Open Post | Weekend, March 26th – 28th

June Visit Weekend Note
– Charlie S

Spoke to K who wanted to drop a quick note about the ‘Big’ June recruiting weekend.

James had previously mentioned that OU would likely host a bunch of guys on the second weekend of June (June 12th), which appears to have shifted a bit as source tells K the ‘Big’ visit weekend will be the third weekend (June 19th) for Oklahoma.

This does not mean that there will not be visits occurring at other times once the dead period lifts. I would imagine every weekend will have some visitors as well as a bunch of unofficial during the weeks.

We are compiling our list of visitors as time goes on and we will update you all periodically over the next couple of months.

Moving Pieces
James Hale

It’s always interesting how the coaching staff experiments with players at different positions in the spring. Keep in mind that a number of these guys may move around every four or five days so that the coaching staff can get a look at that player at different spots.

I’m very surprised that redshirt freshman Kendall Dennis (5’11, 189) is working at safety. That’s because he was a great cover corner in high school, a ballhawk, and seemed like a guy that would be physical enough to be a great corner. Those same skills apply at safety, and maybe Coach Grinch feels they have enough depth at corner and need more depth at safety. Dennis didn’t play a single down last year, and it’s clear they are trying to see what he can do at different spots, but he worked on the scout team at corner last year.

Jordan Mukes (6’1, 205) is off to a good start in camp, which may come as a surprise to some people. Mukes was considered a pretty raw football player coming out of Choctaw High School because he didn’t start taking football seriously until his sophomore year. At Choctaw, they played him at corner because they wanted to shut down one side of the field. Mukes was excellent during ‘Hell Week’ because his athletic ability is off the charts.

Hell Week has become a much anticipated week in the spring off-season period, and this year was no different as the coaching staff learned a lot about the team.

“That was a tough week, that really was,’ said OU Head Coach Lincoln Riley. “We always seem to come up with some new challenges to push our guys, and I think the team as a whole responded well. It’s always a tough week for the incoming freshman that just got here because so much of it is unlike what they have ever done before.”

“I thought the young guys did a great job because they only had been here for a number of weeks. I liked the buy-in of the team. We really wanted them to understand why we do the things that we do. We feel they are going to make a difference for our team and for them individually as players. We laid out the expectations for the guys, and I think a number of them did a good job of attacking the week.”

“We did some offense and defense competition, but we mixed and matched or maybe put similar positions against one another. This is where Jordan Mukes, Mario Williams, and Latrell McCutchin, as young guys, really did well, but they could cross over and do anything that we asked. Ethan Downs was good at that as well. We like athletic guys who can do more than one thing on our team because special teams are important to our success.”

“The best teams that we have had have had it, because they have to want to compete back-and-forth. This year we tried to do more things to integrate where it wasn’t always offense against defense. We get so much of that throughout fall camp and fall practice, that we try to do a little bit more of mixing up players. I think that helps us build some better team camaraderie.”

Sophomore Jadon Haselwood (6’2, 208) was outstanding the first day in the wide receiver competition, catching everything thrown his way, even making several difficult catches with defenders all over him.

First Day of Spring Ball | Six-Pack of Sourced Notes
– Super K

***Yesterday the Sooners began their first day of spring ball.

***Following practice, coach Grinch mentioned that Billy Bowman is taking reps at nickel back. That should come as no surprise to our readers. All the way back on February 1st, we told you that was the plan.

***  “Was told that, as of now, the Sooners plan on starting Billy Bowman on the defensive side of the ball. They’re looking at giving him reps at nickel.”Receipt: Link)

***Grinch also mentioned that Jeremiah Criddell has made a big jump from year one to year two. That also doesn’t come as a shock to you.

***Way back on February 23rd we noted, “Was told Jeremiah Criddell was an absolute machine yesterday. Early sense is that Bookie leaving and clearing the path for him has made it more real for Criddell and that might be exactly what he needed to take that next step.”And again, link to the receipt.

***I asked how things looked up front in yesterday’s practice and was told that because the team isn’t in pads, there isn’t a ton you can tell just yet. It’s really more about the skill positions at the moment.

***Was told the two standouts at wide receiver yesterday were Marvin Mims and Jadon Haselwood.

***Was told Haselwood just had a really solid first day.

***Also, heard Mims had an unreal catch over a defender. “He’s stronger and maybe even a little faster. Nobody is going to be able to hold him. He’s special”.

***It’s early but that’s exactly what you want – Mims to take the next step and Haselwood to become the guy you’ve hoped he can be.

***On the back end, Woodi Washington and DJ Graham sat out yesterday. And as you know, we reported last week (which was later confirmed by Riley) that Pat Fields is out.

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Quick Hitter | ’22 OL Cole Hutson Sets Official
– Charlie S

Sooners 2022 offensive line offer Cole Hutson (6’4 290) out of Frisco, TX, tweeted out he has locked in his official visit to Norman for June 18th-20th.

CJ was out to see Hutson recently and his take away is that while Hutson holds well over a dozen offers, this is a two-team race for Hutson’s signature.

Cole was recently down in Austin for a self-guided tour and he mentioned he is developing a strong relationship with new Texas OL coach Kyle Flood.

Hutson also mentioned that he already had a very strong relationship with Sooners OL coach Bill Bedenbaugh and has obviously been impressed with his track record.

Both programs will likely get a chance to host Hutson for officials this summer and a commitment to the school of his choice may not be that far off following those visits.

Certainly one to keep an eye on and we will keep you all up to date.

Spring Practice | Six Pack of Sourced Notes | 3.25.21
– Super K

***Sooners held their second spring practice yesterday (Wednesday). Practice continues to be in no pads. I believe they’ll start practicing with uppers tomorrow (Friday).

***Standouts at the skill positions were the same…

***I’m told Marvin Mims had another fantastic day. Apparently had some amazing acrobatic one-handed catch.

***Sooners staff is looking for another wide receiver to step up. Was basically told with the way Mims is taking that next step, if one more receiver target steps up, they’ll be golden. However a few guys are out…

***Am told Stogner hasn’t been practicing.

***Also, have heard Theo Wease hasn’t been practicing. Think he just has a slight injury that needs to get cleaned up. So, at this time, I don’t anticipate him being out too terribly long.

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