Spring Game MASH Unit

Image via ESPN

While meeting with the media following Tuesday’s practice, Bob Stoops listed off several players who will be held out of Saturday’s spring game either due to injury or simply for precautionary measures.

Those players include:

TE Blake Bell – No surprise here.

WR Durron Neal – Stoops did confirm Neal’s injury, but said no surgery was necessary (his comment wasn’t specific to Neal, but in general to all the players he listed).

WR Sterling Shepard – Kind of saw this one coming as well after he was held out of things this past Saturday with a hamstring issue. They know what they have in Shepard, this is pretty common for Stoops to do with those kind of guys.

DE Rashod Favors – Haven’t heard anything here with regards to a possible injury. UPDATE: Favors’ issue is a knee.

DT Quincy Russell – Similar to Favors, haven’t heard anything on Russell. UPDATE: Russell’s issue is an ankle.

OG/C Nila Kasitati – Much like Shepard, they know what they have in Kasitati but he was also a little banged up earlier in the spring. No point in taking a risk.

OT Tyrus Thompson – Known injury.

OG Adam Shead – Known injury.

OG Tyler Evans – Known injury, still working his way back from torn ACL.

DT Jordan Phillips – Known injury.

DB Julian Wilson – Known injury.