Open Post | Thursday, April 24th (UPDATE 4:35 pm)

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– Only one day after Oklahoma offered DE Neville Gallimore, the Sooners have made another 2015 DE offer. Last night, OU offered Yazoo City, MS DE prospect Gabriel Campbell. While most of OU’s DE offers have gone to guys who are built more like prototypical 3-techs, Gabriel is a longer DE at 6’5″ and built a lot more like 2014 prospect Trey Carter.

Campbell’s recruiting has been “interesting.” He’s incredibly talented and really is the kind of player who should have a ton of offers from all over the country, but in fact only holds a handful of offers. But it is a pretty interesting collection of schools that includes the two in-state schools (Ole Miss & Miss. St.) as well as Alabama and now Oklahoma.

The reason for an offer list, that includes Bama, that does not reflect his talents? Yazoo City is a Mississippi State stronghold. Fletcher Cox, a Yazoo City alum and current Philadelphia Eagle, is a Miss. St. product and for the most part any player from Yazoo City that can play at the high major level somehow ends up in Starkville.

Is it a forgone conclusion then that Campbell will do the same? Not in my opinion. I think there is certainly a good chance he could, but Gabriel actually grew up a fan of both Oklahoma and Alabama. I’ve spoken to him at length about it, and the Sooner offer was one that he really wanted. He told me point blank that if Oklahoma offers, they would get one of his five official visits. And I’m not the only one he told about his interest in Oklahoma growing up. He actually first said it to a writer from Rivals a few weeks back. Some kids are savvy enough to drop lines like that in order to trigger an offer, but I’ve spoken to Gabriel a number of times and what I can tell you is 1) Gabriel just isn’t that type of kid – he’s a straight shooter and 2) SEC kids don’t typically try to trigger an OU offer. They try to trigger offers from Auburn, Georgia, FSU, etc. The fact is Campbell’s interest in OU is real. In fact, here is he’s tweet from last night after the offer came in:

– Some of you asked if the Neville Gallimore offer was a result of the Du’Vonta Lampkin decommittment and the answer to that is, absolutely. The Campbell offer was also a result of Lampkin’s decision as well, by the way. But, again, that isn’t to say Coach Montgomery fails to hold Campbell or Gallimore in high esteem. It was simply as case of Lampkin already being committed by the time Oklahoma came across both and with only one more spot to fill at DE, they couldn’t put out anymore offers.

– A coaching friend of mine in Dallas dropped an interesting nugget on me yesterday. He is friends with a lot of the high school head coaches in Dallas, and told me he was talking to some folks in the area who said the word around Skyline is that LB Anthony Wheeler will likely end up at OU.

– Star Katy 2015 RB, Rodney Anderson, has decommitted from Texas A&M. Why is this significant? Because Oklahoma was recruiting Anderson before he committed to TAMU, and he was in Norman on an unofficial visit earlier this month.

– Also, I’m hearing that Anderson isn’t the only prospect reconsidering their commitment to TAMU. I’ve heard Jordan Davis, Daylon Mack, and perhaps others are also rethinking their decision. I don’t know if a decommitment is imminent from either of those players, but it’s my understanding they are certainly considering it. I’m not sure why Davis would be, but with Mack I believe it’s the same reason you’ve heard me say here previously. I’ve heard other recruits complain about TAMU, because they’re very concerned about the defensive development.

– We’ve had folks ask us about big time WR DaMarkus Lodge, and while I haven’t spoken to Lodge just yet I can tell you what I do know as of today. He is a very well trained WR. He’s privately trained by someone who does not send kids to OU. So we haven’t really tried to reach out, because for a while I’ve felt it just wasn’t going to happen.

– Yesterday, Oklahoma offered in-state TE/DE Austin Cantrell. It’s my understanding that the offer was made as TE, but I’d have to confirm that. Cantrell is a really good player. We actually had a reader point him out to us a couple months back. Unfortunately, we never got around to really doing a write-up on him. He’s currently committed to Arkansas, so we’ll have to check and see whether the OU offer changes things for him.

– Some of you might have seen a tweet Kahlil McKenzie put out about his Arizona trip and how he enjoyed the trip so much that Arizona jumped a number of schools. Well I can tell you that while Arizona is now high on his list, they did not jump Oklahoma or Tennessee.

UPDATE (11:10 am): Sooners have offered 2015 offensive tackle Connor Williams (Coppell, TX)

– UPDATE (4:35 pm): Kahlil McKenzie just tweeted his Top 10 will be “coming soon.” Also said it could shock some people, fwiw.

  • SoonerPhins

    Those decommitments are looking like less of a problem every day. OU offered two stud DEs that were actually excited about the offers.

    Also is the “Swag” wearing off at A&M?

    • OU_Sooners

      Wait…. you mean that Johnny Manziel is no longer there? And neither is most of their offense? And that maybe they’ll win 7 games next year?

      Absolutely hate how Sumlin is running the A&M program– seems like it’s based on the “swagcopter” and not respect that Stoops radiates from his visor.

