Coaching Search Update

We have confirmed through sources that Oklahoma has interviewed Washington State wide receivers coach, Dennis Simmons. We have been told Simmons met with OU last week in Norman.

We cannot confirm at this time whether an offer has actually been made. But we do feel comfortable saying that based on a few informal discussions, we have reason to believe Simmons is at least a strong candidate to fill the position.

However, at this time we can again only confirm that Simmons has interviewed with Oklahoma.


  • madbrad says:

    So…is he good?

  • Jordan Esco says:

    Literally nobody has anything on the coaching searches and yet here TFB is coming in w/ the info. And for free no less.

    I hope you all realize how good you got it here 😉

  • Soonerfandave84 says:

    not a name ive heard, hopefully if he is the guy he can get the WR position in order

  • Doobie74OU says:

    He coached with Lincoln Riley at TT and ECU so it makes sense that way!

  • Shawn Cummings says:

    I think we (I) were waiting for that sexy name and well known name, but as long as he does a great job…

  • SoonerSouthoftheRed says:

    Is. He. Good?

    • Soonerfandave84 says:

      spent 10 seasons at Texas Tech under head coach Mike Leach, returned to a familiar role as Leach’s outside wide receivers coach prior to the 2012 season and begins his third year at Washington State University

      he’s been around the system for quite awhile

  • Puma says:

    I would like to know the TFB thoughts on this potential hire.

    Personal thought- the guy has coached wide receivers in the offense stoops wants to run. He is familiar with Riley. So overall it seems good. Does he have a recruiting pedigree though?

  • SoonerSouthoftheRed says:

    Are we scrounging up a bunch of former Taco Tech re-treads?

  • normanite says:

    Leach must be pissed! Taking his recruit and his coach.

  • Jason Vos says:

    Former East Carolina receivers coach and the guy who recruited Dahu Green to Washington State. I’d say this makes a lot of sense.

  • MemphisSooner says:

    hhhhmmm… So this guy has also landed a “soft verbal” 4 star LB in this year’s class. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

  • Jason Vos says:

    If he brings that 4* LB commit he has with him, i’m all for it:)

  • bmrsnr says:

    Hopefully he has built up so Cali connections.

  • Jason Vos says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of these Air raid teams have an Outside receivers coach & an Inside receivers coach. Would OU be looking at something like that

    Or maybe offering him the receivers coach position solely is what will make him look at OU more closely.

    • Jordan Esco says:

      They’d have to move some things around staff-wise to be able to accommodate two WR coaches

      • hOUligan says:

        Wondering where that would leave Boulware/TE position.

        • Jordan Esco says:

          I suppose there’s a chance they could give him a WR group, TE & ST, but I don’t know how likely that is or if they’d even consider it.

      • bmrsnr says:

        Has Texas filed its TE position yet? Any chance it’ll be Boulware?

      • Zack says:

        Well every day that passes we are looking like we may not have a need for a linebacker coach. In 2 years we will have 3 left on campus

      • Maverick says:

        Like giving Boulware an extra title? Or letting a GA coach inside/outside guys. Not that big of a re-arrangement.

        • Jordan Esco says:

          They don’t really have a GA or QC guy on staff w/ a WR background far as I’m aware. And, yeah, I suppose you could give a WR group to Boulware, but has he ever coached WRs?

          • Jason Vos says:

            Tosh Lupoi has never coached LB’s yet he is the new LB coach at Alabama. I’m sure Boulware can handle it

          • D Hunter Sanchez says:

            TE’s right?

          • Maverick says:

            Meh, they all go to the same clinics and coach similar techniques. Plus one of the WR coaches would be in charge of selecting drills and such.

            Think of it more as they want a certain player to coach ratio. Biggest position units get more coaches. Doesn’t mean they’re completely alone with them other than drills. Doubt they even watch film separate from each other as far as Inside/Outside guys.

          • Sooner Ray says:

            I never knew Gundy had any RB coaching experience, seems to be doing a fine job. 🙂

    • Jason Vos says:

      Ah duh, I just realized that Jay Boulware would be the Inside receivers coach in this system. Disregard earlier post

      • hOUligan says:

        Maybe. Would like to hear from some guys who have a better understanding of the ‘air raid’ type offense. Imagine the route trees are considerably different for outside WRs and ‘inside’ as more slot guys. They don’t use much TE.

