Breiden Fehoko Announces His Commitment

Image via @Bfehoko1

After the disappointing news from this past weekend that 2015 defensive lineman and OU offer/target Breiden Fehoko would not be making it to Norman for the Red/White game, the Hawaiian big man provided some news Monday afternoon that Oklahoma fans aren’t likely to be that excited about.

At least on some level, Fehoko’s commitment to Texas Tech shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise given his family ties to the program. Fehoko has two older brothers, one currently on the team and another who has since graduated (who I believe is now a grad assistant with Tech, though I could not find him listed on their official website), that played in Lubbock.

While exciting for the young man and his family, OU fans are surely disappointed to hear the news as Fehoko and Jerry Montgomery had built a strong relationship. Which, in large part, was one of the driving factors behind Fehoko’s intention to use one of his five official visits to come to the mainland and see what the Sooners had to offer.

Evidently, it would appear (at least for now) the family ties were just too strong to overcome.

  • dahldennsull

    Agree with the family ties. Can’t blame parents for wanting their boys to be together, especially so far away. I think the GA brother has more to do than the teammate brother, as he can really watch him and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble.

    It’s a shame too with Tech’s history of defense, just hope he can get a good position coach to mature him and get him to the show, which is what I believe Monty would have done in Norman

  • Jordan Esco

    A little more potential possible salt in the wound re: another guy many an OU fan has expressed interest in.

    • Jim

      Meh. Was never big on Mitchell and thought his 5* status was undeserved. I saw plenty of film on him, and his hips are entirely too stiff and he doesn’t turn well. He’s a straight-line/downhill guy only, and I thought him going to the Big10 was his best choice, originally. Big 12 offenses do not suit him well.
      Besides, I thought he was REALLY wanting to stay close to home due to his family illness? I was thinking SMU would be on his short list of options. Tech is considerably further from where he lives than OU, Baylor, or even Texas.

      • Super Keith

        I’m with you Jim. He’s a good player, but not what I typically think of when I think about a true 5 star LB. He’ll be a good run support LB for someone, but I agree, he’s going to struggle to cover in the Big 12.

  • So is every two bit hack of a program in Texas going to pants us in recruiting this year or what?

  • SoonerPhins

    OU already has 2 DTs committed and have a few more in good standings. It hurts to miss on great talent, but I think OU will come away with the same amount, if not better.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    That sucks, but we’ll be fine.

  • shawn

    Not too worried about it, it’s still early and if the relationship with Coach Montgomery is as strong as it sounds I would’t count OU out until he signs.

  • OU_Sooners

    Maaaaan, I hope that kid enjoys going 8-4 every year.

    • And not being developed to play in the NFL. It ain’t like T-Tech is a NFL factory or anything.

      • Super Keith

        Check the Denver Bronco’s starting offensive line for the last Super Bowl. Tech does have linemen in the league.

        That said, I think in this case family won out. Obviously Tech isn’t Oklahoma when it comes to football, and he’s not going to get the same type of coaching. But, if he’s good enough, he’ll find his way to the NFL.

  • Big Higg

    All I can say is good luck to the young man if he doesn’t change his mind. We will live and kick some TT hiney, win championships and so forth.

  • OU_Sooners

    Leaves you wondering what Kingsbury is putting in the water in Lubbock. His QBs leave West Texas and then he brings in highly rated recruits. Can anybody explain this conundrum besides the fact that Coach McDreamy is a young spitfire?

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      It’s all about being cool, nowadays.

      • OU_Sooners

        Oh yeah, forgot about the 9 different uniform combinations that Tech has. “You can looked swagged out even when you get your ass handed to you 55-21.” That’s their selling point for when they’re comparing Tech to OU.

        • Shelby is a Patriot

          Don’t forget how “Turnt Up” they are!

          • OU_Sooners

            God that’s terrible.

          • Sooner Ray

            WOOP WOOP!

    • At OU, recruits pose for pictures with trophies. At Taco tech, recruits pose with uniforms. It’s about flash, not substance. Look at ATM with the swag copter they have no justification for having, yet still the recruits come.

      • OU_Sooners

        Yeah. A&M is a nice school though. Why on God’s green earth would you want to live in West Texas, though? Plus, if Johnny Football can get away with anything, I’d imagine players would go to A&M because Sumlin’s disciplinarian history isn’t so harsh. Stoops had issues with his star qb 3 weeks before the opener, booted him. Sumlin had issues with his star qb for 2 years, encouraged it.

