2014 Sooners Signee, Natrell Curtis, Unlikely To Qualify

Image via Max Preps

There have since been several reports regarding the unlikelihood of Natrell Curtis to qualify academically, but I wanted to specifically credit our readers for being the first (or at least as far as I know, didn’t see it anywhere else before it was posted here and I frequent almost all of the OU boards) to bring this to our attention.

And, yes, I know there had been talk for quite a while now that his was expected to happen, but it was just that…..talk.

However, now there appears to be enough evidence that Curtis is indeed unlikely to make it in. I’m aware there are some reports/speculation out there that he’ll take a summer class (or classes) and could still possibly make it. I cannot say whether or not those reports are accurate, though I would question how anyone could possibly know that at this point.

So if we’re operating under the assumption that Curtis does not make it to campus later this summer, then how does that affect things for the program? I’d say very little, which is in no way a shot at Curtis. It’s simply that he was very likely to redshirt this season as the Sooners are relatively deep along the interior of their offensive line (assuming health) for the coming season. That said, beyond 2014 things looked considerably less rosy when it comes to depth, so that is where this loss will truly be felt.

Only time will tell whether or not (1) Curtis can eventually make the grades to qualify at a D-I school and/or (2) whether the interest is still there on his or OU’s part when it comes time two years from now after his JUCO days are done.

For now, however, this is a loss that probably won’t be felt in the immediate sense, but definitely could play a role in things a year or two down the road.