New Sooners JUCO Offer Sets A Visit

Image via hudl

Oklahoma has offered 2015 JUCO safety, Ezekiel Turner, out of Pierce Community College. Turner tweeted out news of the offer Monday night. I spoke to Turner’s head coach at Pierce this morning, and he confirmed the offer. He also said that Turner will be visiting Oklahoma this weekend for the Kansas game.

I really love what I see from Turner on film. He navigates trash inside the box like a linebacker. He diagnoses plays quickly. Is very physical at the point of attack.

In talking to Coach Martinez this morning, he feels Turner will be best as a strong safety. He had great things to say about Turner, “has great size and speed…6’2 205 lbs.” I think he could step in take Quentin Hayes’ spot at the strong safety position and Martinez said he’s great in space and can cover man-to-man.

Personally, I see a player who can play both safety spots. He brings a back end presence as a high safety that OU has been missing this season, in that he reads the quarterback quickly and closes even faster. Coach Martinez told me that Turner has four years to play three, so if OU can land him then he could be around for a while.

My guess is this offer has everything to do with OU wanting to get more athleticism at the safety position. Turner and Steven Parker would do just that while still giving the OU secondary both size and physicality against the run.

I really like the decision to extend this offer.

  • Zack

    He looks a little smaller than 6’2 but reminds me of earl Thomas.

    • Super K

      Does look smaller than 6’2 to me as well but he’s got great explosion through his hips.

      • Jed

        He looks kind of ‘thick’, so maybe it’s just an ‘optical delusion’.

  • SoonerOracle737

    We desperately need someone with the attitude and skills at that position.

  • EasTex

    I really like the decision to extend this offer.

    I concur with your statement.
    Big, decisive, fast and quick.

    I never played in space, but he makes it look effortless.

    • Super K

      Indeed…effortless. Coach Martinez said the same.

      • OUknowitscomin

        ‘Navigates through trash’ well is impressive. Seems to have a real knack for finding ball. Thanks K

        • Super K

          you got it buddy!

  • F1at1ined

    What kind of offer list does Turner have? I imagine we can certainly sell to him the idea of him stepping into the lineup as soon as next season replacing Q. I am encouraged that he has lined up a visit so quickly. Hopefully our defense can put on a show that day like we did when we played Tennessee.

    • Super K

      ASU, Indiana, Washington, Illinois, Purdue

  • CS

    Explosive, hard hitter and flies to the ball! Will be an excellent get.

  • hushnpa

    I’m guessing its likely we’ve lost out on either Haughton or Reid ?

    • Super K

      Not at all. But neither Haughton or Reid would likely be ready next year.

      • hOUligan

        With only Byrd, Parker and Thomas the only returning scholarship players returning, was waiting for a juco offer to go out. Found his JR film from hs in MD. More impressive. Played RB, safety, caught the ball. VG speed. Offers Ball St, ECU out of hs.

        • Not surprised. He looks like he’s built to play RB.

      • Zack

        Plus mike would play 11 safeties if he could.

  • JDSooner

    Looks great in run support…tackles ballcarriers with authority (as you expect that an elite safety prospect would)…would love to see more of his coverage skills. Looks like a player that, with a little more experience, receivers would have to account for on short and intermediate routes from their route tree…

  • EasTex

    SK, have a question. Doesn’t OU currently have some offers to Dallas South Oak Cliff players?
    I’m almost certain they do, but can’t recall.

    • Super K

      OU had a safety commit from there but he decommitted and is now committed to Texas (Jamile Johnson). Also, ND commit, Prentice McKinney had an OU offer.

      • EasTex

        SOC goes against my old school in the playoffs Friday night and keep reading about all the D-1 talent they have. Their RB is committed to Texsa and their WR to TCU.

        • Super K

          You got it bud!

  • Chris White

    All I want is consistency in the coaching staff. If Mike says his system is a pass rush press, attaking defense, stick to it. Don’t change. Develop your guys in your system and let them loose. I know it’s basketball but look at Greg Popvich’s system? Chip Kelly’s system? They stick to it and when guys learn it as well as you, you have success.
    If Josh H. wants a pocket passing, air raid offense with a little run up the middle, then recruit for that and teach that! Don’t recruit running QB’s and try to convert them when you only work with the QB’s minimally during the week. Recruit big 6’5″ pocket passers and a ton of WR’s and have a ball. If that isn’t the Offense Bob wants then he shouldn’t have you there because that’s your SYSTEM. If Bob wants a balanced Zone Option pass offense, he needs to find the appropriate Coach. I think Bob will make some changes (optimistically) because he knows the issues and he needs to keep Supporters happy, now more than ever, to pay for these upgrades.

    • Super K


    • hOUligan

      Fully agree. Esp the part about getting the right coach for your system then recruiting the players that ‘fit’, no matter the *stars*. I like(d) the ZRO/running QB idea but do not believe the staff is either committed or ‘right’ to coach and run it. Continue recruiting 6’5 QBs with cannons and the feet to scramble a little and the WRs to go with it and have the power backs behind a big Oline. It’s their comfort zone apparently so why not ride with it.

  • Stephen Dale

    If he is an ‘upgrade’ go after him !!!!!!! M Stoops needs talent !!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen

    Man, I just want someone to commit. Almost 2 months now with no indication of who is next.

    However this guy reminds me a lot of Justin Reid just a bit bigger. Gets down field quick and punishes the runner.

  • EasTex

    One player I find enigmatic is RB Chris Warren from Rockwall, Tx.
    He’s tearing it up on the playing field, has offers from a plethora of D-1 schools, yet has made no official visits and has never committed.
    Odd, that.

    • hOUligan

      Was on my recruiting radar early on. 6’2 232 Offers from everyone incl ‘Bama-sec schools, Oregon and OU but looks like he is likely to be a whorn.

      • EasTex

        Seems like an appropriate school for an enigma. 🙂

    • Indy_sooner

      Looking for insight, not criticizing Tex, with 4 Elite backs (6 or 7 RBs total bext year?) on the roster + Rodney Anderson, why is OU still looking at RBs? I mean, we passed on Soso and a bunch of others.

      • EasTex

        I have no idea, I can only speculate that a very talented player is always in demand.
        As for Warren, I don’t know when he was offered, I just find it odd that he has all these offers and not only hasn’t committed, but hasn’t even taken an official visit.

        • Indy_sooner

          Interesting point. The official visit part at least. Could be one of those legacy guys like Shep maybe… already knows where he’s going.

        • Sooner Ray

          Sounds like a smart kid, just not smart enough to stay away from Austin maybe.

        • Boom

          I remember not long ago we had so many RBs, we didn’t know what to do. Then one got hurt and several transferred and we didn’t have much depth. I guess you can’t ever have enough.

          • EasTex

            There are only so many Studley McStud RBs to go around. 🙂

  • Jared Tyra

    Sounds a bit like when the OU coaches had Reggie Smith playing safety and he developed that signature of erasing receivers. I like it.

  • hemisooner

    Writing on the wall for Thomas and Bryd or the feeling that we cant either safety prospect? By the way, his film looks really good.

  • JB

    I’m all for getting more Cali talent, especially in place of Texas players. But one thing concerns me…Pierce College is a BAD football team with a terrible defense that gave up an average of 41.4 points per game. That said, I like his closing speed and his desire for contact.