        • Shelby is a Patriot

          I was very disappointed in the way Sumlin handled Manziel. I lived in Andrews for a while, 2 hour drive from Lubbock. It was terrible.

        • It was in Sumlin’s interest to keep Manziel and tolerate him at all costs. Manziel was the only thing propping up their team.

          • OU_Sooners

            It was also in Stoops’ interest to keep Bomar, but I understand where you went with that. Well done.

          • Let’s see what happens to ATM this year without Captain Fantastic at the helm. Last year, with him, they sunk back to .500 level conference play. In looking at their schedule, I think they dip below .500 this season and the “swagger” starts to wear off.

          • ND52


            Without JF, A&M would’ve been lucky to make a bowl last season

          • paganpink

            Yep. It may show what some see as a lack of integrity but you don’t kick out the best player in college football unless they REALLY, really screw up.

  • Zack

    I’m all good with big time recruits going to tech or wherever. Tech doesn’t have a great tradition and if these kids think they’re going to be a part of establishing tradition there them maybe I have some ocean front property to sell them but where else? Lubbock

    • territorysooner

      Fehoko is from Hawaii. He already has ocean front property.

  • L’carpetron Dookmarriot

    Maybe one of Green, Settle, or McKenzie will change some perceptions.

    • Zack

      I’d take settle or Mckenzie over fehoko anyways.

  • Indy_sooner

    Cannot fault a kid for wanting to stay with family, best of luck to the young man.
    Hopefully the coaches are able to stay on him….Who knows? Damn, though, Kliff K is working his magic. That’s the second high profile commit he has snagged

  • Sooner Ray

    Stealing a famous line from tejas, If we don’t get them, they weren’t OU good anyway.

    • Eric Hoffpauir

      I hope we never have that attitude.

      • Sooner Ray

        We never have and I agree, why would we want to be like tejas.

  • Super Keith

    Sometimes family is stronger than anything when it comes to recruiting, so I can’t be upset with a kid that wants to go where his brother is (not that I ever get upset with 18 year old’s…other than my son).

    This commitment will most likely stick, but there are plenty of other guys OU is after, and I’m sure we’ll get the right one(s).

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I’m telling you what, Tech is starting to get on a major roll after Stidham, now Fehoko, and potentially Ryan Newsome. They’ve got Ryan Gosling’s twin as a coach, who apparently flirts with recruit’s mothers, and suddenly Tech is a “cool place.” (Source:

    Lubbock isn’t cool. Not once, not ever. I know it’s a family decision, but didn’t he already call OU’s staff to say he wants to schedule an official visit? It’s far from over with him, and hope the coaches stay on him.

    • SoonerPhins

      Tortilla Tech will always be just that. Kliff Princebury is using the same “Swag” tactic as A&M. We will see how long it lasts and if Swag can translate into W’s

    • Zack

      I’ll be disappointed if they get newsome or Humphrey. Those are 2 I think we need on offense.

  • Doobie74OU

    Well it sucks to miss out on Fehoko but I was more interested in esatablishing a Samoan Pipeline from Hawaii to Norman more than getting this one player! As mentioned below we have a couple DT already and look in good shape on a couple more but establishing that pipeline would be huge for years to come but with the relationships that Coach Monty is developing he will close on one of these guys soon! BOOMER!

  • John Garner

    Good catch for Tech, tough loss for us. But we’re in on some quality DT’s. I have faith in Montgomery. We’re still Oklahoma.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    Where do we stand with Kahlil McKenzie?

  • ratman

    Not worried about Fehoko if he wants Tech. We have plenty of DT’s now both on campus and as recruits. We can’t get them all.

    • hOUligan

      As recruits, hard to say who pans out the best in 3-4 years. Figure McKenzie is on par with Fehoko and think OU has had a better shot at him all along with his ties. Settle probably another long-shot. Already have Big O and Lampkin seems strong in his commit. Feel good about DT.

  • Adrian

    Are they still okay with Canton Kaumatule?

    • Adrian

      I want Tim Settle a lot but Fehoko would have been nice to start a pipeline in Hawaii! Hopefully we get Canton

  • Jeremy Phillips

    I won’t believe we lead for an out of state prospect until national signing day.

  • ND52

    How in the world do you pick Tech over OU, Bama, Oregon and Stanford??? Not even my family could persuade me to wanna live in a place like Lubbock, Texas for four years.

    • Eric Hoffpauir

      I’ve driven through Lubbock once. The smell alone makes me never want to go back.

      • hOUligan

        Passed through a few times and decided the best view of Lubbock is in your rear view mirror. Cannot imagine trading the Islands for West tejas. Oh well.