Trench Warfare| Oklahoma vs. Louisiana Tech. (4th Quarter)

To start the 4th Quarter, here’s the big kickoff return by Alex Ross.  Durron and Conner Knight are leading up into the hole.


This is the benefit to having a big guy returning kicks.  Like Justin Brown a few years ago, someone with good speed who can break tackles is far too underrated as a kick returner.  You can see the kicker dead ahead.


And right here you can see Alex getting ready to punk the kicker.  He just ran him over and at that point, I didn’t think anyone would catch him.


Here’s a good shot of Alex up close, and I guarantee in special teams meetings this week, Boulware will be after the guys to look back at the pursuit to seal this thing off.  One guy had the angle on ’em, and he juked him but if we seal off the other pursuit he scores.


Right after the big return, Samaje got two carries and took it the rest of the way in.  Here’s the second of the two, and he scored on this one.  Look at the nice lane up in there.  Josiah St. John is at the bottom in the foreground blocking #94.  I thought he played better than I’d seen him play in the past.


Note that Samaje contacts the defender at the four, and they both had runs at each other.  #11 for La Tech got worked all night but kept stickin’ his nose in there.


Do yourself a favor and watch this run if you get a chance.  Samaje didn’t even slow down, and it was reminiscent of Jamar Toombs from A&M against us in 2000.  He just straight rolled that guy #11 and carried the other two into the end zone.


Here we got the edge sealed up pretty good for Samaje.  Notice the combo on the outside by the red curve.


Samaje breaks a tackle again.  You can see #53, Tony Feo, on the left and Jonathan Alvarez got some clock as a true freshman.  Looks like he’s getting time to be a backup center.  He must have quietly had a really good camp to earn Coach Bedenbaugh’s trust.


This here says it all.  There were only a couple of drives that La Tech had that yielded anything.  Zack Sanchez didn’t wrap on a tackle that let ’em score and a secondary bust was the only things that let ’em in.


Check out Alvarez at the center spot locking the arms out and setting the pocket.  Really nice job by the true freshman and someone I knew was underrated coming out of h.s.  Check Dmitri Flowers circled in blue.  Another true freshman who will make a big impact this year.  He was lined up at TE on this play.


What I liked about this play is that Flowers got north and south as soon as he caught it.  He split those two tacklers and had he not tripped up he may have had a chance.  Really nice run after the catch.


And on the last play of any significance, the pocket gets set really nicely.  Farniok and St. John both looked strong with Feo and Alvarez on the inside.  The coaches must really trust them, and with Cody hurt last week, Trevor was in there late in the game.


This was a really strong throw from the opposite hash.  KJ did a nice job on the catch, and it goes to show what kind of arm talent Trevor really has.  Overall it was a good solid offensive game.  If we clean up a couple of plays, it could have got in the 60’s pretty easily.


  • Swanny

    Should’ve GIF’d the slobberknocker from Rip on the 9th pic down. He cleaned that DB’s clock.

  • Boom

    I’m excited to see so many young or inexperienced guys getting reps. St John needs a some confidence to carry over into next year. You know the OL has to be loving the run mentality. Seemed like in the past (LJ years) we would run on occasion but it was difficult for OL to change mentalities. Now, they bigger/stronger and have some swag on the line.
    Appreciate the insight.

  • John Garner

    Thanx again. Really enjoy your breakdowns.

  • ohiosoonerdevildog

    Im glad to see the young guys who have put in the work get some pt. And glad to see our starters werent in until late in the 4th.

  • EasTex

    I’ve watched St. John on some replays and while I thought he did a good job overall, he has a big tell. When he is going to pass-pro, he has his left leg and his body turned to the outside…a lot. I was surprised on a few plays that he didn’t get a flag for lining up in the back field.

    I have been a Jonathan Alvarez fan since LOI day and hope he has a great career. I know he will work it hard. Just think, he didn’t get to campus until June.
    The local DFW news did a bit at his high school when all the kids were signing their LOI’s. Alvarez had a huge gathering of his extended family and when he signed his mother broke down crying. When the reporter asked her why his Mom said he would be the first in their family to go to college, that they could not have afforded to send him and that they had always told him to work hard and good things will happen. I think he will do his part to make Mom proud.

    • Big fan of Alvarez here too and not surprised he got out there and held court. He’s a big boy and was very underrated.

  • SoonerPhins

    With this beast of an OLine could OU see two 1000yard rushers this year? I have a feeling we could.

    • Sooner Ray

      It’s very possible for sure.

  • Cush Creekmont

    Your illustrated teaching is GREAT! Even with DVR I go back over plays and wonder if things are as they appear from the camera angle and height. It’s good to hear that you think the O-Line 2s are coming along well.

    You hit on my concern – Sanchez’ tackling. I don’t want to see a short out go for 60 yards because his man slipped the tackle.

    • ToatsMcGoats

      I was worried about Sanchez’ tackling problems as well all off season. I would have thought for sure that this would have been remedied after the Sugar Bowl.

  • Steve

    That kickoff return was a touchdown if durron Neal had run ahead and blocked the last guy. Instead he peeled off and tried to block a guy who was 5 yards behind Alex. Should have been a td for Ross.

  • Sooner Ray

    Thanks for knocking this out JY, don’t know how you find the time between diaper changes and bottle feedings. And I’m talking about your son, not you LOL!

    • ToatsMcGoats


  • ToatsMcGoats

    My wife asks if I’m ready for dinner…I had to tell her I’m in the film room…

  • Chris White

    Again, Samaje is going to be our Earl Campbell

  • soonernation

    JY, as always love the play breakdowns. I don’t comment often, but love the format of this site. NO place better for great info for Sooner Football. Thanks to all of you guys for what you do.

  • Ok just started rewatching the La Tech game and this is why Fox has a hard time being taken seriously. Pre game the one of the announcers just said “build off beating Auburn in the Sugar Bowl”. *Sigh* If the spring game wasn’t bad enough, they just keep making the simplest mistakes.

    • Good god the play by play guy suuuuuccccckkkkkkkksssss!!!!!!!

      • Trevor Young? SMH This is pretty pathetic.

  • Scott

    Beautiful work