A Quick Update On Kendal Thompson

Image via Sooner Sports

As most of you are already aware, Oklahoma quarterback and Sooner legacy Kendal Thompson will be transferring later this spring after he graduates in May. Thompson will have two years of eligibility remaining and is in the process of evaluating his options as to which schools fit him best and, we’re all assuming, which school gives him the best chance to play.

Jason Kersey of The Oklahoman was the first to report Thompson’s plan to visit Utah, which took place this past weekend. Which, if you’re open to interpreting a college kid’s Twitter account (tweet #1 & tweet #2), went well.

Needless to say a couple tweets are far from anything even remotely approaching official. Thompson doesn’t necessarily have to rush his decision since he’ll have to stay at OU through this spring semester. That said, one would imagine it’s a decision he’d like to have made sooner rather than later just to know it’s done.

Which leads nicely into Wednesday’s news of a list of four schools Thompson is reportedly considering via Norman Transcript reporter Michael Kinney.

It’s an interesting list. Admittedly, I’m not familiar enough with each school’s respective quarterback situation to speak credibly about how Thompson would fit potentially fit into their plans.

Of the schools listed, Utah is the only one to date to receive a visit from Thompson. That could change in the relatively near future, but as of the time of this post there was no news on any other upcoming visits planned.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Interesting list. There’s no way he’d compete for a starting job at USC, no offense to Thompson. It looks like he’s weighing whether he wants to compete for a starting job or a good graduate program.

    Personally, I hope he goes to Vanderbilt. He could compete for a starting job because their true freshman QB last year (Carta-Samuels) really struggled at times. Plus it’s a fantastic school & their new head coach is really solid.

    • blac1819

      Have no idea but could be usc game cocks

      • Jordan Esco

        Could be, but I’m just assuming if it were the reporter would have made that clear. I think the general consensus (for non-S.Carolina ppl) is that the USC reference applies to Southern Cal.

        • Bob Edwards

          Yeah, I live in SEC country and around here generally refer to Southern CAL as USC and the other one as South Carolina.

  • Brady Vardeman

    Utah and Louisville are the only two schools on that list that have real needs at QB. USC seems to have found their starter in Cody Kessler for the foreseeable future and unless KT thinks he can walk into fall camp and get the job, I don’t think he’ll go to SoCal. Vanderbilt has Austyn Carta-Samuels and Patton Robinette, a breakout dual-threat freshman that played after Carta-Samuels got hurt last year. In short, I don’t know why Vanderbilt is on that list.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      I totally forgot about Patton Robinette. He really looked good at times, good call Brady.

    • Jordan Esco

      Appreciate the insight!

    • Kyle

      I follow the Utah program a bit. Although his career may be over due to health concerns I’m still holding out hope for the “galloping giraffe” Travis Wilson. I read recently that he’ll know more about whether he’ll be able to play football again by the end of this month. Wilson plays with a lot of grit and played very competitively against some great talent in the PAC-12 (tight losses against Oregon State, UCLA, and of course the win over Stanford). I’d love for him to make it back and regain the reigns for the Utes. If not I’ll be pulling for Kendall Thompson to start for them in 2014.

  • John Garner

    Thanks for update. I’m really hoping that Kendall lands on his feet and gets his chance to shine.

  • ratman

    KT should go to the best place to further his education. He doesn’t look like an NFL prospect so education is key for him.

    • Pokerman

      That would likely be Vandy depending upon what he wants to study.

  • Sooner Ray

    Just hope he lands at the place that has what he’s looking for and if he get’s to play ball, even better.

  • Doobie74OU

    Wish him well wherever he ends up!

  • Adrian

    Because he is smart enough to graduate from OU early he should go to Stanford to further his education and play for a good team

  • wolfbuilder

    This sux to me, hate losing this kid, he was the only true backup in our offense, people can say all they want that bell was good but the fact is he wasnt, in fact outside one good drive at Stillwater he was bad or at his best avg, really wish Kendall would stay, I think with trevors history Kendall would get a bunch of snaps maybe even his chance but hope he does played great wherever he goes

  • red clay

    I would expect the list to grow as programs become aware. This will be interesting.

  • JJsooner1

    I wish him the very best. He has to think of his own future and I get that. Still wish he would stay, you just never know……………..

    On a selfish note, TU is a QB away from being really good. Their defense will come around and its one of the best institutions of higher learning. Just sayin……

    • Sooner Ray

      I also thought about Tulsa as soon as the news broke, just not sure what his Master plan is, and OU may not want him there with them on the schedule. Schools are funny about that stuff.