Sooners A Leading National Title Contender In 2014 According To Oddsmakers

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Most of you out there know that even though the final game may have taken place Monday night, the college football season never truly ends. Be it preseason polls, spring football, waking up every day hoping not to read about a player from your favorite team running afoul of the law, etc. In that same vein, the online gambling site Bovada did you a solid in waiting less than 24 hours to release their early odds for next year’s national champion.

And it should come as very little surprise that a Florida State team expected to return a bunch of talent, most notably of course their Heisman winning quarterback Jameis Winston, checks in as the early favorite. Alabama is a close second followed by the likes of Stanford, Ohio State, Oregon, Auburn, and Michigan State.

Which is where Oklahoma enters the equation, tied with the Spartans at 20-to-1 odds the Sooners will be next year’s national champion. Which, for all you non-gamblers out there, simply means were you to place a $100 bet on OU and they were to go on to win the program’s 8th national championship, you would be cashing in your winning ticket for a cool $2,000.

Here is a list of the top favorites, some other teams of note,  as well as the odds for the other Big 12 teams that were included in this initial release:

Florida State – 11/2
Alabama – 13/2
Stanford – 9/1
Ohio State – 10/1
Oregon – 12/1
Auburn – 14/1
Michigan State – 20/1
Oklahoma – 20-1
Texas A&M – 25/1
Baylor – 25/1
Oklahoma State – 40/1
Nebraska – 50/1
Texas – 50/1
Kansas State – 100/1
TCU – 100/1
Tennessee – 100/1
West Virginia – 100/1

  • Eric Hoffpauir

    How the heck is Texas A&M in the same ballpark as OU? They lose Manziel, Evans, and Matthews, and they couldn’t defend anyone this year.

    • Shelby is a Patriot

      SEC! SEC! SEC! :0

      • Sooner Ray

        There is no cursing allowed on this site Shelby! Lol

    • Texclimber

      First thing I saw too – no way they’re in the mix without jff and Evans. How any games do they lose this year without one or both of them.

  • paganpink

    O.S.U. at 40 to 1 is surprising to me. They don’t have a knack or a history of winning big games. They are known for punching above their weight at times, however.

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I love OU’s chances of going far next year, but the Big XII is going to have really stiff competition. My bet is that both the Tech QB (Webb) & K State QB (Waters) will be much improved. I know OU gets K State at home, but we play Tech on the road (major trap game). OU will be ranked high, but getting out of the Big XII will be no easy feat…

    I still think OU wins Big XII and makes it into the playoff. Knight will be a Heisman finalist if he stays healthy, and our running game will be off the charts. So excited for next year. (And even more, Okie Lite plays Florida State first game of the year- looking forward to that beat down).

    • Sooner Ray

      How would you like having to play the defending champs that bring most of their team back while you send a butt load of seniors down the road, should be a beat down indeed!! I noticed some of their fans (FSU) already talking about it. Apparently they don’t like orange.

    • Texclimber

      Tech loses a ton on both sides, not skeered, even if it’s a blackout Thursday night game in the wasteland.

      • I like Boomer Sooner

        but sometimes losing starters lets better players step up.

  • CoachStauder

    aTm will plummet once JM declares…

  • connie usa

    Just placed my bet. The odds have DROPPED to 16/1.

    • SoonerGoneEast

      Haha, awesome!!

      • connie usa

        I guess there is some money coming in on our Sooners.

  • connie usa

    Some sports site showed, before the NC game on Monday, a ticket that a guy purchased in Jan 2013. He put $100 on Auburn to win. HE GOT 500/1 odds!!!! With 17 seconds left, he was $50,000 richer. Boy, those last 16 seconds must have been painful.

  • connie usa

    LOTTA love for our Sooners. The line to win the NC in 2015 started at 20/1, and 2 days later it’s 12/1. A soph QB, plus a stout defense = a pretty darn good season coming.