Post Practice Notes and Quotes (Offense)

– Heupel: Cody Thomas will be the back-up QB. Heupel said that he’s developed in every way possible…physically, mentally, etc. Said that he has enough athleticism to make plays with his feet on non-design run plays where the play breaks down and he’s got to pick up yards.

– Heupel: Talked about the OL…said that they are strong and cohesive. They function well as a unit. Overall sounded very excited about the OL.

– Knight: Specifically mentioned a couple young WRs that are coming on…specifically mentioned KJ Young and Jordan Smallwood.

– Knight: Praised Samaje Perine. When asked about the RBs Knight mentioned Samaje first. He talked about the other guys but clearly Perine is someone that he really likes. Knight said that he’s done a great job with pass blocking.

– Stoops: Said Cody will be Trevor’s back-up. This matches what we’ve been hearing all summer, specifically that Hansen still has a ways to go.

– Norvell: Was asked if he’s starting to find who is beginning to separate themselves at WR. He said that Shepard and Durron are offering them stability on the perimeter. He said that KJ Young and Quick are standing out in the slot. He said that Jordan Smallwood is doing a nice job. But he said that it’s starting to solidify with that first group of Durron, Shep and Young/Quick.

– Norvell: Said that the WRs really have a good rhythm with Trevor.

– Norvell: On KJ Young, “KJ is just playing a lot faster. He really has an understanding of what we want him to do inside. He’s playing really fast…rolling off the football. That’s a big thing here at Oklahoma. We really stress coming off the ball and playing with speed. When you watch guys like Kenny Stills and Jaylon Saunders…those guys roared off the football…KJ is starting to get that.”

– Norvell: Related to the point above Norvell said that, Dorial is having to learn how to get down in his stance and really explode off the line. Said that Dorial is picking that up.

– Norvell: Said that KJ and Quick are getting most of the reps in the slot.

– Norvell: Said that the deep play actions (go’s, posts, etc.) have been a big point of emphasis this offseason. Really stressed that they don’t want to allow defenses to pinch down on their underneath routes and said that they’re going to have to be able to make plays down the field.

– Norvell: When asked whether any of the other freshman WRs (other than Quick) could see the field Norvell didn’t specifically say yes. But he did make a point to mention Jeffery Mead. Said that Mead “gets better every single day”. Said he’s a very intelligent kid that is able to take the teaching and apply it right away. Also said that he’s shown the ability to make plays in traffic. Said that Dallis Todd is starting to come on. Also praised Mark Andrews. But it was clear that Mead was the one that he emphasized the most. He also said that they are all capable of playing but said it might not be worth playing them this year because of all the guys ahead of them.

– Norvell: Said that they will probably have 4-6 kids that get the majority of the WR reps and said that Derrick Woods will be one of those kids. Said “as a staff we feel really confident with him.” Said that he’s primarily an outside guy but can play both.

– Norvell: Said that the TE gives the QB a bigger target and it allows a QB to take more chances throwing the ball to someone that big because they are “open even when they’re covered”. Said that they want to utilize the big guys this year.

– Norvell: On DGB…”we push the dog out of him”. Said he’s gotten a taste of what Oklahoma football is and said that he’s spending extra time after practice. “A great kid…working hard.” Reading between the lines Norvell seemed to be confirming that the OU regimen is just tougher than what he was used to at Missouri.

– Norvell: Said that Oklahoma’s offense historically has always been best when the offensive weapons are flexible (can split out, be blockers, etc.). Said that they are building this offense to be that way…very versatile…to have guys that can do a lot of different things on the field so that they can take advantage of mismatches.

– Norvell: Said that the OL is “big and experienced…we can pour a lot of beef at people…” Said that they’ve also got a number of downhill runners and feels like the run game can be really good this season.

– Norvell: When asked if Samaje would play this year, “I think definitely he’s definitely one of the freshman that has an opportunity to contribute…no question. He’s a big physical kid…he’s taken care of the football…we’re gaining more confidence in him everyday.”

– Norvell: Said that Samaje runs with his pads really well…protects the ball…and learns quickly. Lots of praise for Samaje.


  • Sooner8494

    I’m totally fine with Cody being the backup. I saw a few of his games as a junior and senior and have always been impressed with his athletic ability along with presence on the field.
    Of course, it would be nice having Baker eligible since he’s seen ample game action and would obviously be the best option if Trevor should go down.

    • EasTex

      I’ve been a Cody supporter since he committed.
      He ran an offense in high school very similar to OU’s and he was masterful.

      • Ed Cotter

        I really like CT also.

