Chris Trulove’s Take on Mark Andrews

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With incoming freshman about to roll in next month, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a few of our favorite prospects from the 2014 class. We asked our buddy Chris Trulove to give us some brief thoughts on Mark Andrews. Those of you who have been on our site for a while will remember that Chris Trulove is the former director of pro scouting for the Denver Broncos.

Obviously, there has been a lot of debate about where Mark Andrews would play at the next level. Some say WR while others say TE. We want to tell you outright that despite Chris’ excellent credentials as an evaluator, evaluation is always tough and the opinion below is just his opinion. One of the reasons we really value his opinion, beyond just his extensive background, is because he isn’t privy to all the discussion surrounding players. He has an unvarnished opinion of all the players and just gives his opinion based on what he is seeing on film. Right or wrong his opinion is informed and unbiased.

Chris Trulove’s Thoughts on Mark Andrews:

“Receiving target with excellent height, length, and ball skills. Primarily used as an outside receiver, but has the potential size for TE and has been used as a kicker/punter. Mark has good straight line, build up, speed and can take it the distance. However, he is a bit of an upright runner and does not have the great overall body and foot quickness to beat power conference DBs on a regular basis. He is a great mismatch in the red zone due to his length, ball timing, and reach-and-pluck hands. He does have good body balance and agility after the catch to gain precious yards after the reception”

“He can continue to dominate small school and mid-major competition as a receiver, but likely needs to continue to bulk up and use his high level receiving skills as a mismatch versus LBs if he wants to play power conference college football and beyond. He has good timing with his QB and has very good ball concentration in traffic, adding more reason that he will make for a good TE. He flashes the toughness and desire when blocking outside to suggest that, with the right focus and coaching, he can be an effective blocker and receiving mismatch versus most LBs. Needs some time to add mass, but can be an effective TE and red zone receiver.”