Open Post | Weekend, January 7th – 9th

Sooners ’22 Early Enrollees
– Charlie S – Posted on: January 4, 2022

The Sooners will replenish the coffers with at least 13 new bodies in January as the early enrollee’s head to Norman.

They arrive just in time to enjoy the first sessions in the weight room under Jerry Schmidt…lucky them 😉

High School Signee’s

QB – Nick Evers

WR – Nic Anderson

WR – Jayden Gibson

TE – Kaden Helms

TE – Jason Llewellyn

DT – Alton Tarber

LB – Kobie McKinzie

LB – Kip Lewis

LB – Jaren Kanak* (not officially announced to OU yet)

DB – Robert Spears-Jennings

***That linebacker class is something


QB – Dillon Gabriel

TE – Daniel Parker

OL – McKade Mettauer

DL – Johna Tuala

After the Dust Settled | Sourced
– Super K – Posted on: January 4, 2022

***After yesterday’s whirlwind I’ve had a chance to talk to some folks about what transpired regarding the Caleb Williams situation and where things are now.

Here is my sense of it…

***It’ll come as no surprise to you that Lebby had his eye on Dillon Gabriel early on and knew that he could land him.

***I think the Williams family knew that but I don’t think the Williams family figured the Sooners would move so quickly. However, Lebby and co just weren’t in a position to wait.

***I think this was especially true given it’s hard to objectively see how OU wasn’t clearly the best spot for Caleb. Again, there are unknowns everywhere but at OU there are far fewer unknowns and you’re playing for a crowd that called for you to replace the starter and you’re doing all that at a place that has not only historically had great QBs but is always one of the centers of attention of the college football world. Besides that, you preserve your one time transfer and you know you’re next year’s starter.

***So, if OU’s argument didn’t seem to be apparently good enough to keep Caleb out of the portal, I really don’t see how they couldn’t lock another QB up right away. What new argument was OU going to make for themselves that wasn’t obvious?

***I don’t think anyone can blame Caleb for wanting to explore his options but it will obviously mean that that will not be done with the same security OU provided prior to entering the portal.

***What a lot of OU (and Texas fans) don’t understand about this new regime is it’s not the Lincoln Riley era where your team’s success was built on having the 1st overall draft pick at the quarterback position. That isn’t to downplay the importance of the quarterback position. It is absolutely critical and now more than ever, perhaps. But OU’s program under Lincoln Riley had become way out of balance. If the Sooners had a generational talent, they’d win. If they got a miraculous performance from a quarterback, they’d win. If they didn’t, then Kansas and Tulane start looking better and better.

***Lincoln’s method gets attention but it doesn’t win national championships. It’s too much for one person. Outside of the UGA playoff game which was the closest team to the Bob Stoops tenure, Lincoln was pretty much blown out of the other playoff games by the end of the first quarter.

***Under the Venables tenure you can expect to see defense. Under Lebby you can expect to see them run the ball. And to be fair, for the most part under Lincoln the Sooners were a good running team. The past year or two though, that seemed to fade quickly. Point is, do they want a generational quarterback? Who doesn’t. Do they want Caleb Williams? Yes. But if to play the game for Caleb costs too much then you just can’t. And that’s especially true when you know you can win playing good defense, running the ball and having a quarterback that can make the throws you need.

***One source I spoke to said, “I love it. At least we know how the staff thinks. They’re trying to win, not cater to anyone.” And to be clear, catering to someone doesn’t mean you aren’t trying to win but the point is understanding where the line is.

***Now then, while I’m not saying it’s likely, I do still think there is a chance Williams stays. Might not be a good chance but there is a chance. One thing people have to understand about Williams is he isn’t scared of competition. I’d say they made things unnecessarily difficult on themselves but I don’t think that means it’s ended things for OU.

***All the reasons for Caleb to stay are still there. Based on my conversations, I’d say chances of Caleb staying vs going are 25/75.

Lines of Communication Very Much Open
– Super K – Posted on: January 5, 2022

To add to what James mentioned regarding the possibility of Caleb Williams returning here is the latest I have heard.

***The lines of communication between Caleb and the family and BV are still very much open.

***I was told that in terms of the things between OU and Caleb, “it’s not over, at all”. In other words, folks in the building still think there is a chance.