      • JJsooner1

        Indeed he was EasTex.

    • JB

      I’m still hoping Mayfield wins his appeal. TK had injury issues last yr, so the backup has a good chance of playing some this year. I’d rather it be the guy with D-1 experience.

      • Ed Cotter

        OU just seems to roll out the QBs, so Cody Thomas will be just fine. Now, that being said, I want to see TK out there until the fourth quarter when CT can get some snaps to build experience. Keep Knight Healthy.

  • Mason

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Samaje

  • Jake

    Thanks for the post. As a fan who enjoys cross-referencing multiple media outlets for news on OU Football, this is EASILY my favorite option for getting insight into the team. Keep up the good work!

    • steveinok

      And it is one site where I’m not afraid to read the comments section. Maybe because the idiots can’t actually spell brainiacs. The name of this site actually serves as a filter.

  • Shifty

    Nice notes guys…I was gonna ask about Woods but seen where he got mentioned later…fig he’d def be in the rotation…If he plays outside then I guess he just behind SHep and Neal…pretty big deal with the emergence of Young (hs tape was sick) and Quick showing up to allow Shep outside…I take it Woods and DGB (if available def) would be the 5 and 6 guys in the rotation

    • soonermusic

      yeah, I have been waiting to hear mention of Woods for a while now, too. I expect to see some good stuff out of him this year, if he sees the field much.

      • blaster1371

        Woods comes across as a scrapper. He is one of my guys I’m rooting for this season- just like his moxy.

    • JJsooner1

      Woods should be in the mix. That catch he made in the SB over the middle was sick. Ball was high and he just snatched it. Got us out of a serious hole.

  • Zack

    Dannon cavil = Chaney 2.0?

    • Super K

      Prob too early to say.

      • Zack

        Hope so. I want to see every ou player be successful.

    • Spencer

      Yeah what ever happened to Cavil? Thought with being an early enrollee, and being a 4* might have a chance to do something early. Haven’t heard much since he’s been on campus

      • Super K

        He’s still on the team…just hasnt been able to crack the depth chart yet. It’s still early for him but to be totally honest I wasnt blown away by his HS film.

        • blaster1371

          I agree. He wasn’t brought in to be “the man” but add some depth. Sounds like this is a pack of hard working WRs who are all hungry.

  • Cory Reedy

    Speaking of Samaje, anyone remember a TRUE Freshman getting this much praise? Especially on a team that is a pre-season top-5 team with a lot of returning starters? It’s crazy how much I am reading about him.

    • Eric Hoffpauir

      Murray, maybe. Before that, AD.

    • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

      What was his name…?
      It was that one no not that guy…
      I’m drawing a blank…

    • Super K

      Earlier in the year we were told by someone inside the program that Samaje was the most surprising freshman since AD. Not saying he’s that kind of impact player…just that he has been so impressive physically that it really caught the coaches by surprise.

      • EasTex

        It would seem his maturity and work ethic for an 18yo has surprised many.

        • Super K

          very true.

  • EasTex

    Thanks for the practice notes, always appreciated.

    Now that they are getting into a routine and the “grind” is over, I think the practices will be productive and the guys that can be trusted to know their assignments and protect the ball will step forward.

  • Kevin Burger

    With what’s been said about Flowers, Perine, McNamara, and Bell, I’m really excited to see this team in short yardage/goal line situations. Putting those four out there with Rip, and it feels like it would be pretty unfair to the opposition.

  • Sooner Ray

    The more of these practice reports I read, the faster my heart beats waiting for that first kickoff!

  • Fear The Magic

    Gotta love that it looks like our TEs might be a big part of our offense. That will open up things BIG TIME for the other WRs. Ok Im actually getting excited now.

  • Big Higg

    I’m really excited about Perine and the probable use of TEs in the O. I have a feeling Bell is going to be unstoppable. That guy is just meant to play football. Kickoff cannot get here quick enough!

    • blaster1371

      Sounds like Perine is working himself in for some serious playing time. I look for OU to bring him in slowly so that by mid season he can be a 1 or 2 if (in my opinion it’s more when) Ford or Ross get nicked up.

    • CPSooner

      2012 ~ Bell beats okie light with a TD run
      2013 ~ Bell beats the pukes with a TD pass
      *2014~ Bell will “catch” the game winner against lOSUr…

      and the TRIFECTA is complete!!! You may turn pro young man!!!

      *I don’t believe the pokes will be able to hang that close to us that we will need a game winner, but hey, the thought of Bell doing that is pretty cool.

