Trench Warfare| Oklahoma vs. Louisiana Tech (3rd Quarter)

Love the innovation on this formation.  We were in the diamond and then after first sound, we shifted to 5 wide.  This is going to be especially lethal when we’re gashing defenses with the run and forcing them to keep the big sets in.  From left to right or bottom to top, Ford, Flowers and Bell.  Teams will be forced to call a time out or live with the consequences.


Immediately off the snap, Ford is uncovered.  Trevor hung him out to dry, but Keith made a heck of a play on the ball and held onto it after taking a big shot to the grill.  Trevor gets him the ball sooner, and he may be able to put a move on the safety or break a tackle.


But it was a collision of some magnitude, and Keith shows his grit and toughness.  This is a small thing that we can clean up and polish.  Heck of a scheme and a big catch by Keith.


On the very next play, against 9 guys in the box, we deliver a squeaky clean pocket for Trevor to stand tall and look pretty.  Durron is streaking into that uncluttered secondary I’ve been talking about.


And it’s a strike right on time.  Durron makes a tough catch and takes a hit on the play.  Guys are really competing and that’s what depth will do for you.  I look for St. Louis’ finest to have a big year in 2014.  Durron is a good one and will only get better.


Here we see the Bedenbaugh Effect once again in the run game.  Walled off perfectly by Dionte (No. 77) and Daryl (No. 79).  Picture perfect technique by Bell I’ll show you in the next frame, and the young frosh Flowers, making a great lead block.  Note the safety behind the ump.  He has to honor Durron outside on the left and that keeps him inside that hash.  Little things when you have balance make all the difference.


Here it is up close.  Look at Dionte and Daryl, great work staying with the combo and not releasing too soon like we’ve seen in the past.  Here again is the Bedenbaugh Effect.  Bell has his head on the inside shoulder of the defender and his left hand posted up strong, so that guy can’t shuck him and get inside.  Dmitri is inside-out on the safety as well, and we are technically sound on our blocks.


Here’s what it looks like from another angle, and you see the expressway to pay dirt unfolding for Alex.  As Coach Scheible used to say…this is a good lookin’ play, guys.


On the ensuing possession we whiffed on 3rd and 8, but then Tech had an illegal substitution penalty that put us at 4th and 3.  You know what Bob always says…”we don’t need no stinking kicker!”  I drew the L here in blue to show how this play was set up perfectly, and how Heupel is feeling it in the play call adjustments from the sideline.  At the far right edge of the blue line, note that the safety and everyone else except the corner are inside the hash.


Since the safety has deep responsibility, Trevor has man coverage for Keith and the linebacker is still inside the hash.  The corner (blue circle) is turning and running with Sterling since he’s in man, so the only guy who can make the play is the safety.  Sorry, most backers ain’t catching Ford.  You can’t see the safety here, but his shadow is about 4 o’clock high right above the XII emblem on the right.


There’s that Backer on the far right, and had the safety not made a great play on this thing then Ford houses it.  You hear the expression all the time that DBs, and defenders for that matter, need to use the sideline as a tool.  The safety only gives Keith one way to go and that’s up the sideline.  I’d like to see Keith try to stiff arm this guy, but he thought he could outrun ’em.  Keith’s using a dip in/dip out move on the DB, to stop his feet, and he almost got ’em.


Right back at it on the ensuing play, we have it all sealed up to the inside.  Perine’s coming off tackle and the edge could not be set more cleanly.


I’m tellin ya, Bronson left his Tortilla maker to Daryl this year (blue circle), and Samaje almost broke this one as well.


To finish off the 3rd quarter, I wanted to point out what could have been Bell’s 1st touchdown, and no doubt something that Trevor will see in film study, and probably already has.  It was a long pass to Sterling on the bottom that was almost a score…


But in this frame, if Trevor pumps to the outside, and just puts the ball on Bell red circle, he’s got 9 yards to pay dirt and nobody’s tackling ’em one-on-one.  The drive stalled, but this is a play we just missed.  There’s your third quarter folks.  4th Q coming up tomorrow!


