Week 1 Prediction Thread

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At the suggestion of loyal TFB reader Zack, I’m putting together a very simple prediction thread for everyone here to take part in should you like to participate. It can be a bold prediction, or a prediction for the OU game, or a prediction for how a particular OU player may perform and/or the stats they put up, a prediction on another Big 12 game, or pretty much whatever football related prediction you’d like to make.

Have some fun with it. I’ll get us started.

* OU will have three guys go over the 100 yard mark on the ground (2 RBs & TK9).
* Alex Ross returns a kickoff for a TD.
* Jordan Evans will lead the team in tackles.
* OSU will be lucky to get into the teens vs. FSU.
* North Texas won’t give the Longhorns the scare many seem to think they will.
* UCLA will struggle w/ Virginia

What else you got?


  • Eric Hoffpauir

    WVU will put a scare into Alabama.

    • Super K

      That’s bold!

    • blaster1371

      That’s not beyond the realm of possibility. New players in several positions. If Bama runs those same two RBs that chewed up OU I can’t see them losing the game. Then again the other X factor is Kifflin……… Who can kill the hopes of a fan base like a 747 used as a kamikaze.

  • TheBoots

    J – I pray that your first prediction, (OU will have three guys go over the 100 yard mark on the ground (2 RBs & TK9)) is wrong. I don’t want my QB running for 100 – especially with the stable of RB’s we have who are capable of carrying that load. Secondly, as long as it is a LB who is the leading tackler, I will be happy ( as opposed to a safety )!

  • sooner44

    Samaje Perine will be spotted on the field and his existence confirmed. Bigfoot will remain a mystery.

    • Jordan Esco


  • Zack

    Wvu will beat Alabama.
    Blake bell will have 2 td’s
    Michiah quick will be the best player on the field for ou.

    • Super K

      Very bold! If that were to happen though the SEC network would explode like Death Star

      • blaster1371

        That would be glorious…….. Only the Texass aggies would rush in to fill the vacuum

      • Tucker

        Nick Saban explaining to ESPN what happened.

    • Birddawg

      I agree I think they are going to give Blake bell rolling early. I think we see all three tight ends get involved. I see touchdowns to bell and McNamara.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      I would love to see WVU beat Alabama!

    • Wooooah……..Shephard might have something to say about that.

      • Zack

        Shepherd is very good but I’m on the michiah quick bandwagon.

  • Sooner Ray

    I predict that the first time Samaje goes onto the field, someone on the other team says”holy sh*t”.

    • blaster1371

      Lol!!! Remember that dude that Ford trucked on like his second carry….guy just didn’t look right after that ! If Samaje turns out to be what he hope then I can’t see the Bulldozer ever being run again.

      • ND52

        And Perine is a lot bigger than Ford was last year.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      Ha, that might be an understatement.

    • Boom

      so will a lot of OU fans who don’t know who he is.

  • My prediction is that D. Neal, K. Young, S. Shepard, and B. Bell ALL score tomorrow night in some form or fashion! BOOMER SOONER!!!

    • blaster1371

      I will keep my crass comments to to myself.

  • vargo05

    Jordan Evans with 10+ tackles and an INT.
    Blake Bell TWO rec TDs – total of about 6 yards on them.
    TK with two turnovers. One INT one fumble
    Steven Parker will impress early with a big hit that will open eyes.
    Ross and Ford both get 100, along with Sterling getting that as well
    Jordan Phillips will be double all night, but will get at least one shot to crush somebody and will take advantage
    3 total INTs for OU – Evans, Hayes and Toast.

  • Aaron Simpkins

    WVU and bama go over 75 total points and the esecpn guys will only talk about how bad big 12 d’s are and how great sec offenses are starting to become.

  • ohiosoonerdevildog

    My bold prediction is Clint Trickett makes out with Sabans daughter at the 50 during the coin toss. This in turn causes Saban to snap and immediately return to the Miami Dolphins.

    • cpearc00

      Comment of the day worthy?