      • EasTex

        I like the way you think.

      • roygbell

        I think multiple TD plays will be as likely the winner against osu as any play by Bell :).

      • ToatsMcGoats

        Yeah, Bell will catch the game winner…in the first quarter. I think we’ll roll those pukes big time this season.

  • ToatsMcGoats

    Love the updates to the site!!

  • Buster Rhymes 4

    I heart Oklahoma football! It seems this staff has developed a ton of talent on this team.
    Can’t wait to hear from the D coaches… BOOMER!

  • paganpink

    MAN OH MAN. If the running game is really good and takes pressure off the WR’s and the WR’s are really food freeing up the run game, and we have an experienced and big O line..well then all the other teams are in trouble- because our defense will be much better then last year and they really helped carry us then! We’re much better then the 11 win season team that outplayed Alabama on both sides of the ball. The sky”s the limit this year.

  • Dude You Didn’t

    Norvell just knows how to detail the issues and properly communicate them to the fans. The guy is HC material imo. I can’t recall coming away from a Norvell presser thinking, “he doesn’t see it for what it is”. I do have issues with Heupel more so than not in that regard. Cale Gundy is another great communicator in the mold of Jay Norvell. Both just know how to put it all out there and not skirt the obvious. That’s on the offensive side of the ball.

  • Dude You Didn’t

    By the way…The Football Brainiacs’ format of reporting is the best bar none today, covering anything OU football. No drama message board format to navigate through and simply great insight without the star hype. Keep up the good work and don’t become a message board. If anything, try podcasting and a magazine blog format like ESPN with ads, so you can generate major cash. If you go around national bloggers on business and/sports subjects, some have a following of 300,000 people and cash-in begin time. There is a startup podcaster that details the process, while cashing-in called entrepreneuronfire. The dude is a young ex-lawyer gone podcaster. He publically shows his balance sheet, which includes stout numbers around $280k/month. Continue to differentiate your brand, just don’t dilute it and become much of the same. Check it out:

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Our offense is an Arsenal.

  • Eric Tauriainen

    Our offense has the chance to be something really special. Plus, great improvement on defense could make for a trophy run. Should be a very interesting and exciting season.

    • blaster1371

      It does but so many unproven players- TE, center, WR, RB, HB (Flowers). I’m anchoring myself on the “just win” mantra and not expecting an offense that just rolls defenses.

      • Eric Tauriainen

        Oh yes, I want the players to have the mentality of “just win”. But if the players just do their jobs we should have a better than average offense that has a chance at being special. Emphasis on chance.

  • roygbell

    Being a “show me first before swallowing the kool-aid” type of fan it is getting harder and harder for me to remain calm and collected, ha. This season is shaping up as a good one. Still, I have been disappointed many times. We just seem to have all the pieces on both offense and defense. Finally, OU is becoming an upfront team on both sides of the ball. Not to say we haven’t had good OL/DLs over the Stoops years, but it just seems that more emphasis has been put on the upfront OL/DL types in the last couple of years.

    • blaster1371

      I agree. Remember the o- line OU had in Landry Jones first season ? It was so piecemeal (injuries had a lot to do with it) with absolutely no depth never mind quality depth. I had no idea what quality of playerOU had acquired when It landed Williams and Thompson. Those two have been rock solid, perhaps unnoticed at times but down right good. I hope the young bucks are paying close attention to their work ethic.

  • Not OU related but this guy is on the verge of being a dumpster fire

    • blaster1371

      I think he is going to learn about the fine system the NFL has for such things. Sometimes he can such a punky little boy.

      • Jed

        I’m increasingly sorry that Ray Lewis is retired.

        • blaster1371

          Lol!!! That would be just the dude to ear hole that Aggie!

    • EasTex

      I still maintain the prediction I made about Miley Football many months ago.
      He will broke and in prison in ten years.

      • blaster1371

        Your being hip on the going ons of Miley Cyrus is funny— things kinda slow is east Texas? 🙂

        • EasTex

          I’ve been calling him that for quite a while. The similarity being you know he is going to show is gluteus, just like her, you just don’t know when or why.

  • Jordan Esco

    Bob’s exact words were “in all likelihood” Cody Thomas would be the backup quarterback, but in the very same breath said that would depend on how things turn out w/ Baker Mayfield.

    If that’s ‘naming a backup quarterback’ then I guess I’m not as sharp as several others. But I also didn’t have a column I had to file today either.

    • J J

      And see I don’t think it’s any different than the Drew Allen/Blake bell convos…mayfields only adv is actual game time experience.