Some Quick Thoughts On Lio Lafaele

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The King, Barry Switzer, used to say that you only need to watch one or two plays of a guy who’s a great player to know he can play. Lio (VIDEO) is that guy to me, supremely athletic and nastiness to spare. Right now he is committed to Texas Tech. But hopefully with Coach Montgomery’s Polynesian connection, he can get Lio on campus and then who knows what could happen.

I love the aggressiveness he shows on his first two plays. Right off the bat, you notice he has to know some sort of hand fighting based off of how he sets up in pass pro on the first clip. The d-end tries to get his hands in on him, he knocks the hands down, locks onto the guy and buries him…in pass pro! On play number two, he sets up a guy perfectly for a cut block, knifes him down, gets up and knocks the guy down two more times. Motor anyone?

Hopefully we’ll be able to dig up more on this guy, but I’m a buyer right away. He’s very athletic, great with his hands, bends at the knees well, and he’s grade A nasty. We all know how high that ranks on my list. Even though he’s only 6’4″, as athletic and good as his he is with his hands, he can overcome an inch or two in height.  I reallllllly like this guys game.  We need him BAD.



  • Shifty

    Would really help with the depth issue and have a chance to make an immediate impact with both starters grad’n and the unknownsyouth behind them

  • Sooner Ray

    JY, you’ve spotted a good one here. He can play bigger than he is. He seems to have a good fighting stance that never let’s his opponent gain an advantage and for a big guy, even seems to have a bit of “quick twitch” to him. Let’s go stomp a mud hole in Tech and see if we can get a flip on this guy.

    • JY

      I’d love to get him on the team. That kind of attitude is contagious

  • Zack

    This would be his sophomore year of school right? Any chance he redshirted last season?

    • Shifty

      He was class of 12 that means he plays thru 16 and has already red shirted…originally committed to utah out of high school

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    He enjoys pain and it doesn’t matter whether that pain is yours or his.

  • Coach Montgomery’s Polynesian connection?

    Seems to me more like Kingsbury is the one with the connection.

    • hOUligan

      Got another hill to climb. The connection is the TT coach recruiting him, Chiavrini, is also from Corona, CA. Not sure if from the same high school. They are working at building a base for the Polynesian guys at Tech with the Fehoko bros and Lio.

  • EasTex

    I watched two minutes of his video.
    You’re right JY, this young man is special.

    • JY

      You don’t need to see a lot to know someone or something is special.

      • SoonerfanTU

        Kate Upton being a good example.

        • JY

          exactly. You know it when you see it. If you have to justify it, it may not be all that great to begin with.

        • hOUligan

          Oh yeah, good length, nice footwork and a great upper body. Not sure about the attitude. You don’t have to look long to see she is special. ; ) And Lafaele looks pretty good, too. OG? or offered at OT?

  • lovethemsooners

    I’m just scratching my head at why we’re getting our ass kicked by Baylor and Tech in recruiting. Definitely a point to bring up in the “recruiting issues” articles coming out right now. Texas recruiting used to belong to OU and Texas. Everyone got what was left over. Those days are long gone.

    • Zack

      I think it’s a phase. But I also think it’s a good thing that OU is trying to go more national as opposed to staying in texas. Different regions have different styles. OSU was running texas as far as letting OU and texas get the bigger recruits, and they would get all the leftover kids. Osu had the most players from texas on last years roster.

    • Doobie74OU

      Baylor has a great head coach and staff, won the Big 12 last year, and their Quarterback won the Heisman 2 years ago! That is a ton of great recruiting material! Tech has the “IT” coach right now young, energetic, & charismatic! He can sell himself and his program really well. As Zack says below if Tech doesn’t win the next couple years that will be all gone for the Red Raiders, but I think Baylor is here to stay for awhile. Art Briles has done a wonderful job turning a doormat into a yearly contender! All that being said, OU just has to be themselves. They have plenty to offer and are always at the top of the Big 12 and are getting back in the National picture. We have no worries if we stay on this path!