Open Post | Tuesday, April 29th (Updated 3:14 pm)

– Firstly, in case you missed it Kahlil McKenzie put out his Top 5 this past weekend. Which were (in no particular order, per McKenzie): Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma, USC, and Wisconsin. However, Kahlil also received an offer from Alabama yesterday. And while that could be a ‘game-changer’ for a lot of prospects, I don’t think Alabama will be a big player in his recruitment. From my conversations in the past with Kahlil, the Top 5 he mentioned are exactly the five I would have guessed. As I mentioned last week, while Arizona made a big impression it’s my understanding — based on what Kahlil told me — that Arizona is not ahead of Tennessee or Oklahoma.

– Had a chance to speak to someone who definitely knows the skinny on Malik Jefferson. And while he wouldn’t tell me which school he is favoring right now, he did tell me something significant. I was essentially told that if Jefferson had to sign today, it would NOT be with the Texas A&M. He said Jefferson wasn’t actually that high on TAMU right now.

Another thing we discussed on the site last week was that there are multiple TAMU commits reconsidering their decision. Malik Jefferson is one of the “Fab 5” which also includes Daylon Mack, Justin Dunning, Larry Pryor and JaMycal Hasty. Three of those five are currently committed to TAMU, however I know at least one of them is seriously reconsidering his commitment. And that same kid did not have very flattering things to say about TAMU last time I spoke with him. Meanwhile, Hasty is actually committed to Baylor and it sounds like his offer was likely pulled by TAMU prior to his BU commitment.

If Jefferson is indeed not going to end up at TAMU, then one has to think OU would be a regional school that makes sense for him. Though I have heard that he is looking at LSU right now. I’d like to think OU could pull Jefferson, but the fact is we haven’t pulled a high profile LB recruit in a couple years. And it’s hard to really think that’s just suddenly going to change. So I’m not particularly optimistic, but I’d still consider it a small victory if he didn’t end up at TAMU, haha.

– I spoke to Coach Mann at Crosby HS (Crosby, TX), and he said Coach Montgomery stopped by yesterday to visit a couple of players. He said Oklahoma likes OL Keenan Murphy and DB Joseph Pickney. Both are 2016 players.

– A 2015 WR to keep an eye on is Prime Prep Academy (Dallas, TX), James Proche. Proche absolutely destroys just about everyone he goes against in camp and has great film. He doesn’t have a ton of offers at the moment which is confusing because, in my opinion, he’s one of the best slot type WRs in the area. I chatted with Proche a little over the weekend, and he said that Oklahoma has been in touch and will be by to see him this spring. If OU makes it by, I’ve got to believe Proche picks up an offer.

And we’d immediately be the best offer on his list (which currently includes Colorado State, Houston, SMU, TCU, and Tulsa). I want this kid. Everything I know about him tells me he will be successful at the next level.

– Despite the weather in Alabama yesterday (and heartfelt thoughts to all those affected), Coach Kish was in town to visit with 2014 signee Dwayne Orso. They had red beans and rice, which is no surprise seeing as Orso is originally from Louisiana.

– Also wanted to mention that I did see a lot of y’alls questions/comments about why Oklahoma’s recruiting has been slow lately, and I’ve started to work up a post to offer my opinion. Just wanted to give you a heads up that will be coming.

UPDATE (11:40 am): Got word that Tennessee is in the state of Oklahoma today visiting Josh Wariboko and Dahu Green. Green and Wariboko are friends and would like to play with each other if possible so you can expect a lot of top programs to come through Oklahoma looking at those two.

– UPDATE (1:52 pm): Per Demetric Warren, Sooners have offered 2016 DE Isaiah Chambers (Houston, TX) – VIDEO

UPDATE (2:28 pm): Have confirmed that coach Jerry Montgomery went by to see DE Isaiah Chambers and did indeed make the offer.

UPDATE (3:14 pm): Sounds like coach Jerry Montgomery is going by Jersey Village HS in Houston today to visit 2015 LB/S Jordon Williams and 2015 LB/S Christian Taylor. Both Williams and Taylor have an impressive break on the ball and look really comfortable in the box and in coverage. I don’t know what positions they are looking at them for just yet but Jersey Village head coach is an OU alum so it’s never a bad idea to stop by there when they’ve got a couple studs.