  • dahldennsull

    Loving the updates as usual, as well as the Bedenbaugh praise. He really has been phenomenal for our team, and the Alex Ross TD #2 showed it. I remember watching it live and thinking I couldn’t wait for that play to be run on our own 20 and Ross would be off to the races with the other team.

  • dahldennsull

    Also, I love how you mention the checks that Heupel is seeing this year. I feel like we saw a lot of the odd/even boxes last year and we wouldn’t check to our advantage. Just one game in and we have several plays where we are taking advantage the mismatch or wrong numbers by the other team, and simply putting a player in open space where no one is there to cover him.

    • KellyB

      I agree, but I believe we are helped this year by an amazing stable of running backs and a nastier offensive line. If D’s have to start playing the run it frees up the passing game. Time will tell how our WR’s perform against stronger secondaries, but you know we gotta have some slick plays that aren’t yet unveiled

      • SoonerfanTU

        Not to mention better QB play. Last year, especially early, Knight was so bad that I don’t think there was much Josh could have done in the way of play calling that would have helped much.


    Thanks for this breakdown! The blocking by the offensive line and receivers was outstanding! If we are able to consistently bring the wood, the three backs are going to put a lot of hurt on the corners and safeties that will have to try to stop them. This is great stuff! Thanks again!

  • cpearc00

    Appreciate the insight, JY. Helps those of us who didn’t play the game past little league!

    • JY

      That’s what it’s for kind sir!

  • Sooner Ray

    Thanks JY, during a game I’m always watching skill guys because it’s all I know. It’s nice to see these shots and appreciate how well the line blocking sets everything up.

  • soonermusic

    The excellent work just keeps on coming!

    From your breakdown, it would appear that, understandably, Knight was checking out Sterling first on several if not all the pass plays. I wonder if that might be why the first pass to Ford was a hair late, as well.

    Everything to love in the performance, but the cautious part of me says we still need to see how things develop when the size and speed differential isn’t so great.

    • JY

      He was, and I think it’s a comfort level thing. He’s a great film student, so he’ll see some stuff and correct it

  • boomersooner

    I feel like we’re getting no huddled with great reads. Thanks boys. We’re spoiled

    • JY

      we’re trying to get better over what we were last year.

      • boomersooner

        I loved last yr, this yr, the off-season, all of it. Very fun site. I remember when there was just 10 or 12 of us or whatever and every day here has been great. Great writers, great posters, great people, great team. Keep it up

  • Roger Nixon

    Thank you, JY. You’re increasing my knowledge of the game and it just make me love Sooner football that much more.!

    • JY

      Thanks Roger!

  • OUknowitscomin

    Funny you mention pump fake, was thinking last night while reviewing that I’d like to see Trevor do more of that, along with just looking off safeties. Needs to improve on that soon. So many things will open up better.

  • Randy White

    Thx JY! Such a pleasure to read a break down from someone who knows what he’s talking about.

  • Kevin

    We’re getting spoiled with all these great breakdowns! I’m really excited about how the O-line is blocking – bodes well for the future!

    • JT

      I want to see opposing DL tortillas all over the field after every game!

  • Ed Cotter

    Thanks for that breakdown JY, excellent job. Man, I loved how open that hole for Ross was. Exciting how well the players are blocking for the first game. Good stuff.

  • JT

    Shweet. So the Belldozer dozed with more thump than what the broadcasters picked up during the telecast? Excellent work, JY. [Chest bump]!

  • PLAW0720

    Man, the brainiacs have gone full on steroids since the season started. Love the coverage, commentary, and insight JY. Don’t know how you are doing it, but keep up the great work!

  • Sorry JY don’t mean to step on your article, great job by the way, but I had a question and without an open post I wasn’t sure where to ask. Is there any updates on the visitors who were at the game?

    • JY

      K have we heard anything?

  • RVNVET6869

    These are just outstanding breakdowns, thank you so much for the hard work you guys do! Best SOONER site for the best SOONER info!