if they can land them that should certainly take some of the sting out of the Granville loss. But either way, this is a big season for the DE room both for OU’s defense and the future of their recruiting at the position.

Dates to Know | Announcements
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 26, 2024

A number of Sooners targets in the ’25 class are closing in on their announcement dates.

Here is a list of recruits who have a set date as of this time:

OT Darius Afalava – June 28th

DE Smith Orogbo – July 1st

LB Mark Iheanachor – July 1st

DT Makhi Williams-Lee – July 4th

S Omarion Robinson – July 6th

DT Floyd Boucard – July 20th

A couple other guys we are expecting to announce in the near future but have not confirmed an exact date for:

WR – Cortez Mills

EDGE – Kade Pietrzak

OT – Lamont Rogers

OT – Michael Fasusi

The Latest | Darius Afalava
– Charlie S – Posted on: June 27, 2024

***Sooners ’25 OL target Darius Afalava is set to announce his commitment to the school of his choosing tomorrow, June 28th.

***He has a top 4 of OU, Utah, Washington, and Michigan State.

***Oklahoma was late to his recruitment as they only offered in April, but they made up a ton of ground in a short amount of time and found themselves squarely in the mix.

***Afalava and his family visited Norman twice in a little over a month and each time he was blown away by the atmosphere and hospitality.

***He is also very keenly aware of Coach Bedenbaugh’s prowess as a developer of players and men.

***Each school in the top 4 has some reason for confidence though as Afalava has been very tight-lipped leading up to his decision date.

***Utah has the home state advantage and when push comes to shove, most of the time, that does play into a recruitment. Plus, Utah has a large Polynesian presence and a really stable program.

***Washington has the Poly-connection going for them as well and they are one of the premier West Coast schools that recruit that area hard while having recent OL success in regard to development…however they do have a new staff.

***Michigan State in itself looks to be the oddball of the group, but don’t forget, that it is Oregon State’s former staff and Oregon State was very high on Afalava’s list as they recruited him very hard.

***OU has the blueblood status, Bedenbaugh, and the family vibe that Afalava fell in love with. Sources at Oklahoma say they feel good about where they stand, but you would expect that. We do know they have not yet been informed of a decision.

***We do not believe any of the schools have been officially notified of his decision at this time, but for all I know, before I hit send on this post, they may be being informed.

***With that said, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that we are working on anything other than circumstantial evidence and loosely sourced info at this point and K and I have been going back and forth and comparing notes over the last day or so while also trying to get something definitive for you.

***I cannot officially trend this one for you at this time.

***I will tell you that personally, I feel like OU may be the call here as his most recent actions suggest that Oklahoma really blew him away and checked off every box.

***In my opinion, based on what I have heard from sources and from Afalava himself, I think if he leaves the state of Utah, OU makes the most sense.

***So we are not going to officially trend him at this time, and the schools will likely find out their fate today so if you pushed me to make a pick, I would pick Oklahoma, but as I mentioned, that is based on circumstantial evidence and gut feeling.

***We will find out soon enough.