  • Jordan Esco

    Didn’t feel like you all would appreciate me adding this to the post itself, so I’ll just leave this here…

    • Jim


    • Jim

      geez, the more I see this, the more it makes me sick to my stomach. Take this crap down. 🙂

    • Zack

      lol dude can go to Austin at this point I would rather him go somewhere else and get ran over for 4 years by ou.

    • Ed Cotter

      Sorry Jordan…..had to give it a vote down. Nothing personal toward you, just the puke orange.

      • Jordan Esco

        I’d expect nothing less. No offense taken 😉

    • John Garner

      Oh geez, why the pic of Lampkin in puke orange? Spoiled my breakfast. If we can get Settle and Mackenzie, we’ll be fine. More than fine.

    • Super K

      No offense to Lampkin personally but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t see the talent. I’d take anyone of the other DEs we have offered over him in a heartbeat.

      • kt-raida

        My thoughts exactly with no disrespect to him, but I saw a sustainable DE under Oklahoma’s outstanding development program.

    • SoonerfanTU

      Well. Bye!

    • lovethemsooners

      Wonder if he ever considered consulting with Josh Tuner or Demarco Cobb. Both #1 recruits from the State of Oklahoma that went on to have “stellar” careers at UT. Was there anything more gratifying than watching Blake Bell piggy backing Cobb into the endzone……other than see him pointlessly trying to run down D. Williams on that 95 yarder.

      Yeah, go ahead young Mr. Lampkin, enjoy those plush dorms you’ll be required to live in too.

    • EasTex

      Why would he want to wear a dirty diaper???

  • Jim

    Well I think now that the JFF machine is winding down at A&M, recruits are finally beginning to realize just how suspect defensive coaching has been at A&M. Should be an extreme eye-opener for many of them. Now, they’ve landed some solid talent the past 2 years, so if they cannot produce this year against what should be a typically offensively-challenged $EC, then the defensive recruiting wheels should begin coming loose at A&M. Fine by me!

    • Josh

      What I can’t wait for is the Spin machine talking up those SEC defenses next year now that they have lost most of the top QBs. How long before Coach Stoops gets asked about the reemergence of the stifling SEC Ds…

  • Jim

    Just watched Proche’s film. Lots of positives about his film. However, personally, if it’s available, I’d like to see film of him against much better competition; like from major camps or something. That’s the only thing that worries me about lower-competition prospects: can they handle/produce against better athletes. Proche looks like he’s got that competitive streak to him that would push him to step up and play even better against tougher competition. I would just like to see it. 🙂

    • Super K

      Totally understand. He’s been tearing up every DB he goes against in camp. Very talented imo.

      • Brian

        I believe Proche won the WR MVP at the Rivals Camp Series he went to…over guys like Dahu Green and a couple other studs. So the kid has gone against elite competition and done very well.

  • Zack

    Thanks for the updates lots of good stuff. Recruiting news is always welcomed even when it’s been a slow start.

  • Jared William Reininger

    I think TAMU needs a total rehaul on the defensive side of the ball if they want to be successful. Sumlin is going to get offensive recruits and I think they will have a great offense this year but his defensive recruiting is lackluster.Then again I think Kish is a terrible recruiter. I think if we could get a great linebacker coach/recruiter that we would be insanely set. Mike can get secondary players, Montgomery can get DLine, but Kish has yet to bring in anyone that he has had stiff competition for. I mean Evans is a beast, but nobody was fighting OU to get him. I say replace Kish.

    • Zack

      I don’t think kish is an issue while he may only be able to bring in 3 * guys he is bringing them in each of the 2 classes he’s been a part of. I’m not big on bringing in highly recruited kids as the only way to judge a recruiter or class. I think he’s done a good job of getting under the radar guys that fit the system at ou. Another thing that doesn’t help him is that ou doesn’t have a great history under stoops of putting linebackers in the nfl. Besides lofton I can’t think of one that has been or was a starter for years.