    • Bob Edwards says:

      Or the fact that he is making $165K and Norvell was make $455K, so a slight pay bump might be in the offing too.

  • Jeff D. says:

    Is he an upgrade from Norvell?

  • j l says:

    Here is simmons bio for those interested:

    It seems like a really good fit if thats the direction they go in.

  • MD Carrier says:

    Definitely going back to Leach’s air raid. Hopefully, with a strong run game included.

    • SoonerSouthoftheRed says:

      Agreed, seems like a full court press on completely selling out to the Air Raid.

    • D Hunter Sanchez says:

      Think Quentin Griffin…under Leach…He became the all time leading rusher at one point right?

      • Maverick says:

        At OU?? Did he? That’d be hard to believe. TD’s in a game maybe? 6 vs Texas in ’00.

        • D Hunter Sanchez says:

          Oh my bad…you are right. Should have known…But check the stats and consider the offenses the other backs ran under….Griffin did carry the ball under an Air raid attack.

          RK Player Pos Seasons Yards Att TD Y/A 100Y 200Y 1. Billy Sims RB 1975-79 4,118 593 53 6.94 20 72. Joe Washington RB 1972-75 4,071 675 39 6.03 19 13. Adrian Peterson RB 2004-06 4,045 747 41 5.41 22 64. Steve Owens RB 1967-69 4,041 958 57 4.22 23 35. Quentin Griffin RB 1999-02 3,938 744 44 5.29 16 46. DeMarco Murray RB 2006-10 3,685 759 50 4.86 15 17. De’Mond Parker RB 1995-98 3,403 579 21 5.88 16 5

  • Maverick says:

    Just curious, are you guys ever concerned about burning your sources? Do you have to wait until you hear it from multiple places so it can’t be traced? I’m intrigued by the process.

  • hOUligan says:

    Think the Keenan McCardell/ex nfl type WR coach is the more ‘sexy’ hire, name recognition and a couple of rings to flash. But in this offense, would it not be a smarter move to bring in the guy that has been in this system for a while? Like what I’m reading about him.

  • Puma says:

    I think the best thing about this potential hire is stoops is committing to a philosophy and bringing in the necessary people to run it. As opposed to the zone read in which we had no one familiar with it trying to run it.

  • Randy says:

    I like him.. Plus his son has the same name as mine, even spelled the same.

  • Stephen Dale says:

    not the ‘WOW’ hire most were hoping for…………..

  • Puma says:

    I am having a strange range of emotions because TFB shows he interviewed last week. Which mean the popular theory that they have silent hires for WR coach and possibly LB coach due to them still recruiting for their respective schools would be false. Not to say that couldn’t change since we’re still a few days away from NSD

  • bk816 says:

    Reading his bio, he has the résumé!!! Why not at this point.

  • D Hunter Sanchez says:

    Added some notes from another source: just a taste about Simmons.

    In 2009, he, along with inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley, transformed walk-on Alex Torres into a Freshman All-America selection after a team-leading 67-catch, 806-yard, six-touchdown performance.

    A former three-year starter at Brigham Young University, Simmons initially arrived at Texas Tech as the assistant athletics director/quality control for the football program.

    Simmons’ previous responsibilities included scheduling, coordinating recruiting visits and spearheading the Texas Tech Football Camps.

    • Mr. Roberts says:

      He has a great resume. We have have just found the next Kevin Sumlin.

      Seriously should have been given a better position at WSU considering. Ivy League education and lots of football knowledge. Sounds like they should get that contracts done ASAP so our WR recruits can know who they’re position coach is. Boomer

  • JTrain51 says:

    Kished again lol

  • Jdizzle says:

    The thing I like about the Air Raid offense (though, this offense will have slightly more power to it than TTU’s does) is that it doesn’t necessitate having 4-5* guys all over the field. Baylor’s receivers, aside from Cannon, are not highly ranked guys. 3-low 4 star guys who have been coached well, and run good routes. If your route running ability puts you 2 steps ahead of the corner, any good receiver can say hello to the end zone.