    • Brad Holland

      And like Bill Belichick, one day after taking the Miami job Saban resigns and takes the Texas job where he promptly returns all the Horn logos to the players…

    • SoonerPhins

      I would prefer him to never step foot in Miami again. We are already a mess right now lol

  • blaster1371

    If Texass doesn’t beat North Texas by at least 21 points you can bet the baby poo orange nation will start nashing it’s teeth.

    I know this might be blasphemy and I don’t have to love amongst OSU fans but I would like to see OSU beat Florida State. I think OSU will be more competitive this year than people think. New, young coaching staffs seems to,have the fire and intensity that draws something out of college players. Besides, they have been recruiting really well for a while now. Just like to see my state (and OSU tends to have more OK lads than OU) do well.

    • Jordan Esco

      I think they’ll be making excuses for him at least all this year.

      • blaster1371

        Some will. I think an element of the Texass fan base has turned cannibalism into an offshoot cult of the BON. But I enjoy that element soooo much. There is no denying Strong is a good coach, but Texass is the drama queen of college football.

    • Eric Hoffpauir

      I’m rooting for OSU because of self-interest.

    • WilliamJack

      I hope OSU beats FSU as well. Knocking Winston out of the game would make me smile. I always pull for my Sooners then any team from Oklahoma then any Big 12 team against another conference. Keep it in the family so to speak.
      That said, OU for the National Championship! BOOMER!

    • pitbull17

      I don’t know about their coaching staff anymore. Gundy has went off the rails when it comes to how he handles the media. He doesn’t seem at all interested in being at osu anymore.

    • leatherneck1061

      Not blasphemy at all. Yeah, I normally enjoy laughing at the little orange-headed runt, watching him fall flat on his face. But in this case he would be doing the entire league, and us, a service if he can muster the testosterone to take down FSU. I highly doubt this of course, but I would welcome it just the same.

  • SoonerfanTU

    I predict OU will beat LT.

    • blaster1371

      Going out on a limb?

    • JY

      Way to go out on a limb there!

      • blaster1371

        Just so everyone knows I hit “enter” while JY was still typing.

      • SoonerfanTU

        Don’t judge. Nobody said it HAD to be a bold prediction. I like to start off easy. Get my confidence up. Don’t worry, by week 4 or 5 I’ll be predicting 20 point dogs to win straight up. 🙂

        • blaster1371

          Ahhhhhhhh I understand that logic. I’m not as bold as many others are here about out team. Need some proof before I start any domination thoughts.

  • Kevin Burger

    Blake Bell gets his first receiving touchdown.

  • Jim6453

    Navy gives Ohio St a bit of a scare. Cody Thomas throws 2 TDs

    • blaster1371

      I would like to see Thomas play.

      • Jim6453

        Me too…good to get him some early season snaps. Plus it means we are up big…

        • Daddy R

          Well, HOPEFULLY, thats what it means…

      • soonermusic

        Barring injury,I predict Thomas doesn’t see action until the second or third possession of fourth quarter, no matter what the score is. 😉

  • James D-Space

    Trevor Knight – 250 passing 3 TD 0 INT
    Blake Bell – 6 Rec 60 yds 2 TD
    Sterling Shep – 7 Rec 110 + YDS 1 TD
    Ford – 150 + Rush Yds
    Striker – 3 Sacks
    OU D will score at least once

  • Daddy R

    I predict …
    ..Texas Aggies beats S. Carolina 52-28


    • Daddy R

      No really though,

      I’m sayin…..

      …All Longhorns have “earned” their horns by kickoff time.
      …Gundy plays at least two QB’s
      …Shorthorns destroy N. Texas by 30
      …Toby Keith is on the Sooner sidelines
      …Knight throws two 40+ yd. TD’s
      …OU hangs half a hundred

      • Daddy R

        ….Oh, and Mike Stoops throws at least 1 headset down.

