Offensive Lineman Kyle Marrs To Transfer

Image via Sooner Sports

The Tulsa World’s Guerin Emig has now confirmed something we dug up yesterday, thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, that third year sophomore offensive lineman Kyle Marrs will transfer from the program.

With the expected return of senior Tyler Evans, who is still working his way back from a torn ACL suffered in spring ball last year, this isn’t the blow to OU’s interior line depth it might have been at one time. And while Marrs has drawn mixed reviews from some OU fans, both prior to and during his time in Norman, the San Antonio native has worked hard in his three years to develop his game. Additionally, there is still some lingering concerns about Adam Shead’s back issues and his availability for this coming season. So at this point it would probably be fair to consider both he and Evans somewhat of a risk, at least in terms of how much you can rely on them and their health.

As it stands today, you’re looking at Dionte Savage and Nila Kasitati as your starters. With Tony Feo behind them and, if you can count on them, the Evans/Shead combo. But that is also without taking into account there really not being a true backup at center behind Ty Darlington, which in all likelihood is probably Kasitati. So if something were to happen to Darlington, who will be a first year starter by the way, and you have to move Kasitati to center things could be looking a lot less rosy at one guard spot. Pending the health of Evans and/or Shead, you could be looking at the possibility of turning to a true freshman in Jonathan Alvarez or Natrell Curtis, both of whom have yet to arrive on campus.

All of which is to preemptively respond to the portion of the OU fanbase who will quickly dismiss this with a “who cares” type of mentality because Marrs had yet to really ever see the field. Maybe it will eventually amount to that, “who cares”, but on paper right now things are looking somewhat dicey.

  • Super Keith

    I think Alex Dalton will take care of the “what if Darlington, then Nila get’s hurt” question. I think the kid is close to being a freshman contributor, but at the very least, should be able to get up to speed quick enough to use in a worst case scenario.

    I really liked Marrs out of high school, but he just didn’t progress to the level I thought he would. It happens. I trust Bedenbaugh knows exactly where he is in terms of depth, and was “okay” with Marrs leaving.

    I’m assuming he’s transferring out because it was “recommended”. It’s possible he just wanted to go elsewhere.

    • Jordan Esco

      You could very well be right, I’m just always a little skeptical about true freshman coming in and playing right away (especially along the lines).

      • wolfbuilder

        I have never seen where it was a good thing that a freshman olinemen had to play much less start

        • Super Keith

          I’m certainly not saying it would be a “good” thing, but if Darlington AND Kila go down, it’s not like we’ll be bringing in somebody out of the stands.

      • Super Keith

        No doubt, I’d much rather he get some time in, but at least we’ll have a kid with some talent if the worst case scenario happens.

  • OU_Sooners

    I’m somewhat concerned by “lingering issues” of the linemen we have on both sides of the ball– Shead and Phillips.

  • Sooner Ray

    I have to think (because I’m not a Debbie Downer type) that these kids either see that there is lot of talent around them either now or soon to arrive and they know in their heart that they will never see the field or, the coaches see better prospects out there and are making room for a bigger signing class next year. I call it “trimming the fat”.

    • Gary Robbins

      Hope you’re right. But still looking for some recruit to say OU is their leader at present time. I guess a commit is out of the question at this time. Wish you could’ve went to Will Rogers Downs (Claremore Casino) to watch the Kentucky Derby. We pooled our money and won the Superfecta. Our friend Bobby B. was one of the group. You guessed it the wife drove me home again!

      • Sooner Ray

        Thought about you guys but by that time I had already passed the point of safely making it anywhere and my wife wasn’t up for driving. Glad you scored, gotta love the wives.

    • disqus_uj44WuVjt2

      That is right. Kids know when they are good enough, sometimes they just need a nudge to make the right decision. If this kid wanted to play he had to leave.

  • Ed Cotter

    Wish him luck in his future.

  • Paul Warfield

    If you play the “what if” game on numerous players being hurt no team will look good at any position….not in the day and age of scholarship limitations.

    Marrs never really was a prospect that looked as though he was an OU level starter along the offensive line. Most people who follow recruiting were very surprised Marrs was offered by OU, and even more shocked they did so as early as they did.

    • Jordan Esco

      Fair point, but I’d counter in saying w/ Shead/Evans is not really “what if” b/c they are already hurt and there are legit concerns about their availability.

      • Paul Warfield

        This is true.

        To me the real worrisome thing along Oklahoma’s offensive line is what kind of shape Paul & Curtis show up in, and whether or not Orlando Brown Jr makes it to campus by fall camp. If those ‘what if’s’ end up in Oklahoma’s favor than the offensive line starts looking much better.