TFB Town Hall | 1.31.17

At some point I hope to not have to include these “rules” below, but for the newbs…please read, thanks!

* The comments section will be ‘closed’ until the Q&A session is about to start, at which point we will then ‘open’ the comments back up and you can start posting your questions. Once the chat has concluded, we will again ‘close’ the comments so as to avoid any aforementioned clutter after the fact.

* Due to the sheer volume you TFB’ers turn out on a daily basis, the comments aren’t exactly easy to follow once things get crowded in there. So we’d like to request that for the purposes of this ‘Town Hall’ post you limit your comments strictly to the question/s you’d like answered. In turn, we will respond with an answer. Thus if someone is coming to the comments after the fact, in theory, it would be much easier for them to follow along, rather than having to scroll thru dozens of comments trying to follow along.

* Follow up questions are fine, within reason, but obviously what we’re trying to avoid is a drawn out, back-and-forth conversation in the comments cluttering things up for everyone else.

* Again, at least for now, our plan is to delete any unnecessary comments in these ‘Town Hall’ posts to make it easier for everyone to follow the conversation and get to the information they/you want. So if your comment gets deleted, it doesn’t necessarily mean you did anything wrong or can expect a visit from the Ban Hammer. Rather, we’re just trying to keep things clean and easy to follow.

* We’ll see how things go, but the plan as of now is to spend around 30 minutes trying to answer as many questions as we can get to. If we don’t get to your question within the allotted time, well there’s always next week. We love the interaction and are working to encourage even more of it, but we also have lives too you know

Hopefully that all makes sense and you understand why we’re approaching things the way we’ve chosen to do so.
Alright, now that we have all that out of the way we’ll open up the comments starting at 7:30 pm (CT). Looking forward to seeing you back here then.