Open Post | Weekend, October 27th – 29th (UPDATED 10:56 AM)

Micah Parsons: I was able to speak with coach Calvin Everett who is the head coach at Harrisburg High school where 2018 DE, Micah Parsons plays.

On Parsons As an Athlete

“He’s the best I’ve ever coached. An absolute freak. He’s 6’4 240 lbs and he can legitimately line up at cornerback. He can play any skill position. He can actually play anywhere on the field other than, maybe, quarterback.”

On Where He Sees Parson’s Fitting 

“I see him as a weakside defensive end or an outside linebacker…he can rush the passer but like I said, he can actually cover; really cover”

On Parsons As a Person

“He’s got some swag to him but he’s a good kid. He likes to have fun and he’s funny, you know, he’s a normal seventeen year old kid. But he plays the game with a seriousness…he’s absolutely a leader on our team.”

On His Interest in OU

“The connection started [between Parsons and OU] after the Ohio State game (Parson’s was in attendance). I don’t know if he reached out to OU or they reached out to him but they started talking after that game.”

“He’s definitely interested in OU. Alabama was just here last week so that tells you he can visit anywhere he wants. He has offers all over the country. He picked OU as a school he wants to visit.”

My Thoughts

Coach Everett was kind of enough to spend a good bit of time on the phone with me. Above are just some of the quick pieces of our conversation I was able to put down. Overall, the coach was very complimentary of Micah and it felt sincere. He really gushed about his physical ability. He did not hesitate when saying that he’s the best athlete/player he’s ever coached. We talked at length about his physical gifts. I definitely came away thinking, the kid would play as a true freshman.

Everett said that the trip to OU isn’t just a trip to take for fun. He emphasized multiple times that if it was about fun, Micah could’ve gone just about anywhere. Parsons wants to genuinely evaluate OU. However, having never visited this visit is going to be OU’s sole chance to impress him. I should also note that Everett mentioned OU has yet to visit Harrisburg. I’m assuming they will remedy that once they get a read on how things go this weekend.

I can’t lie. As a guy who loves defense, hearing coach Everett talk about Micah’s physical gifts and seeing his film, definitely has me hoping that the Sooners put the Striker in Parson’s ear and they’re able to pull off some Sooner Magic cause I’d like to watch this young man play each week. – (Super K)

Bobby Brown: Sooners 2018 DL target, Bobby Brown (Arlington, TX) is expected to announce his decision today. Brown moved his decision date up from the originally scheduled date of November 2nd.

We have reached out to everyone on this one. This is a very tough read.

Bobby’s mother let us know that the change in the commitment date was due a falling out with his uncle (her brother). Bobby was originally planning on announcing his commitment on his uncle’s birthday but due to the falling out has decided not to do so.

Alabama: Yesterday, the media folks in the Alabama market that we know and spoke with felt pretty confident. I, however, have a source inside the building that I’ve known for a while. I will say that sometimes an inside source is going to play things down because they don’t want certain information out. Having said that, as of around supper time last night my source inside building at Alabama said, “it doesn’t look like we’re getting him”.

I should also note that when I spoke with Brown’s mother earlier this week she did not seem particularly impressed with this past weekend’s Alabama visit.

Texas A&M: Media guys on the TAMU side also appear to be confident. We reached out to our sources inside the building at TAMU and haven’t received anything back. I did exchanges some texts with Bobby’s mother this evening and she said the plan is still for them to take the visit to TAMU this weekend. However, interestingly, she added that the Texas visit, which she mentioned Wednesday night, is still on as of right now. I will say that, this does feel like a similar situation as DaShaun White. As you’ll recall, White didn’t tell his mother where he was going. I get the sense that Bobby is keeping his mother in the dark to surprise her. But as of right now she’s telling us that they are still going to visit TAMU and still considering a visit to Texas on Monday.

The thing that makes TAMU a harder read is that Brown’s mother has told us herself that Brown doesn’t talk about TAMU as much. Read into that what you will. I still personally find it hard to understand how someone could commit to a different school and then immediately take an official visit to another school. For that reason, TAMU definitely has a strong case to make in this one.

Oklahoma: Multiple sources on the OU side have told us they don’t know what their fate is yet regarding Brown. However, we are told that the staff had a conference call with Brown on Wednesday night and that they had been in communication with Brown all day yesterday and he had been responsive.

In the past, Brown’s mother has indicated to us that she enjoyed her OU visit the most. But I definitely wouldn’t assume that means Bobby agrees. That was an opinion that she offered.

Brendan Radley-Hiles: If you’re on our donor board you’ll know that about a month ago we mentioned there was a possibility that 2018 Nebraska DB Brendan Radley-Hiles (AKA Bookie) would be visiting OU this upcoming weekend. For those of you not on our donor board the quote from the article linked above said very simply:

“Ayodele also seems more interested because of the number of IMG players that are visiting for that weekend. As of right now it’s Pledger, Unije and possibly Bookie (the Nebraska DB commit we mentioned last week).”

Earlier this week Land of 10 reported that Bookie will indeed take the visit. We had no reason to doubt Land of 10 but we were able to independently confirm that Bookie is indeed visiting OU this weekend.

It is our understanding that Proctor is a take for OU all the way till signing day. His spot is secure. A number of DBs are on a first come first serve basis. We would assume that Bookie is in this boat as well. – (Super K)

UPDATE (10:56 AM): Brown selects TAMU. Their media guys were obviously confident for a reason.