Open Post | Weekend, October 29th – 31st

TFB Shootout Podcast | OU-Kansas Recap
– CJ Vogel – Posted on: October 26, 2021

Doing things a little different this week. With Oklahoma being the only team to play this weekend, the Sooners received a full episode recap of the Kansas game.

Ryan, JY and myself talk about the close call in Lawrence and where this team must improve before year’s end.

Sourced | More DB Movement
– Super K – Posted on: October 26, 2021

***I am told that Key Lawerence has been moved to cornerback this week.

***How things progress during this week’s practice will likely determine starters but as of yesterday I had heard that Lawrence and Graham were running with the 1s.

***Also, have heard to expect the Sooners to go back to being more aggressive in their coverage.

Sourced Injury Update
– Charlie S – Posted on: October 26, 2021

Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley spoke about getting some of their injured guys back here in the near future earlier today.

Riley confirmed that DT Jalen Redmond is expected to play this week, and said that WRs Mario Williams and Mike Woods are questionable but he hopes they will be available.

As you know, Super K already noted earlier this morning that CB DJ Graham is practicing this week.

Source tells Super K that OU is targeting the Baylor game for the potential return of defensive back Woodi Washington.

One On One | Texas Tech
– Charlie S – Posted on: October 28, 2021

The Sooners are back in action following an unsettling road victory against Kansas.

OU left Lawrence with a victory but it sure didn’t feel like it defensively.

This week, OU hosts Matt Wells Sonny Cumbie and his Red Raiders who are coming off a loss to Kansas State!

Let’s take a look at a couple of ‘one on one’ matchups I will be keeping an eye on.

One on One Number One:

OU NB Justin Broiles vs TTU WR Myles Price

Texas Tech, for as long as everyone can remember, has always had those little pesky ‘super twitched up’ guys that give a defense fits.

This year is no different and while Price may not be quite as small as some of his predecessors, he is tightly wound and really quick. While Ezukanma and Geiger have more catches, I just do not like this matchup at all for the Sooners.

Broiles is a guy who gives you everything he has on every play typically. Somethings he just cannot do athletically though and covering a quality speedy and shifty WR for the bulk of the game is not the best case scenario for OU. Broiles and OU will have to mix up his plan of coverage and try to disrupt and detour Price to knock off his timing.

Price has 19 catches so far on the year which is good for third-most on the team. It will make sense for TTU to try to target him early and often as Cumbie will likely look to get the ball out of Colombi’s hand quickly in case OU’s pass rush shows up this week.

This is a quality group of receivers OU will be faced with, but right now, this is the matchup that gives me the most concern.

One on One Number Two:

OU NG Perrion Winfrey vs TTU C Dawson Deaton

Perrion Winfrey has been the most publicly celebrated and hyped up DT/NG that OU has had in quite some time. Perrion Winfrey has really been a non-factor for the past 3-4 weeks for the Sooners defense and that has to change.

Getting Jalen Redmond back on the line should help Winfrey a bit, but he really needs to step up against Dawson in order for the Sooners to get somewhat back on track defensively.

Dawson is a big center at 6’6 310 and he is particularly effective run blocking. When he has struggled this year, it has been in pass protection and that is where Winfrey needs to find his groove. If Winfrey can find some success in getting some pressure up the middle, that will help the Sooners edge players harass and punish Colombi who is a ‘good’ QB but by no means great.

Winfrey (and his backups) need to take advantage of his size by using their speed to get Dawson off balance and not play into his hands by allowing him to use his size to dictate the pace of play.

If OU struggles in getting pressure, it’s going to be another long and anxiety-filled game.

Recruiting ’22 Wide Receivers
– Charlie S – Posted on: October 28, 2021

At one point in the ’22 cycle, the Sooners had an elite group of receivers committed in Jordan Hudson (now committed to SMU), Luther Burden (currently committed to Missouri) and Talyn Shettron (now committed to Oklahoma State).

Since that point, there has been very little movement on the wide receiver front aside from OU still holding the commitment of Raleek Brown who they will use extensively in the pass game.

***As you all know, back on Monday we broke the news that the Sooners would be officially hosting ’22 wide receiver Nick Anderson for an official visit this weekend.

Anderson, who is currently committed to Oregon, is a legit target for the Sooners and this weekend could go a long way towards turning this one in OU’s favor.

***Oklahoma is also currently recruiting a number of recruits who are committed elsewhere, we will talk about those guys at a more appropriate time if we hear of any new developments in that regard.

‘***Source also notes that OU will be keeping an eye on the portal for potential additions.

Right now it seems like OU is looking to add at least two receivers to the class through either the high school ranks or the transfer portal.