  • Malicong

    Knight reminds us of the Heupel days and completes passes to a least 14 different recievers.
    OU defense scores 2 td’s
    Perine takes over 2nd half and rushes for over 100
    Virginia over UCLA
    Clemson and Venables D shut down Georgia, hold them under 21 pts, win on the road
    By the end of the weekend ESPN and CBS realize how much they have in common and start dating

  • Fear The Magic

    I predict the ESPN Gameday crew will give up all pretenses of being unbaised and all come out wearing SEC patches on their sleeves.

    • Rees Bear

      Saw something just as sickening in the program guide on DirecTv, the description for the LSU vs Wisconsin game read: “Les Miles and his LSU Tigers represent the SEC, while the Big Ten pins its hopes on the Wisconsin Badgers in this early season matchup of power conferences.” Of course, this was carried by an ESPN network and I’m sure they provided the text.

      When have you EVER read the coaches name in the info for a program? Sheesh!!!

  • lebval15

    I predict ESPN will mention Kenny Hill approximately 4,000 times this weekend (with Marcus Mariota a close second at 3,994) and instead of just admitting they wayyyyy overhyped a sorry South Car. as usual, they will continue to treat one ranked team beating another ranked team (A&M and South Car.) as the equivalent of the miracle on ice.

    • Bill Duncan

      They have won 11 games the past 3 years….. but they definitely are not the #9 team that people have been talking about.

      • Andrew

        I predict that Kansas could beat S. Carolina!!!!!! (If they played of course)

  • PLAW0720

    La Tech does not cross the 50 yard line. Frank Shannon is not in pads. OU seriously runs up the score.

  • Jared William Reininger

    I predict Ford puts up more miles than my truck has.

  • lebval15

    I predict Hunnicutt’s leg is tired by the end of the game from kicking extra points

  • Kody K.

    I predict LT will Beat OU!!…………………………………………..to the locker room after the game.

  • ellisbr

    OU pitches a shutout and La Tech doesn’t cross our 50 yard line until late in the game when it’s over, we score in every phase of the game (Offense, Defense, Special Teams)
    TK shines, Ford and Ross over 100 yds, Wilson gets a pick 6
    WVU keeps it close (possibly pulls the upset) and Alabama drops a spot in next weeks poll
    OSU does OSU things and keeps it close til the end, then folds under the pressure
    Arkansas upsets Auburn
    Texas still sucks

    • Stats

      OU pitches 4 shutouts this year! La Tech will be the first.

    • pitbull17

      Wow, Somebody else is seeing the same thing I am with Ark vs. Aub. I picked Ark to lose by 3 though….And yes texass still sucks.

    • leatherneck1061

      Yep. I agree with just about all of it….especially the last point.

  • FeedtheMonster

    Osu and West Virginia both score 4 TDs and still lose by 20.

  • soonerinks

    My son and I will have a great time at the game. Alex Ross will return a kickoff for a TD and will break a long run (over 35 yards for a TD). Perine will make his long awaited entrance in the 2nd half and will rush for over 50 yards. Dimitri Flowers will play like a Jr/Sr. Bell will have a TD catch (short yardage). LaTech will not have 100 yards rushing.

  • Rico

    LSU will beat wisconsin by 14pts

  • Boom

    Fresno State wears out SC. Going bold, Colgate over Ball State. Another bold prediction, no one knows the location of these schools – Duquesne, Bethune-Cook, & Elon.
    Last Bold Prediction – During OU game, you will see a BOOM TFB T shirt…………..

    • Cam

      Is Duquesne in New York, as in Ft Duquesne?

    • Malicong

      Elon is in North Carolina. Took them to a NC on EA NCAA football (XBox) once!

  • hushnpa

    can I just plus 1 every comment below .. right here +1 🙂

    I love this sight !

  • Gary Robbins

    I predict an OU win of 51-10 and Mike Stoops argues with refs at least once per half.
    I predict a Blake Bell pass to Dimitri Flowers for a touchdown.
    I predict I will drink a 12 pack during the game.

    • Boom

      Gary, can you break the 12 pack down by pregame, quarter, & post.