      • Daryl

        What is funny though is when Sumlin was at OU recruiting great WR’s everyone loved him. And I think we can all agree the job he did at Houston was a good job as well.

        Look I don’t like the SWAG crap either but at the end of the day people are talking about it. Which means people are talking about TAMU which means recruits are talking about TAMU. I hate it but Sumlin has his school in the conversation and that is half the battle. Again not slamming, because I agree how stupid it is but I also have to agree it is working on some level.

        • OU_Sooners

          I completely agree with everything in that post. Seems like a great coach and a hell of a recruiter. Just don’t like what the program stands for. OU, Bama, & ND have tradition and Championships. A&M has swag– so terrible.

          • BigJoeBrown

            What’s crazy is Sumlin’s new contract. $5 million a year. That’s a lot of money, more than Miles, Richt, Meyer, Fisher, ect… I guess now is when A&M get’s to see if he can earn his paycheck.

          • OU_Sooners

            Johnny Football earned him $3 Million of it, too.

          • Yep. Not to take away what Sumlin did at Houston, but Manziel is almost single handedly the reason for their recent success in recruiting and national exposure. Sumlin has to use his own players now that Manziel is gone. I think he’s going to have a tough year.

          • Brad Holland

            Johnny Football probably made at least $1 Million when he was there.

          • ATM is all “fake it till you make it”, but I agree it’s working on some level. I think if they have another mediocre, or less, season this year, the wind will start to come out of their sails a bit, which is exactly what I think is going to happen.

          • Billy Jackson

            Should be interesting. There’s no doubt he’s pulling in talent that should be able to compete with anyone. But, unless he fixes his defensive woes, and shows he can get highly touted guys to completely buy in and work hard, his teams won’t be anything more than a Michigan or a Tennessee, who always have top recruiting classes, yet can’t seem to find their way out of mediocrity.

          • Billy Jackson

            Once again, gotta agree. I think what makes me so bitter is Sumlin’s ability to land top talent at a school that hasn’t done much at all, while, as you correctly pointed out yesterday, it seems like Stoops and Co. have to pull stuff out of their a$@es at the last minute, regardless of the pedigree and constant success his program has going for it.

            A&M very much reminds me of Oregon. UofO was an afterthought until just a few years ago, but Phil Knight and some clever marketing have turned Oregon into a contender that has no problem attracting top talent. Instead of all the uniforms, A&M uses the SEC and a damn good recruiter to sell their brand.

            So, my “bitterness” is actually a resentful respect, but I can’t help it. I’m a Sooner through and through.

        • Shelby is a Patriot

          I like Sumlin, but he has no control over his team (a big part of that being due to Manziel), and I’ve lost a bit of respect for him because of it.

          • EasTex

            I know what you mean, but I will give Sumlin some slack, since the President of TAMU went public in his support of Miley Football just before their fall camp began. Sumlin would have incurred the full wraith of the TAMU administration, students and benefactors if he had sat his QB.

  • Dustin Parish

    How much of a lead to you think the Vols have on us in regard to McKenzie?

    • OUZach

      I was curious about this as well. A lot of 24/7 predictions going to UT right now.

      • Dustin Parish

        Just by looking at his twitter, it is pretty obvious that they are the favorite.

      • vargo05

        For good reason. Look at their class last year. Top 5 class from a team that has accomplished very little in the last 5 years, or more. Butch Jones is selling something down there.

    • Super K

      I think McKenzie is torn. There is a ton he likes at OU and a ton at OU that Tennessee doesn’t have right now…stability and winning are two of the big ones. But as y’all know Tennessee is where his daddy played and that’s big.

      • Dustin Parish

        It looks like they did a great job on his visit there as well. Hopefully once we play them this year, and he sees how talented our D-day is, he will find out Norman is the place to be.

      • Steve Johns

        Didn’t he have a couple of uncles that played there as well?

  • Ed Cotter

    Boomer Sooner K, thanks for the updates. Interesting tidbit about Wheeler, would be nice to see him in Crimson and Cream. The recruits will come…..most of the real studs wait until the end of their senior years to take all their visits anyway. As nice as it is to lock down guys early, it’s not official until they sign in February. A banner season and guys will be trying to bust down the door to the Switzer Center to get in.

  • Zack

    Decommitments open the door for others to get noticed and from the write up and the twitter posts I would say these kids seem genuinely excited.
    Great write up by the way lots of recruiting info. I have a request. Do you guys plan on doing a write up for the running back targets? I know it’s not the highest position of need but I’ve heard ou is looking to take 2 again this year and it looks like they haven’t focused in on just one or 2 guys yet.

  • rphdenton

    ….I asked about the pk, seibert, and it got lost on another thread…… you guys have any thoughts a/o sources on ou’s chances with the recent offer…….thxs

    • Jordan Esco

      Just read an interview w/ him that sounded very positive w/ respect to OU’s chances. Seems to be a really big fan of Jay Boulware. Said he’s planning to take another visit to Norman in a couple weeks.

