Tito Windham

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Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Position: DB
Brainiac’s Average Grade: Football 4.1 / 5.0

Image from ESPN

Not elite size but still solid. Plays with great acceleration because of his natural ability to read plays. A Mike Stoops type corner because of his blue collar type attitude, plays very physical. Impressive technique especially in the cover 2 because of his incredible ability to get into break quickly. His ceiling remains very high as you could truly see a number 1 cornerback but his floor at the very least is a special teams stalwart with the ability to play a slot corner, i.e. Julian Wilson.

Grade: 4.3

Freak athlete. Breaks fast on the ball and has great instincts. All eyes on him when on the field. Would be an asset on special teams. Playmaker. His instincts are a positive but could find himself getting beat on double moves with faster receivers. If he learns how to adjust quickly at the next level he could be a future Thorpe award winner.

Grade: 4.2

This player plays with a chip on his shoulder. He does not hesitate to come up on run support to make a physical tackle. Although his size may be an issue at the next level I see him playing in a cover 2 scheme where he can utilize his physicality. I could even see him playing safety where he is given freedom to roam the back end and close in on routes. Very versatile player taking snaps out of the backfield in the wildcat and can contribute on special teams. Overall, he could be a quality player that may fit even better in a zone scheme because of physicality.

Grade: 3.8

Incredible athlete. He’s got lateral quickness and top end speed. A little short but that wont catch up to him till the NFL. And his athleticism more than makes up for it. Physical in the run game and identifies the play quickly. Love seeing him take direct snaps; tells me that his coaches know he’s a playmaker and can be trusted. You can see how confident he is in his own athleticism by how early he turns his head to locate the ball without losing a step on the receiver. In my opinion this kid will play early.

Grade: 4.0

Reminds me of Cortland Finnegan! Speed to burn.  Extremely physical.  Great quickness and change of direction. Diagnoses screen game very fast and is like a linebacker when he’s tackling someone. Perfect for what Coach Mike Stoops likes to do on the edges.

Grade: 4.4


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