***I’m not ready to say there is a good chance of it happening but it’s enough that we have continued to watch it. I very much get the sense that there aren’t a lot of attractive options for Caleb. And based on my conversations with someone on the SC side, I’m not yet convinced that Lincoln is going all in on Caleb.

Quick Hitter | Sourced OL Recruiting Note
– Charlie S – Posted on: January 5, 2022

As you know, the Sooners lost Erik Swenson (eligibility ran out), Marquis Hayes (NFL) and Tyrese Robsinson (NFL) since the end of the season.

OU has Jacob Sexton and Jake Taylor signed in the ’22 class and they added McKade Mettauer through the transfer portal.

So where are things at?

Sources tell us OU will likely stand down for the moment as they wait on the final decisions of Devon Campbell (6’3 310, Arlington, TX) and Josh Conerly (6’5 275, Seattle, Washington) before they pursue other portal targets.

Campbell has announced a ‘Final 2’ of OU and Texas and while many believe Texas is in the lead here, OU has hung around and they are there for a reason. The retention of coach B is huge for the Sooners in this one and we do not feel it is by any means a foregone conclusion that he is heading to Texas. OU is in this. Do I think they lead? I have not been given that indication from any source of consequence, but I do believe they are still a realistic option.

Conerly released his ‘Top 6’ recently. The list consists of Washington, Oregon, USC, Michigan, and Miami. Personally, I would narrow that down to a top 4 with Oregon and Miami likely trailing a bit. With that said, Conerly has indicated he plans on taking an official to OU. He told K that nothing is set up yet, but we do not expect him to commit in February and this will likely play out into March so he can take his visits.

So while OU does need at least one more body, in our opinion, on the OL, it is doubtful that you see any movement in the portal until the high school guys make their decisions, even with the recent offer to JD DiRenzo.

Could that change if the Sooners get a feel if OU gets news that they are out completely for Campbell and/or Conerly? Absolutely.

Quick Hitter | RB Portal Candidate
– Charlie S – Posted on: January 5, 2022

Source tells us to keep an eye on Arkansas Running Back Trelon Smith as a potential target for Oklahoma.

It is believed that Smith has begun the paperwork to officially be entered into the portal.

Smith was a 2017 signee with Arizona State and he left the Sun Devils following the 2018 season.

He sat out 2019 and has been at Arkansas for the ’20 and ’21 seasons.

Last year he had 119 carries for 598 yards which was good for a 5.0 yard per carry average,

He is listed at 5’9 190 and the best I can tell he has 2 years of eligibility remaining as he redshirted his freshman season and he gets the COVID year back.

Would appear to be a solid fit as a guy to come in and compete for carries but not be the featured back.

Portal Priorities
– Super K – Posted on: January 6, 2022

***We’ve been bringing you some names to watch from the portal or possible portal entries but I wanted to give you an overview of what it seems the Sooners are looking for.

***Based on what I’m hearing, it does sound like the staff is still evaluating some high school receivers but I’m getting the sense the more likely scenario is that they add one or two transfer wide receivers.

***A transfer defensive end is a priority. OU is already pushing for two or three guys on that front including Albany’s Jared Verse, Hawaii’s Jonah Laulu and Stanford’s Gabriel Reid.

***I haven’t heard much on Reid. Verse only has one official visit left and going into it I’m told that Tennessee is the leader. I don’t know a ton just yet on Laulu’s recruitment but with Georgie in pursuit you have to believe he will be a tough pull. And the fact that Georgia is in pursuit tells you how talented he is.

***Sooners recently made the top five for Tulsa DT Jaxon Player. But I think the staff knows other guys will pop up down the road. Additionally, it sounds like high school guys are the priority even in this class. The Sooners have both Gracen Halton and Ahmad Moten coming in later this month.

***While it came as a bit of surprise to me, I am told that the Sooners are also looking at a possible DB transfer. UNC’s Trey Morrison and Wyoming’s CJ Coldon.

***Charlie mentioned yesterday that the Sooners are trying to add a transfer RB, as well. Lebby loves to run the ball so numbers matter.

***I think how aggressively OU goes after OL transfers will depend on where things end up with DJ Campbell and Josh Conerly.