Open Post | Weekend, November 5th – 7th

TFB Shootout Podcast | Week 10
– CJ Vogel – Posted on: November 2, 2021

Also, we talk about the best and worst case scenarios with the College Football Playoff. Is Oklahoma a lock at the moment? What about an undefeated Wake Forest team? Cincy locked in?

’22 EDGE Recruiting Odds and Ends
– Charlie S – Posted on: November 2, 2021

***Checked in with sources around ’22 EDGE DeSean Brown following his unofficial visit to Norman for the Texas Tech game. Source mentioned the game and visit were enjoyable but there was no real progress towards an offer for Brown at this point.

***Sounds like OU is waiting on a couple of things…one being a definitive signal (either way) from Marvin Jones Jr. who has the Sooner high on his list.  Jones has official visits set for Bama and Florida State over the next two weeks, so OU could have a better idea of how this one will play out in the next few weeks.

***Also, Super K brought up another name that the Sooners are keeping an eye on in regard to the EDGE position. Jaishawn Barham (6’3 230) out of Baltimore, MD (St Frances Academy) holds over 2 dozen offers and while his name has not been on the tip of Sooner fans tongues, the staff has been very aware of him for a long time as he happens to be a teammate of current OU commit, Derrick Moore.

Quick Hitter | Jovantae Barnes Official
– Charlie S – Posted on: November 2, 2021

As we have mentioned throughout the process, the Sooners will get their chance to close the deal with running back Jovantae Barnes with an official visit.

Barnes tells me he is locked in for his official visit for the Iowa State game weekend (November 20th).

Still really like where OU is in this one and Barnes is scheduled to make his commitment public at the Under Armour game in January.

Of course, there is a very good chance that he informs the staff at the school of his choosing prior to that.

Defensive Front | Power Outage?
– Charlie S – Posted on: November 3, 2021

OU has been struggling defensively this season.

In 11 games last year (2020) the defense recorded 37 sacks.

Through 9 games, the Sooners have recorded 20 sacks.

Tulane – 4 sacks – Thomas (1), Ellison (.5), Winfrey (.5), Grimes (1), Bonitto (.5), Roberson (.5)
Western Carolina – 4 sacks – Thomas (1), Winfrey (1.5), Coe (1), Grimes (.5)
Nebraska – 5 sacks – Bonitto (2), Redmond (1.5), Ellison (.5), Winfrey (.5), Thomas (.5)
West Virginia – 1 sack – Winfrey (1)
Kansas State – 1 sack – Thomas (1)
Texas – 4 sacks – Bonitto (1.5), Thomas (1), Stutsman (.5) Winfrey (1)
TCU – Zero sacks
Kansas – 1 sack – Bonitto (1)
Texas Tech – Zero sacks

Bonitto has 5
Thomas has 4.5
Winfrey has 4.5
Redmond has 1.5
Grimes has 1.5
Coe has 1
Ellison has 1
Roberson has .5
Stutsman has .5

17 of those sacks have come in 4 games…Tulane, Western Carolina, Nebraska, and Texas.

Oklahoma has 1 sack, in the last 3 games. Against TCU, Kansas, and Texas Tech, the one sack they had in those 3 games was Nik Bonitto on the last series in the Kansas game.

If you take out the Texas game, the Sooners have 3 sacks in that 5 game stretch.

If you take out the game against an FCS team the Sooners have 16 sacks in 8 games.

If you take out the game against their G5 opponent and their FCS opponent, the Sooners have 12 sacks in 7 games.

In those 7 games against P5 opponents, in 5 of them, the Sooners have 1 or less sacks.

Perrion Winfrey’s sack against Texas was on a play where he was stoned and the QB ran to him. Of his 4.5 sacks, 3.5 came during the first 4 games, then one against Texas.

Stutsman is the only LB with a sack (.5) credited. In 2020 the OU linebackers had 6 sacks combined.

There are no defensive backs with a credited sack. In 2020 the defensive backs contributed 1.5 sacks combined.

Ronnie Perkins had 5.5 sacks…so that’s not it in regard to the totals. Yes, his presence would help free others up, but when talking about totals, that’s not the answer as everyone else is back.

