Open Post | Weekend, October 20th – 22nd

Daniel Carson: Daniel Carson (Independence, KS) seems to be taking a page out of Ronnie Perkins book. He’s gone pretty quiet. Yesterday, however, I was able to speak with Carson’s coach.

Carson’s coach said that the primary schools Daniel seems to be focused on are Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Miami. Carson has already visited Texas. He said that Nebraska and Miami may get official visits from Carson but he said, “he will definitely visit Oklahoma. He doesn’t have a date set just yet. He’s the kind of the kid that really wants to focus on the season. We’re in the playoffs and he’s focused on that. But he will visit Oklahoma for sure”.

As you know, Carson took a unofficial visit to Oklahoma back in the summer time. So a upcoming official visit will give the Sooners a second visit, one more than the school that appears to be the biggest competition, Texas.

Carson’s an interesting guy because in speaking with sources on both the OU and Texas side, both staffs have difficulty reading him. I think Oklahoma, however, is in better shape than they think. Your coach doesn’t guarantee you’re going to visit a school unless they’re pretty high on the list.

I should note that current Miami DL coach/former Missouri DL coach and a guy I consider an absolute savant, coach Kuligowski (coach Kool) is recruiting Carson pretty hard. Given coach Kool’s connections to the MO/KS region and his known ability to get guys like Carson drafted early, I’d expect Carson to take that official visit to Miami even though his coach said it isn’t certain.

Carson’s coach says they begin playoffs next weekend so I don’t expect Daniel to visit for the Texas Tech game. It’s looking more like he will make it to Norman for one of the home games in November; possibly TCU or WVU. But again, according to his coach, he absolutely will visit. – (Super K)

Jeremiah Perkins: Yesterday, the Sooners just offered 2019 OLB, Jonathan Perkins…

Perkins is teammates with recent Sooners DE offer, Jeremiah Martin (San Bernadino, CA). Martin is scheduled to visit OU next week for the Texas Tech game.

Perkins tells us he will visit Oklahoma.

Marcel Brooks: One of the most athletic linebackers in the 2019 class, Marcel Brooks (Flower Mound, TX) just dropped his top list of schools and there was a noticeable absence.

Texas didn’t make the cut. I have spoken to a source close to Brooks and am told that the team to beat isn’t Ohio State or Alabama or any of the blue bloods. The team to beat, per a source, is TCU.

Jeremiah Martin: As we first reported, 2018 San Bernadino (CA) DE, Jeremiah Martin, will visit Oklahoma for the Texas Tech game on October 28th. Martin will join a long list of top defenders that will be in Norman, that weekend, as Oklahoma looks to land a deep defensive class in 2018.

I caught up with Martin last night, and though he was battling the flu, he still took time to talk a bit about Oklahoma.

Martin stated that his relationship with Oklahoma has progressed and he is, “really excited about the visit.” Martin visited A&M on October 6th and said, “I don’t have any plans to right now to visit any schools after the OU visit”.

Sounds like a OU vs. TAMU battle? It does to me but I’ll let Martin say it, “you could say OU and A&M are my top two.”

That’s good news for Oklahoma as Martin was one of the targets Lincoln Riley personally reached out to after the OU/TX game.

Though Martin was a late offer, he has really emerged as a priority for Oklahoma going forward. The star DE has a lot of suitors offering him, as of late, but Riley and Calvin Thibodeaux have really made an impression on Martin. Will it be enough? His visit on October 28 will really clear things up in that department.

Martin has visited USC on a number of occasions and many have him pegged to end up there. But two things are of note:

– USC may not have room to take Martin

– Martin has mentioned his desire to go out of state for college. The TAMU visit and being in a place where everything is about the football team really blew him away. There’s little doubt he will see a similar environment in Norman, once that is very different from Southern California. – (Brandon)