      • Kody K.

        Awesome news!

      • Josh

        Much like Special Teams are in general, I think Coach Boulware’s impact has been somewhat overlooked in part because of how well Coach Bedenbaugh and Coach Montgomery have performed as coaches and recruiters. There is no reason a school with the amount of quality athletes and players the Sooners consistently have on their roster should ever allow special teams to be a liability like it was for many years. Glad that was finally addressed and just want to give Coach Boulware some love!!

      • territorysooner

        If he commits, he’d be the only player on the team that’s a really big fan of Boulware.

        • rphdenton

          …….care to elaborate……

          • territorysooner

            I’ll let K, if he ever wans to delve into it.

  • Big Higg

    Sounds like Campbell is excited about OU – those are the type of athletes we need. Boomer

    • Sooner Ray


  • Jason Vos

    Everything sounds like OU leads for Soso Jamabo. If Rodney Anderson decommited as a result of a renewed interest in OU, I wonder if OU will take both. How many RB’s will OU take in this class.

    • Zack

      I’ve heard 2. To me I’m thinking they will only get one highly recruited running back but I also think ou has a chance to lose 2 guys off the roster due to playing time. We’ll have to see how it plays out but I think this is a thing that will go on until signing day where they pick up a late commitment.

  • Michael Brock

    Can one of you all explain to me what is drawing these high level recruits to a school that finished 5-7 last year and 2-6 in its conference? I just don’t understand it.

    • Steve Johns

      Salesmanship… family/peer pressure… bag men, to name a few.

  • Zack

    2 things. 1) this kid looks like Kendrick Perkins little brother or cousin. And 2) I like that ou is sending out offers and not sitting on their hands.

  • OU_Sooners

    I love seeing OU get kids that are highly rated. But I love love love seeing Stoops snag kids that are there to work. You get a team full of Colvins, Tappers, Strikers, Clays, & Millards– that’s dangerous. Talent and the want-to.

    • Billy Jackson

      Absolutely agree.

    • EasTex

      Another kid that will work is one I will be watching with interest in the coming years, Jonathan Alvarez.

  • Stephen

    Great news! Love Anthony Wheeler’s game! Question, are you all still planning on doing evaluations with ratings?

    • ToatsMcGoats

      Also the “Blind Tape Tests” are quite spectacular…we need more of that please!

  • Jim

    Just watched Connor Williams’ hudl film….hmm…not sure about this one yet. Very raw, but you can see he’s very sound about getting to his assignment. However, I saw on several plays where he made the initial block, stopped, and then his guy got in on the play. Needs to work on his footwork. He blocks down very well, but has to get stronger in order to block straight ahead more effectively. You can see the athleticism that would attract the coaches, but he definitely looks like a project.

    • J.K. Abbott

      I like the kid myself. Diffinitely needs a red shirt year to get bigger and stronger. I can tell he has been playing TE. Good downblocker like you said. I saw one play where he zoned blocked a kid and the kid came off underneath the block and got in on the play but I thought that was as much the RB’s fault as his. As far as pass pro keep in mind Connor has been playing TE and has limited reps at Pass Pro. He’s athletic enough that he will be fine at Pass Pro IMO. I love his ability to get to the second level, and lock up on backers on the outside zone play. You can’t coach 6’5″. Great frame and good athlete. Needs reps, weightroom and tons of calories, protein.

  • Thomas Lenard

    These two DE offers are proof for the proverb (in reverse): A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.
    We lost the one in the hand, so we reached back into the bush for two!

  • Eddie and Amber

    If recruits are concerned about defensive development at A&M now, just wait till the season starts. Gosh I hope we land Wheeler, that kid looks like he punishes opponents.

  • ToatsMcGoats

    Defensive recruits rethinking A&M? Wonder what Manning and Maestrogiovanni are thinking right about now…

    • If Mastrogiovanni can’t break the depth chart on ATM’s crappy defense, he would’ve been a bust here.

      • ToatsMcGoats

        Not sure…I think we could have developed him much better than aTm ever could. I just wish we could have found out.

        • He could always transfer and come on home. 😉

      • SoonerPhins

        He was starting at the end of last season due to injuries. He will more than likely be the starter this year, but that doesn’t always mean anything.

      • Jason Vos

        Mastrogiovanni couldn’t cover my 89 yr old grandma in space. Dude is a liability in the pass game.

        • EasTex

          I watched him late in the season when he was thrown in there. He didn’t know what he was doing and when he did decide to do something it took him forever to get there. He belongs at a SEC school.

  • wolfbuilder

    Wheeler is a must have. If Kish doesn’t start getting some of these Inside backers that at the top of his board we could be in real trouble.we were really lucky we ended up with alexander and just as luck a ILB as good as Jordan flew under the radar. Kish has to pick it up

  • John Garner

    I’m glad to see that OU is not hesitant to go after talent when someone jumps ship. It’s what I’d expect them to do. They are, after all, OU. Not many schools can compare with that.

  • Zack

    The question is what does he mean by soon.