Open Post | Weekend, January 15th – 17th

Early Enrollees | Refresher
– Charlie S

The Sooners early enrollees will be heading to Norman in the coming days.

The following players are who we expect to be on campus when the players report back:

– DL Isaiah Coe – Not showing in OU database at this time

– DL Ethan Downs – Enrolled

– WR Cody Jackson – Enrolled

– DB Latrell McCutchin – Enrolled

– DB Jordan Mukes – Enrolled

– DL Nathan Rawlins-Kibonge – Not showing in OU database at this time

– EDGE Clayton Smith – Enrolled

– QB Caleb Williams – Enrolled

– WR Mario Williams – Enrolled

***No panic about the guys who are not showing in the database at this point, NRK confirmed he will be in and we have not heard any issues with Coe as of this time (being JUCO we will continue to check)

***Caleb Williams is enrolled. Will be interesting to see how this plays out, but it appears he will be eligible for spring practice while also finishing his high school requirements (per Gonzaga) as James mentioned prior.

***Those are some pretty impressive early additions, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

Sooners Pre-Combine Draft Projections
– Charlie S

The Sooners have six players who have declared for the 2021 NFL draft.

Prior to the senior bowls and combines/pro days, I wanted to get a discussion going on where I see each of them in regards to what round I believe they are likely to get drafted.

I am by no means an NFL expert, so these are just my thoughts as I play NFL GM.

Share your thoughts on my assessment in the comments below, I can easily be swayed!

OC – Creed Humphrey (6’5″ 320) – Expect an combine invite – Pre-combine projection: Round 3

Creed will be the next OU offensive lineman drafted. There is little doubt about that. I do not believe he will be drafted in the first two rounds, but he has good value as a third round pick. He is extremely knowledgeable about the position and is a high character individual. My projection for him is not as high as it may have once been (thought he was a lock for low first round, high second round at one point) but I expect him to have a long career in the league.

DE – Ronnie Perkins (6’3″ 247) – Expect a combine invite – Pre-combine projection: Round 4

Ronnie is a guy who I think would have benefited from spending one more year in Norman and putting up some ridiculous stats which would have helped his profile and likely enhanced his projection. Perkins, to me, is a guy without a true position in the NFL. Is he an end? Can he play OLB in a 3-4? Lot’s of questions, many of which will be answered with his workouts (at least in the scouts eyes). Feel like he left a few zero’s on the field by not coming back.

OL – Adrian Ealy (6’6″ 327) – Expect a combine invite – Pre-combine projection: Round 5

Unless he wows people at the combine with strength numbers or off the charts speed and agility (which I don’t believe he will) I cannot see him going prior to late round 4 with round 5 being more likely. Ealy is good. He will have a pro career. But I don’t think he ever becomes a ‘franchise tackle’ or pro-bowler based on what I have seen. He will be a steady piece of someone’s line for a while and then likely be a journeyman. Perhaps I am low on him, and he is one of the guys who can really help himself with a strong showing in the Senior Bowl and the combine.

RB – Rhamondre Stevenson (6’0 245) – Expect a combine invite – Pre-combine projection: Round 5

Stevenson is not going to run away from guys in the league but he does have enough twitch and really good feet which will likely make him a serviceable back for a few years and perhaps an impact guy in the right system. Stevenson is incredibly patient, reads his blocks well, and is quick enough to make the necessary cuts. He’s big enough to run over some guys and sets up nicely as a short yardage guy in the redzone. I imagine his career will be something similar to Samaje Perine’s.

CB – Tre Brown (5’10” 185) – Perhaps a combine invite – Pre-combine projection: Round 6

Brown is a guy who will likely turn some head with his 40 time (wherever he runs it). He will have the opportunity to open some eyes at the senior bowl as well. The questions I have are in regards to his ability to be effective in press/man coverage as his size and stiffness have worked against him in the college game. His speed will keep him in conversations as will his character. If he has a good showing at the Senior Bowl in coverage, and puts down some good times in the speed and agility tests at the combine or pro day, he could work himself a bit higher, say maybe into the late 5th round. But if he doesn’t perform as expected in the speed and agility areas, his stock could drop and leave him as an UDFA.

DB – Tre Norwood (6’0″ 194) – Perhaps a combine invite – Pre-Combine projection: UDFA

Curious decision to enter the draft, but I can actually see his rationale. Chasing a dream is commendable and in my  opinion, he really had little to gain by returning to Norman for another year. He likely would have faced increased competition at OU for playing time and duplicating or exceeding his stats from this year would be difficult to pull off. He has already had a major injury, so taking his chances before something else happens was likely a driving force here as well. He may turn a few heads and be a seventh round pick, but I think the UDFA route is most likely.

Portal Update | New Target
– Super K

***As you may or may not know, Auburn running back and former 4-star athlete out of Florida, Mark-Antony Richards has entered the transfer portal.

***I am told Richards reached out to Oklahoma to gauge their interest.

***Word is that the Sooners have decided to pursue Richards in hopes of landing him. Unless he wants to get closer to home and given it seems he is the one who initiated contact, I’d say OU’s chances are pretty good here. But, admittedly that is just my initial speculation.

***Richards would come in as a redshirt freshman.

Wanya Morris | The Latest
– Super K

***In our previous post, many of you asked for additional comment on Wanya Morris.

***My source still maintains that OU is the favorite.

***As far as Texas A&M goes, Wanya is in the state of Texas working with a trainer. He is expected to head up to Norman, this weekend. However, before that, he plans on stopping in College Station to visit his friend and former high school teammate, Kenyon Jackson who plays WR for the Aggies.

***But it’s my understanding that while TAMU may be recruiting Wanya, this trip was just initially a trip to see his friend.

***Again, my source is very close to Wanya and source hasn’t wavered in saying that Wanya is likely headed to OU. That’s all we can go off of.

***If the source changes their tune, I’ll let you know. But so far, again, source continues to repeat the same thing.