      • Gary Robbins

        Sure-by the minutes. Assuming 3 1/2 hors for the game equals 210 minutes divided by 12 equals one can every 17.5 minutes. Two big problems: at my age (67) have to allow about 6 trips to the bathroom, plus I would be sound asleep by the end of the game. lol

  • Dwebb96

    The Sooner offense will be a juggernaut, but because we are not in the sec, they will be completely overlooked.

  • Steve Johns

    OU covers by halftime
    Bama spanks WVU by 21+
    OSU gets curb stomped by FSU ( I can’t root for the pokes under any circumstance)
    My aggie neighbor and I exchange a few f-bombs

  • 400 yards on the ground

    One of FSU, Bama or LSU will get shocked.

    No one will remember any SEC losses in ESPiN next week.

    • godman

      Any loss by an SEC team to an SEC team is negated because of conference superiority, right? LOL

      • That’s rule #1. South Carolina’s defense wasn’t bad, A&M’s great “SEC Offense” was just superior. Plus, somehow they were an “SEC Offense” the second they took the field as an SEC team. Now when they go beat East Carolina in a nail biter they’ll get bumped up back to #11, because they’re still an SEC team.

    • leatherneck1061

      Yep…Bama and Auburn could both drop their games to the Big 12 and the narrative in Bristol wouldn’t change one syllable: SEC still the home of the football gods. Just amazing.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I’ll just skip ahead a bit: National Champs. 🙂

  • rphdenton

    ……after getting embarrassed by fsu, mike gundy goes meltdown on nat’l tv, “hey, I didn’t put the schedule together!!!!”, then reels off a few of his favorite jameis winston crab leg jokes

  • Isaac Wright


    • Isaac Wright

      Followed by a TD from joe Mixon… And frank Shannon leads the team in tackles

      • captfoss

        Kendal Thompson throws 2 TDs to Trey Metoyer, Brandon Williams scores 3 on the ground, and Kameel Jackson scores on a reverse…

  • pitbull17

    The D will carry a shutout late into the 4th, maybe give up a FG.
    Ford and Ross both run for 150.
    Knight’s combined yards will be 300.
    Honeycutt will have to have relief late in the game for Extra Pt.s.
    Striker may finally decapitate somebody tomorrow night.
    OU 63-lt 3
    Arkansas takes Auburn to the wire but loses by 3.

  • Guest
  • SamPato
  • I think Alabama is hiding behind their media smoke screen right now. They lost their QB, their #2 WR, their OC, all but one of their secondary (Collins) from last season, their best LB, two O-linemen, and they’re using a two QB system because they don’t have a true #1 QB. Tide fans didn’t like Nussmeier very much because he installed the pistol offense and he threw the ball more. I think Kiffin plays to the crowd in his debut and we’ll see some heavy two back sets with Yeldon and Henry in a run heavy day for Alabama, and they won’t even sniff covering for this game. WVU will have a good day through the air giving Alabama’s new DB’s more than they can handle for their first game. I think Alabama sneaks by in a lackluster performance but the Mountaineers will play well enough against the Tide defense so that the tornado sirens in Tuscaloosa start going off at halftime, but not because of weather.

    • SoonerKevin

      Linebacker Trey DePriest is suspended for this game.

  • JJsooner1

    Digging deep here………TU beats Tulane in double OT……….The back judge for the OU game will have bilateral shoulder surgery from throwing his arms up so much. The old term “rented mule” will have new meaning in Stillwater.

  • j l

    Unfortunately, I don’t see any sec teams losing in non con play, Tennessee and Bama get a little scare put into them though. Osu loses to navy.

    Tk nearly replicates his sugar bowl stats, 300 yards and 4 tds

    • TheMind___Gap

      So you think we lose that game?

      • j l

        No just meant I don’t see them losing in week 1. We should crush the vols

        • David

          What about Vandy?

          • j l

            I didnt even know they had played last night. Whoops, was obviously wrong on that prediction haha. Losing by 30 to temple, ouch.

        • TheMind___Gap

          I misunderstood your remark. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Doobie74OU

    Trevor Knight has 427 combined yds, 3 TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing) and one of the TD passes is to the “Belldozier” himself Blake Bell.
    Also make the “bold prediction” that everybody that reads this site religiously is REALLY REALLY HAPPY it is OU Football Season AGIAN!

