Sooner Squad 17 Update – Game 12

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Sooner Squad 17 (SS17) was a very hyped class for the Sooners. It featured some good talent and a lot of promise. It will be exciting to see the development of these players during their time at OU. SS17 started out with 27 players. Although one is no longer on the team, the late additions of Dillon Faamatu and, for the purposes of this post, Jeff Badet made it 28. (Yes, I know Badet is not technically in the recruiting class).

This is our weekly look into how that class is performing and what their contributions were in the most recent game.

ss17 – game 12 played

– Jeff Badet

– Robert Barnes

– Marquise Brown

– Tre Brown

– Grant Calcaterra

– Dillon Faamatau

– Addison Gumbs

– CeeDee Lamb

– Kenneth Murray

– Tre Norwood

– Trey Sermon

– Marcelias Sutton

12 players saw the field from SS17. That’s just a little above the average for the season.

SS17 – Game 12 Stats & Highlights

– Jeff Badet: 1 reception, 8 yards

– Marquise Brown: 2 receptions, 64 yards

– Grant Calcaterra: 2 receptions, 32 yards, 1 touchdown

– Dillon Faamatau: 1 A tackle

– Addison Gumbs: 1 UA tackle, 1 A tackle

– CeeDee Lamb: 4 reception, 92 yards, 1 touchdown

– Kenneth Murray: 5 UA tackles, 1 TFL

– Tre Norwood: 3 UA tackles, 1 A tackle

– Trey Sermon: 6 carries, 50 yards, 1 reception, 6 yards

– Marcelias Sutton: 57 APY

Those contributions accounted for:

– 18% of the carries

– 16% of the rushing yards

– 0% of the rushing touchdowns

– 63% of the receptions

– 61% of the receiving yards

– 50% of the receiving touchdowns

– 44% of the all purpose yards

– 16% of the total tackles


There’s no other way to say it: SS17 has gone above and beyond expectations this season.

Offensively, there were a lot of very positive contributions again. Marquise Brown continued being the deep ball, speedy threat he is. A few weeks ago, a review of Grant Calcaterra’s season would have shown some bright spots, but perhaps not a regular contributor. At this point in the season, however, he’s definitely shown to be a threat. When OU has both Calc and Andrews stretching the defense, it’s just not fair. Trey Sermon continued his punishing running style with a handful of nice runs. All of that brings us to CeeDee Lamb.

Lamb has been fantastic this season. He’s reliable, both to get open and to make the catch. He fights for the tough catches. His down-field blocking has sprung a handful of touchdowns and big plays. He’s just playing awesome. This should really show what he’s done this season:

Keep in mind, that’s after sitting out a majority of a couple of games. Lamb is unlikely to end up the freshmen leader in receptions, as Kenny Stills had 61 his freshman year. However, 7 receptions would vault him over Ryan Broyles, Mark Clayton, and Sterling Shepard into 2nd place on the most freshmen receptions list. The other two categories, however, are very plausible. He needs about 50 yards to take first place in yards, and 1 touchdown to be the leader there. Needless to say, he’s having a big season.

Defensively, this week was another big one. The Sooners started 3 true freshmen on defense (Murray & Norwood), but Barnes and Brown once again came in strong throughout the game. Norwood and Brown do such a great job of looking for the ball and disrupting the catch. The two Tre’s have a total of 7 PBU – OU has 22 on the year. That means that, in very limited playing time when you look at the entire season, those two have about a third of the PBU. That’s quite impressive.