One sack (against Kansas on the last series) in the last 3 games…against the powerhouses known as TCU, Kansas, and Texas Tech…is not an ideal way to go through life as a defense.

The Sooners appear to be going through a power outage and that impacts all the levels of the defense.

I think the addition of Redmond, who is back from injury, could help spark a bit of a resurgence as it will allow Isaiah Thomas to play on the edge more.

You hope that the recent power outage, how bad it has gotten over the last three games, can be attributed to being worn out and the hope is that this bye week will help them get back up to speed.

We will see. But the OU defense sure could use some high voltage energy over the remainder of the season.

For those of you wondering if the majority of this ‘Power Outage’ can largely be attributed to Ronnie Perkins moving on…It’s not that easy:

OU played 11 total games last year and recorded 37 sacks.

They have played 9 so far this year and have recorded 20 sacks.

Last year OU averaged over 3.3 sacks per game (3.4 without Ronnie).

This year, OU is averaging 2.2 sacks per game.

Over the last 3 games, OU is averaging .33 sacks per game.

Pre Ronnie in 2020:

Missouri State – 4 sacks

Kansas State – 1 sack

Iowa State – 3 sacks

Texas – 6 sacks

TCU – 3 sacks

Pre Ronnie = 17 sacks in 5 games = 3.4 sacks per game.

With Ronnie = 20 sacks in 6 games = 3.3 sacks per game.

So while Perkins did bring another weapon to the Sooners arsenal, his presence really caused little change on the Sooners performance statistically last year.

Coaches On the Road
– Charlie S – Posted on: November 3, 2021

Couple sourced notes on the coaches hitting the road…

***As many of you saw on Twitter, Sooners corner coach Roy Manning is in Florida…

There are a number of ‘CHO23N’ (The Sooners ’23 class nickname) defensive back recruits in Florida that he will likely get by to see like Cormani McClain (Lakeland), Elliot Washington (Venice), and Joenel Aguero (IMG) among others while he is down there.

However, source did tell Super K that Manning will check in on ’22 DB Azareyeh Thomas (Niceville) as well. As you know, Thomas and his family officially visited Norman recently and they had very good things to say, so much to the point of them giving OU a strong indication that they were in a good spot to be the choice for him.

***One other coaching visit we expect to take place this week is Sooners OLB/DE Coach Jamar Cain making his way to the east coast to see OU DE commit Derrick Moore at St Frances Academy in District Heights, MD.

While he is out there, source says he is also expected to check in with ’22 EDGE Jaishawn Barham at the same school, who we mentioned previously as a guy they were checking into.

Quick Hitter | Grinch On the Road and Coincidences
– Charlie S – Posted on: November 4, 2021

Sooners defensive coordinator Alex Grinch made his way out to De Smet Jesuit High School in St. Louis today.

Many of you are aware that Coach Carl Reed was Ronnie Perkins high school coach at Lutheran North.

He is now at De Smet and OU actually hosted a De Smet player, 2025 OL Mike Cunningham for the Tech game.

But Grinch is likely out at De Smet to see ’23 DB offer Christian Gray and I am sure he will head on over to Platte County to see Chandavian Bradley among his other stops.

Now, Coach Reed is a big connection out in St Louis and Grinch is likely working to keep that connection going strong.

What caught my eye about Grinch being out with Coach Reed today, was the fact that former Sooners target and 2020 Texas A&M edge signee Antonio Dolye announced his entrance into the NCAA transfer portal this afternoon…

Following his announcement of entering the Portal…Doyle sent out this tweet…

…yes…that same Coach Reed who coached Ronnie Perkins and Antonio Doyle at Lutheran North who Coach Grinch was with this afternoon.

Guess they likely had more to talk about aside from Coach Reeds current players.

Not saying anything is going on between OU and Doyle at this time or OU will even kick some rocks over there, that is something we will check into, but I thought it was quite the coincidence (it was a coincidence) that Grinch was out seeing coach Reed while Doyle was tweeting for college coaches to talk to coach Reed in regard to his entrance into the portal.