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    Ewokoniad Sigourneth Juniorstein will rock someone’s face when he plays FSU.

  • AW

    My Prediction???….. PAIN

  • jmac45

    Zack Sanchez will miss 3 tackles.

  • Daryl

    *Cody Thomas gets PT and plays really well. Enough so that people already begin the bring in Cody talk if Knight even struggle slightly.
    *An Hatari Byrd hit causes medical staff to come on to the field.
    *OU doesn’t cover the spread.
    *OU plays with 2 TE’s for at least 20 plays.
    *Keith Ford looks like the beast that we have been waiting to unleash since last year, and goes for 125yds+ with a TD.

  • Cush Creekmont

    D scores on BOTH a fumble and an interception. TK “practices” the range of passes, but is forced to handoff most plays because the running game averages of 9 ypc.

  • willie

    Bell trucks someone on a catch a proceeds to break another tackle heading into the end zone. The OU offense rushes for 300+ yards. WVU puts up 400 yards on Bama. South Carolina only drops 4 spots in the polls and aTm jumps into the top 7.

  • ToatsMcGoats

    I predict we will never be asked whether or not Kenny Hill is overrated, and that, despite having 125 yds and 4 TD’s on 4 carries, Samaje Perine will not have a highlight on ESecPn.

  • jonnyBgood

    I predict that once the game gets out of hand the youngsters will put on a show and let the rest of the country see just how full the cupboard is! Michiah Quick will turn a bubble screen into a “HOLY S#$T” jaunt to the house from 50+. Perine will run over a defensive back causing him to literally turn into ashes. Ok, that’s a stretch but you follow me. Steven Parker will get a pick 6 and show why he will end up the next TRRW with better coverage skills by the time he’s done in Norman. Hell, I think Mead will make a play or two which will have opposing teams DC’s wondering why Lon let his starting PF play ball. This is fun and I could go on and on but instead I will wrap it up and continue to chew my nails in anticipation of #8! Game time ladies and gents, game time! Boomer!

    • TheMind___Gap


  • Big Higg

    I predict that OU will win. Start slow as usual. At least one RB will take it to the house on a long run. Bell will doze. Manny Diaz will completely despise the University of Oklahoma when the fat lady sings.

  • CPSooner

    Grissom will recover a fumble…
    Ford will score 3 TD’s…
    Parker will get his first collegiate “oskie” in his first game…
    Daniel Brooks will get at least 1 carry (not due to injuries!!!)…

    Manny will be wishing he was back in texas….at least Mack could say, “Let me answer that one for Manny” when they question why his D just gave up over 600 yds….

    • pitbull17


  • Lane Gilstrap

    I predict that when the SEC plays the SEC nobody loses because they are just that good.

  • captfoss

    (1) Keith Ford will cause two defenders to need help getting off the field
    (2) Blake Bell scores 2 TDs
    (3) Cody Thomas plays, and scares the crap out of you
    (4) Ross has more yards than Ford
    (5) Woods makes a case that he should be the #2 WR on the team
    (6) Striker gets 3+ sacks and looks bored doing it…

  • Thegunnfather

    By the end of the year people will want the computers back in the mix. And they come back in some form.

    Espn downplays how great the sooners look all year, and will only get the coverage they deserve if the slip up. But they don’t!!! Finally let’s get it on! Boomer!!!

    Wouldn’t trade one stoops for two Sabens and a Miles!

  • Ed Cotter

    OU wins 45-3. Ford and Ross each go over 100yds rushing. Knight throws for 250yds, spreading the wealth, as no receiver gets over 100yds. Ford, Knight, Bell, and Shepard score 1 TD each, Ross gets 2. Sooner D gets 6 sacks, numerous pressures and 2 INTs.

  • shawn

    My prediction is Trevor Knight throws for 250+ and runs for about 80 w/ a total of 5 TD’s. Also I pick OSU for the upset, I don’t have as much faith in FSU as many others do.