  • Paul Lott says:

    ..Jordan..keep it up!

  • JJSoona says:

    So still no word on DB coach? Jordan any hint of Jim Leavitt?

  • Chris White says:

    I know someone asked already but I didn’t want to look for it, Most teams with a heavy passing game have an inside receivers and an outside receivers coach. Is OU going to stay with the one coach or could they be going after two?

    Same thing with the Cornerbacks coach, would they hire a Cornerbacks coach and let mike keep coaching Safeties or will they hire a DB coach?

    • Jeremy Phillips says:

      More than likely Boulware becomes inside receivers coach cuz TE’s will basically be inside receivers in this offense anyway…

      • Boomer4life says:

        You think we will use TE’s in this offense had inside recievers opposed to the slot?

        • Jeremy Phillips says:

          We’ll be 4 wide most of the time.. One of those 4 is likely to be a TE.. If we have one good enough.. Much like Jace Amaro…

  • Sooner Ray says:

    I think Simmons would be a solid hire as a coach, as long as he has good evaluating and recruiting skills.

  • Stephen says:

    So…is this a Taco Tech reunion? I have knowledge of this guy and it would make sense to get a guy that knows the system, but Taco Tech? I’ll patiently wait this one out.

    If I could choose a guy, it would be whoever is coaching up those LSU WR’s, they’ve always had a good duo of reliable WR’s that occasionally get drafted, or it feels like at least.

    • James D-Space says:

      See above….. Lol

    • John Garner says:

      Leach’s system or Taco Tech’s offense isn’t bad. What’s needed to make it successful is a really good defense. Now that’s what I’m worried about.

      • Stephen says:

        I’m worried about what happens when the passing attack isn’t working, a power run would be nice to have. Also, defense is the biggest key to success and ours was run over this season.

      • MoJoOkie says:

        I think the key might be to utilize the strong complement we have in running backs. We have the run game to slow things down, so that the Defense doesn’t get so gassed late in a game.

    • OkieRandolph says:

      I’m the guy everyone calls Debbie Downer, but in 1999 NONE of you guys, including me could spell Mike Leach. C’mon, if this is the guy who comes, let’s don’t throw him overboard with cement shoes on YET!!!

    • akryan says:

      If it’s made, then I like the hire. You may not believe in the scheme, but at least we’re committing to something. They’ve brought in a young OC that has had success everywhere he’s gone and now Stoops is letting him surround himself with position coaches that can implement his offense. I’ll take that everyday over the hodge-podge offense that we’ve had the last few years.

    • MoJoOkie says:

      Leach beat OU 3 times in his tenure at Texas Tech with quite a bit of a talent disadvantage. I don’t know that his system is all that bad. I think the LSU success might have a little to do with recruiting. Not saying the coaching isn’t good as well, but when you start with quality, it helps.

    • Hollerback says:

      Taco Tech reunion is better than the Arizona-reject reunion.

  • James D-Space says:

    I see what you’re saying…. Got to wonder though, was it The LSU WR coach or just a couple of good WR’s? You know them SEC type athletes? Ha

  • Jeff says:

    Doesn’t excite me

  • Shelby is a Patriot says:

    Makes sense considering Riley; I think he would be a good hire in that regard.

  • Dustin Brasel says:

    This is all but done. Strong ties to Riley. dahu green will be a Sooner. So…linebacker coach and linebacker recruits? #stillwaiting.

  • Martin says:

    I would think his experience with the Air Raid would be huge. Who knows how well he will be able to recruit, but he has a long track record.

    • MoJoOkie says:

      Does he have ties to Riley? I’d say if he is in Leach’s offense, he probably knows how to coach WRs to cut quick and get open. If he can teach that with Washington State’s athletes, he should be able to with OU’s. We don’t seem to have any real trouble recruiting outr targeted skill positions, so IMO recruiting isn’t as important as development.

  • JB says:

    I can’t say this is a “wow” hire. We need as many top recruiters as possible. Washington State isn’t exactly tearing it up on that front.

  • John Garner says:

    Hey TFB – there’s a report that Bobbie is considering a DB coach from ND by the name of Cook. Strong recruiting ties to Texas. Good rep among coaches. What do you guys think or say?