Sooners Earn Commitment From Top 2015 Kicker

Image via Hudl

After a rough go of things lately on the recruiting front the Sooners have stemmed the tide just a bit with the news Friday night of a commitment from the country’s No. 1 ranked kicker, Austin Seibert, in the Class of 2015.

Seibert is in Norman with his family for a visit and a commitment always seemed like it was on the table, if not likely. He obviously fits a need for the Sooners with Michael Hunnicutt preparing to enter his senior year this coming season.

You can read more about Seibert here and just because he’s a kicker don’t think he’s lacking a highlight tape.


  • Zack

    Earlier in the open post I said I would be happy with this commitment it’s been a depressing month or so in recruiting so this is nice.

    • Gary Robbins

      I think Boulware recruited both the long snapper 2014 Wesley Horky and 2015 kicker.
      That’s a commit for May now OU can work on a June commit.

      • Zack

        Boulware is getting it down. Also responsible for flowers and ijalana.

        • Steve Cooke

          BJW is responsible for Flowers.

  • Shifty

    the kicking game is an important part of the game…Stoops knows this…I’m glad to see to boost in the special teams area…offered and picked up the top snapper last class as well…bet Saban wished he had a better kicker last year cuz he might have played for the crystal

    • hOUligan

      Was happy to see this commit. Was not too long ago that the team was in bad need and they had what, 4 kickers on the roster with 3 on schollie? trying to find one good one. Am sure CBob remembers that stretch and is determined not to let tha happen again. Excellent!!

      • Shifty

        Not sure who was in charge of special teams talent but Stevens didn’t have the physical characteristics (too small) to be a true threat at kicker at anything over short distance and that seemed to have set us back…glad to see Bob grab a ST coach that can better focused on his guys and hopefully we won’t need to grab another for 3-4 classes

  • j l

    Frigggin finally!!

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    About time we got a commitment! Boomer!

  • rphdenton

    ……if I’m not mistaken, he’s also the #2 ranked punter

    • Jordan Esco

      you are correct

  • Ed Cotter

    Welcome to Sooner Nation Austin. Get ready to rewrite all the records that Moneycutt is setting!

    • roygbell

      With an average year. Hunnicutt will displace Murray as the all time scoring record at OU.

  • EasTex

    What an excellent commit.
    Having had a solid kicker for so long, and with Siebert ready to pick up the mantle in 2015, it’s hard to remember the last time we had a freshman kicker.
    Oh…wait…now I remember why MoneyCutt became our kicker, he was the best then and has been since 2011.

  • Indy_sooner

    Nice and surprising pickup. I actually enjoyed the tape, granted they are highlights, but his technique is almost robotic. I will be happy if he can match Hunicutt at least.

  • Eric Tauriainen

    An excellent kicker is a huge advantage over other teams. Looks like we got a good one!!!

  • John Garner

    Hallelujah! A commitment! And from the No.1 combo kicker in the country! That’s friggin’ awesome! Hopefully it’s the start of more to come. Nice name too: Austin. That would be poetic when he kicks the winning FG against Texas.

  • Dustin Parish

    Used for a bleacher Report article. That is big time

  • Gary Robbins

    Has anyone heard about a new director of player personnel for OU? Since our last one went to Texas it’s been pretty quiet. I assume it’s a fairly important position.

  • kt-raida

    I’m very excited about this one!

  • I dont get to up about kickers, they rarely pan out…forget all that this is a huge get for OU
    They guy is the best punter in the country who oh by the way happens to be the best kicker..
    in the video he made 5 filed goals from 60 plus are you Super K kidding me..
    Ill take it all day long baby! BOOMER SOONER

  • Glad we changed how we go about getting kickers and offering scholarships as well as having a special teams coach. I think Moneycutt showed how much of a weapon these guys can be and he especially drove the point home in the sugar bowl when he stepped up and drilled a 46 yarder right after the Bama kicker missed an easy one. Difference maker…..