Kendal Thompson Transferring To Utah

Image via Sooner Sports

It would appear the speculation surrounding where Oklahoma quarterback Kendal Thompson will be transferring has come to an end.

The official Twitter account for Utah Football leaked the news Wednesday afternoon that the OU legacy would be heading to Salt Lake City to finish out his collegiate career.

Set to graduate this May, Thompson will be immediately eligible to play and is expected to compete for the starting quarterback position.


  • Jordan Esco

    Wish him nothing but success

  • Jordan Esco
  • Sooner Ray

    Good for him, wish him well. Sooner Nation will be pulling for him to succeed.

  • Won

    Best wishes Kendal!
    I now have an official 2nd favorite team…

  • soonerborn

    Congrats and best wishes!!!

  • Shifty

    I hope he lights up the Pac

  • zevogolf

    Hope he does well in the cold and snow! At least he will only have to play well except in 2 or 3 games.

  • Doobie74OU

    Wish him well and Nothing but Success!

  • John Garner

    I too wish him the best.

  • Jed

    Was sorry to see him go, glad he landed on his feet. Hope he tears it up.

  • Cary Newman

    Go get ’em Kendall. Wish you nothing but the Best.

  • red clay

    Best wishes to KT for success!

  • Yost

    I’m official a Utah fan for the next two years! Hope he balls out up there.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    I hope Kendal Thompson gets to start there! Seems like a great guy and very smart!

  • blaster1371

    I believe this is the second OU QB to transfer to Utah. Tommy Grady did several years ago. Wish Thompson the best. I think him transferring tells us something about the progress of Cody T.

  • Rees Bear

    Wish him success but explain how he is immediately eligible and the Mayfield kid isn’t?

    • J.K. Abbott

      Uhhhhh because Kendal graduated form OU maybe.

      • Rees Bear

        However edgy the answer, thanks for the info.

  • Ed Cotter

    Wishing Kendal nothing but success at Utah the next couple of years. Go get yours young man! BOOMER!!