      • Jim

        I believe Lehman and Ingram were starters for a couple of years. No one knew about Ingram b/c he was in friggin’ Jacksonville. Several others have made the league; just not lasted. NFL is a tough business.

        • Zack

          Ingram I forgot about him. Thanks

      • Jared William Reininger

        I don’t get too hyped over star ratings usually. I mean you see guys like AD or whoever and know they deserve the stars. But a lot of times you watch a 4 star guys film and it makes you feel like you should put some pads on and go play. I am fine with under the radar guys. I prefer them most of the time cause generally they have a chip on their shoulder and will work harder. But I also feel Kish has missed out on some guys that make me wonder how he did. He lost Mastrogiavoni (sp?) and from what I hear it was because he never communicated with him after he became LB coach. I think Kish is a nice guy (I have actually met him) but there are linebacker recruits I see that we should be fighting for or in the mix for and most of the time we are on the outside looking in. It is like if Bama or LSU offer a LB we just throw in the towel. We are Oklahoma, we should be competing to get these guys. I mean the pros haven’t been great for our LBs but that transition is one of the toughest to make. Think of all the great LBs in the Stoops era. Lehman, Calmus(actually lasted in the NFL for a while), Rufus Alexander, Travis Lewis, Lofton, Torrance Marshall, just to name a few. Corey Nelson was another favorite of mine. I just think he needs to step it up on recruiting and get who we want and not the 5th or 6th guy we offer.

        • Zack

          I see what you mean yeah ou shouldn’t back down if the players really are torn but if the other schools jump ou I can see why he would back off some. I think he will be fine as long as our linebackers continue to produce. If they see striker and bond and everyone tear it up the next 2 years (hopefully they don’t try to leave) then I think we will get more interest from big recruits. There’s still a long way to go but from everything I’m catching on the internet is ou is at least in the hunt this year for linebackers.

      • RETIEF18

        And I think a big reason why OU brings in mostly 3* LB’s is because they always recruit undersized LB’s for their system and usually undersized LB’s get knocked down a star. I mean Striker and Shannon were both safeties in high school. Also there’s probably not a lot of big time LB’s wanting to come play in the Big 12 where covering receivers is like chasing a bunch of chickens with their head’s cut off.

        • hOUligan

          Big true dat. Mike likes spinning S up to LB for his multiple option D. That and last season was the first with even having more than 1 LB in the game 70% of the time. Hard to find guys that can do the multiple things he requires, much less get them when OU doesn’t have much history with LBs lately. Maybe after this year if Stiker, Dom and Evans wreak havoc things will change. Would love to get Jefferson, though. He’s been my #1 LB recruit for over a year.

      • Clint Ingram was a starter for Jacksonville for a few years.

  • thegoodmagneto(CJ)

    Any Louis Brown news? Is he still planning to visit OU & OSU this summer?

    • Super K

      Haven’t caught up with him in a while. I know OU has their eyes set on Bo Wallace though.

  • oupunk

    Can’t wait for ou to kick the vols, should open the eyes if done if these recruits.

  • Stephen

    Any news on whether or not OU plans to offer Dahu Green? I’d love to see him in crimson and cream.

    • Zack

      Me too I’m hoping they’re talking to him at least. I personally like him more than ofadile.

    • bmrsnr

      Probably waiting on Alex Ofodile.

      • Super Keith

        I think Ofodile is just a matter of time, and I think OU knows that which is why Green hasn’t gotten an offer.

        • Zack

          Do you think ofodile will choose ou? Seems like something strange is going on at mizzou.

          • bmrsnr

            Looks really good for us as of now. He has cancelled all of his visits.

  • bmrsnr

    Hopefully the bad news for A&M doesn’t equal good news for Texas :).

  • hOUligan

    So you don’t have to, 247 lists Taylor 6’1″ 181 offer from Utah but an unofficial to aTm. 247 has Williams at 6’1″ 194 offers from IState, Utah & Rice & took unofficial to aTm.